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1.   Sudden Terror: The Hijacking of School Bus #17
      (1996) (TV)... Lt. Kathy Leone

Made for ABC; OAD Oct. 13, 1996

A SWAT team persues a school vehicle commandeered by a deranged man who threatens to kill the driver and her frightened charges, emotionally handicapped children.

The Connecticut Post's TV programming guide included an article by John Crook. Critiqing the movie, he wrote;

ABC's Sudden Terror: The Hijacking os School Bus No. 17, which premires Sunday, Oct. 13, is almost certian to divide viewers. Maria Conchita Alonso [name must be said in lame attempt at Spanish accent for full affect. Seroiously, I mean it. Try it, you'll laugh. It's fun.] (Texas), Marcy Walker (All My Children), Bruce Weitz (Hill Street Blues), and Michael Paul Chan (The Joy Luck Club) star in the drama, which is a fictionalized adaptation of an actual incident.

What begins as a routine morning run for school bus driver Marta Caldwell (Alonso) soon turns into a genuine nighmare, as Harry Kee (Chan) commandeers her bus. Kee is taking desperate action in response to what he claims is an unjust demand from the Internal Revenue Service for unpaid taxes (which, we learn, total $16,000).

Carrying a bag he says is filled with plastic explosives, the detonator strapped to his chest, Kee informs Caldwell that unless she carefully follows his instructions and drives to the front door of the IRS office in Miami, he will blow up the bus and it's passengers- mostly children with developmental and learning disabilities.

While Caldwell attempts to placate the increasingly unstable Kee, Lt. Kathy Leone (Walker) faces a crisis of her own: Her chief is on vacation, leaving her- along with Lt. Dominik Caroselli (Weitz) and thier SWAT team- to follow Kee's erratic course around Miami's expressway system, trying to negotiate with him and find a way to rescue the hostages.

Sudden Terror is a slick piece of work, yet it's virtually impossible to watch it without ambivalence.

Perhaps ther's a (thin) case to be made that this TV movie is simpily depicting ordinary humans behaving heroically under extrordinary circumstances, and certinally no one would argue that the real "Marta Caldwell" did anything less than that, nor did the police officers trying to help her.

Alonso performs a very sensitive job in her role, capably protraying a woman trying to stifle her own mounting fears to protect the fragile psyches of her charges.

Walker and Weitz are also fine, as is Dennis Boutsikaris (The Jackie Thomas Show) in the underwritten role of Caldwell's husband.

First, isn't it sad that one of the few Asian-American actors on network TV this season is reduced to playing a scenery-chewing madman?

Even more troubling, underneath all the consmetie let's-hear-it-for-the-driver trappings of Sudden Terror, there remains the ugly fact that this TV movie was made for one primary reason: to deliver viewers in return for advitiser dollars.

The real "Harry Kee" put a busload of disabled children through a nighmarish ordeal because he was a self-absorbed lunatic with a persecution complex and a conviction that he had a direct line to God.

Now other people are rehashing the nighmares of those childrne in a bid to make some big bucks.

Who's the real villian of this piece, anyway?

(The Connecticut Post; October 13, 1996 by John Crook)

2.   Terror in the Shadows
      (1995) (TV) .... Rebecca/Christine
3.  Talking About Sex
      (1994) .... Rachel Parsons
4.  The Guiding Light
      (1952) TV Series .... Tangie Hill (1993-1995)
      ... aka Guiding Light (USA: new title)
5.  Nick's Game
      (1993) (TV) .... Max
6.  Overexposed
      (1992) (TV) .... Ann Demski
7.  Midnight's Child
      (1992) (TV) .... Kate
8.  Palace Guard
      (1991) TV Series .... Christy Cooper
9.  Babies
      (1990) (TV) .... Cindy
10. Bar Girls
      (1990) (TV) .... Melanie Roston
11. Perry Mason: The Case of the Desperate Deception
      (1990) (TV) .... Marie Ramsey
12. The Return of Desperado
      (1988) (TV) .... Caitlin Jones
13. Hot Resort
      (1985) .... Franny
14. Santa Barbara
      (1984) TV Series .... Eden Capwell Castillo (1984-1991)
15. All My Children
      (1970) TV Series .... Liza Colby Chandler Chandler #1
      (1981-1984, 1995-2004, 2004, 2005)
      ... aka All My Children: The Summer of Seduction
      (USA: promotional title)

16. Life on the Mississippi
      (1980) (TV) .... Emmeline

Quotes About Marcy

"I think that Marcy Walker is one of the most talented actresses. Not on All My Children. Not on Daytime. Anywhere. She's incredible. And her chemistry with Michael E. Knight is amazing. They could just be standing around, but it clicks. They are breathtaking together. Actually, Marcy has chemistry with all of her leading men, Tad, Jake and Adam."

"She's an exceptional young heroine. She is beautiful and luscious and has great vulnerability - she has it all." - a network executive

"And I was sorry to finally see the longstanding rumor of Marcy Walker's 'imminent' departure come to fruition. Liza was an integral part of the Pine Valley family, but she had been largely wasted for a long time. Her exit was inevitable in light of the size of the cast, no doubt the size of her salary and her infrequent appearances on the show. I'll miss her and I wish her well." - Mimi Torchin

"And AMC has decided to dump the great Marcy Walker. This is insanity." – Michael Logan, TV Guide

Actually, says Walker, she has only good memories of her days at SB. "I loved being there," she gushes. "A and Marcy Walker [ex-Eden; Liza, ALL MY CHILDREN] taught me how to act." Far from trying to distance herself from her soap past, Walker is generous in her praise for the medium. "It's such a great learning ground; it's a great place to get your chops," she acknowledges. "Marcy Walker is a tremendous actress. I was blown away by watching her."

For now, Walker's hard at work on several projects, including a script that's been well-received. Any chance of a return to daytime? "Never say never," laughs Walker. "My life has taken me all over the place!" Ally Walker

"Like a tornado she descends into your life, destroying you with her wit, charm and her enormously giving nature. She's one of the most charasmatic and honest people you will ever meet." - Marcy Walker on her co-star Robin Mattson.

"I've always said that she's an consummate proffesional in front of the camera. She'a almost intimidating in her expertise." - Robin Mattson on Marcy Walker.

"She's the greatest," admits A. "I'm very luck to be able to work with her." - A Martinez

"Marcy is amazing.She's so wise about not only how to survive in this business, but how to keep your finger on the pulse of it. To have her as an ally at the studio is such a blessing for me. She and Bobbie Eakes are so wonderful." - Terri Ivens

"Marcy is the most intuitive actress I've ever worked with." - Michael E. Knight

"I sincerely believe that Marcy is one of the five best daytime actresses." - Michael E. Knight

What do you find most inspiring on the show and did you watch it
before you were on it?

Amelia Heinle: "That's a real tough one I would have to say Marcy Walker because she has stood the test of time and she is a wonderful person and a lovely actress. She can make me laugh like no one else."

"Marcy could read the telephone book and make it interesting", she's just a wonderful actress and a wonderful person." Michael E. Knight

"Marcy is a gift to work with and she's never had a formal acting lesson in her life. She's a natural." Jennifer Bassey

"Marcy is brilliant. She just walks in, she doesn't have to say anything, and she should win an emmy." - Kelly Ripa

"Marcy is the most initiative actress I've ever worked with." - Michael E. Knight

"I think Marcy is the best actress on daytime television." - Jennifer Bassey

"I sincerely believe that Marcy is one of the five best actresses in daytime." - Michael E. Knight

"Working with Marcy is magic, People who have known me all my life and thought of me as a good actor, think that the work I'm doing with her is way beyond anything I've ever done before. With her, I'm able to really genuinely laugh in front of a camera and I've never been able to do that in my life. It's because of the comfort, the trust, the security. We run, we fly, we dance. It's just so much fun." - A Martinez

"What a lady! I think her acting is simply brilliant." - A Martinez

Marcy is a gem. I love working with her, because we not only get our work done, but we have a great time doing it. She makes it fun and exciting!" - A Martinez

"Yes, Marcy's such a rock. It's just, when one of us is down, the other one always picks up the load. It's just been an extraordinary friendship," - A Martinez

"Basically, Marcy is smart and brave, talented, funny and beautiful. And other than that, she's got nothing going for herself." - A Martinez

"It's not as easy to be Marcy Walker as seems apparent to a lot of people on the outside. She's often the object of envy. People think Marcy's got it made as an actress because she's so beautiful. I know that's not the case. She's a self-made woman. Marcy is an extremely hard worker and very focused in her acting. I have a tremendous respect for the work she does." - A Martinez

"If I couldn't work with Marcy, I can't imagine myself being here on Santa Barbara," - A Martinez

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