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1989 Eden’s Return from Paris
1989 Cruz testing Eden's E.S.P. Skills
1989 Thanksgiving Dinner
Eden and Kelly 1989 Conversation
1990 Cruz and Eden Breakup
1990 Eden says Goodbye to Robert Barr
1990 Eden awakes from coma, and Cruz and Eden are discussing their lifelines
 Cruz and Eden second Wedding Anniversary 1990

1989 Eden’s Return from Paris
Eden has returned from Paris, where she went after Adriana's abduction. She and Cruz are sharing a romantic interlude in front of the fire.

E:  Well, are you going to close your eyes.
C:  Yes ma'am!
E:  No cheating... open your mouth.
C:  What?
E:  Be trusting (Cruz closes his eyes and Eden puts the chocolate in
     his mouth..)
Have you ever tasted anything more deluctable in
     your entire life?"
C:  Yeah.. these (touches Eden's lips).

Eden takes the glass of Contra..and tells him it tastes better with chocolate... then Cruz takes her hand and dips her fingers in the Contra, then begins kissing her fingers.

1989 Cruz testing Eden's E.S.P. Skills

C:  What am I thinking?
E:  (smiles at him and whispers): Shame on you.
C:  You see it works. What am I going to do next? (immediately kisses
     the side of her neck) Right again. (then kisses the other side of her
     neck and Eden starts laughing)
E:  Oh, Cruz
C:  That's incredible. Wait! What am I plotting this very second. (kisses
     her lips softly). That's amazing. You see, not only do you have the
     power to read my mind.. Something tells me you're actually
     controlling it.  Power too hard to resist.
C:  Hold on..Wait, I am getting a signal..a signal. Ok..If you insist (takes
     off her shirt).
E:  Oh..Oh..(stops Cruz from taking her shirt off)..We have to get
     ready for a party.
C:  We'll have our own party (smiles at Eden)

Eden walks away from Cruz...because too much heat was going on!

E: You're not serious.
C: Well..I guess I'm more serious than you.

1989 Thanksgiving Dinner
Dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving at the mansion. Cruz has decided to attend with Eden but during the prayer both get upset. Eden runs out, and Cruz follows.

C:  Well this is not a lot of fun is it?
E:  Well I can’t do it.
C:  But you did want to come here right?
E:  Not if everything is going to be a lie.
C:  Everything isn’t a lie. Just us. Of course people do it. Sometimes
     for years. Sometimes for the rest of their lives. They just mark their
     anniversary on the calendar. Watch ‘em go by. They don’t fight,
     they don’t cry. They probably don’t even complain. After awhile I
     think you stop remembering what it was like to be happy. Only
     remember that it’s a rare thing and that you had it once, and I guess
     you finally decide that’s all you had a right to expect. And maybe
     they really do tell themselves that it’s for the sake of the kids at
     first, but I think as time passes you either forget or just come to
     your senses and stop thinking of it as any great sacrifice. People
     can learn to live with whatever they want. They can learn to live
     with nothing. Is that what you want?
E:  There’s no reason to. Nothing has happened. Nothing’s changed.
     You have this idea I don’t know where the hell you got it from that I
     don’t feel the same way as I used to about you when the truth is I
     need you now than probably I have ever needed you in my entire
     life. I haven’t lied, I haven’t snuck behind your back and done
     something stupid and humiliating with another man. I haven’t dreamt
     it, I haven’t considered it. I haven’t even thought if if only I didn’t
     have kids, if I didn’t have this big obligation. (starts crying) Not
C:  At this point in time if you don’t betray me eventually you’ll spend
     the rest of your life wondering what it would have been like. You
     love him, and I can’t abide it.
E:  I don’t want to. I mean I hate this. It embarrasses me, and I don’t
     even know if it’s true. I only admit to it because I don’t know what
     the hell it is. And you’re so damn sure. I mean you are my life
     (crying more). I I love you, and I need for you to love me enough to
     stand by through all of this. And I will I’ll come out of it.
C:  You don’t understand at all do you? I love you too. It doesn’t matter.
     I have al.. The man that I am, the man I have become it’s only
     because I’ve been able to be there for you, I’ve been able to be
     what you needed. But I can’t do this. (raises his voice here) I’m not
     going to share you with another man. I have a little bit of respect
     for myself. I’m not going to be the only thing standing in between
     you and what you really want. If you really wanted me you would
     have walked away from Robert Barr months ago when it was still
     possible like I asked you to. You chose him.
E:  (crying really hard now) Well I can’t stay here.
C:  I understand that God knows.
E:  Will you please come home with me?
C:  (slowly) Yeah sure. I’ll uh I’ll make an explanation.
E:  I’ll be waiting. (walks off)
C:  Oh God. (starts toward dining room and Sophia comes out)
S:  You wanna come back in?
C:  I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s going to be possible.
S:  Where’s Eden?
C:  She uh we’re gonna go so please make our apologies for uh
S:  No apologies. (takes his hands) You don’t have to do apologies. I
     know the two of you need some time together.
C:  I think we have all the time together that we need. It’s not that
S:  Well whatever you need I know that the two of you are going to be
C:  Sophia don’t do that please.
S:  No what I’m saying is that I, we all, all of us have faith that the two
     of you are gonna be fine.
C:  Yeah well I appreciate what you’re saying, but uh I think it’s time to
     put your faith somewhere else. Eden and I don’t need to be
     believed in. We don’t need to be some shining example for the rest
     of the family. I mean it’s been nice for us to believe in it, and it’s
     been nice for all of you to pretend that whatever happened to
     make you stop feeling invincible wasn’t going to happen to us. But
     it has happened hasn’t it? You know everyone I know every single
     person I know I guess has seen their illusions fall by the way at
     some point in time. And just because our turn came a little bit later
     doesn’t mean that we aren’t entitled to freedom from the same
     ludicrous illusions. You think about what it felt like when you had to
     let go of the idea that you were up there somewhere next to the
     stars. Do you remember that? It was a time of compassion but
     denying it was a waste of time. We failed okay. Don’t deny it.
     (almost in tears he hugs Sophia and walks away)

Cruz and Eden at home. Eden comes downstairs from checking on the kids.

E:  I know I’ve hurt you. And if you tried to get even with me tonight by
     hurting me well you did. I know I haven’t been the perfect wife. But
     who knows maybe I never will be. And all this confusion that I’ve
     been feeling lately has been the trouble of everything. (starts
     crying) But I can honestly tell you from the bottom of my heart that
     there hasn’t been one moment in my life that I haven’t loved you.
     (puts hands over her face, switch to Cruz who is almost crying
     and mouths Eden) And I hope you love me too. And I don’t
     understand how come we have to hurt each other. I don’t
     understand why you don’t hug me anymore.
C:  Oh my God (you read his lips but don’t hear him say it)
E:  Please.
C:  Darlin’ why drag this on? You you don….. It would have to over
     with Robert. It would have to be absolutely over.
E:  Anything you say. (both crying they embrace)


The continuation of the Thanksgiving celebration dinner scenes. After C&E returned home and had their tearful discussion about reconciling, Cruz got called away to handle a hostage situation at the children’s center. While he was gone Eden wrote a letter to Robert saying goodbye and had Kelly deliver it to him. At the hospital Kelly decided to read the letter and Cruz, who had been injured during the hostage situation and was at the hospital to be checked out, walked up and saw it. Eden is at home waiting for Cruz when he comes in and walks past her without saying a word.

E:  Hi. (seeing that he has a bandage on his arm) What happened?
C:  (walking past Eden) Nothing.
E:  What went on? You’re hurt. Will you talk to me?
C:  (on the staircase he turns around to face her) I’m moving out.
E:  What did I do?
C:  What makes you think you did something?
E:  Why are you doing this?
C:  I just think it’s best.
E:  We have a son and a daughter.
C:  I don’t need you to tell me what I have and what I don’t have Eden.
E:  What you want me to prove something to you? You’re not leaving
     this house. (grabs his suitcase)
C:  Don’t do that.
E:  Okay you just yell at me. Call me anything you want. You made
     promises to me.
C:  Don’t bring those up. I don’t think you want to.
E:  Bring it up. You bring it up. We have children in this house. I’m not
     about ready to sleep in that bed one minute or one hour longer than
     I have to alone. What? I did what you wanted me to. I haven’t seen
     Robert. I haven’t. What else do you want me to do?
C:  I saw the letter you wrote him. The one you gave to Kelly to give to
E:  All I said was goodbye.
C:  (angry) No that is not all you said.
E:  I’m trying to do what you want me to do.
C:  I don’t want to get into this.
E:  I am. And be fair to Robert at the same time.
C:  Fair? Fair how? Fair why? Robert is not your husband. He’s not
     your lover. He’s not even your friend.
E:  I don’t cut people without a warning. That’s not me and you know
C:  Warning? How come the situation here is that of course he’d
     expect to see you again? For what?
E: I did the decent thing to do.
C:  Oh yeah right. Well I’m sure you did Eden. I’m sure you did. (starts
     walking away)
E:  Well you wanna tell...

C&E at the same time here E says: me what was so wrong.

C:  (yelling at her and pointing his finger in her face) Stop it. Stop this. I
     am not your priest. I am not your father all right. I am just sick too
     death of this routine we do where you see how far you can push
     me without actually breaking your word. You didn’t sleep with him.
     You didn’t see him. All you did was write him a letter saying you
     were going to love him forever. What’s wrong with that?

E:  I didn’t say that.
C:  No I know you didn’t say exactly that I’m sure so your conscious is
E:  I’m sorry but it’s over.
C:  Over is over. Over is not seeing him and not feeling the need to
     explain it. Over isn’t a letter guaranteeing for him that it will never
     be over.

E:  Oh yeah why don’t you just tell me what you want me to do.
C:  I can’t. I can’t make you grow up Eden. I don’t want to.
E:  (grabs his arm) You are not leaving this house. I love you.
C:  Of course you love me. I’m the only thing left standing between
     you and him. You need me around.
E:  That’s not true.

C&E at the same time again here.

E:  (yelling) You’re not making any sense.
C:  (yelling and pointing his finger in her face again): Will you shut up?
     Shut up for a minute, and I’ll explain it to you. (still yelling at her) 
     You don’t even have to know what you want as long as I’m here
     cause I’ll tell you what you want. Sure I’ll be happy to do it you
     know. You don’t have to turn him away I’ll turn him away for you.
     I’ve got news for you I am sick of providing the suspense for the
     star-crossed lovers. I think I deserve a better gig. I’m stepping out
     of the way. When he’s gone or better yet you got nothing left to
     write him in a letter you let me know. (as he walks off he bumps
     into the chair) God. (Eden runs after him and grabs his arm) Eden.
E:  I’m not letting you go.
C:  (throws Eden’s arm down) I didn’t say you were. (points his finger
     in her face again) I’m letting you go. (he walks out the door leaving
     E standing there)

Eden and Kelly 1989 Conversation

K:  You know it's really strange Eden, I have spent half my life trying
     to understand you and I've spent a great deal of my life trying to be
     like you. But I gave that up. No matter how close we were you
     have never been easy to figure out until this moment. I always
     defended you, but I have learned that you are spoiled and selfish
     and willful as all those people say that you are. You really don't
     care about anyone else's feelings.
E:  That's not true.
K:  No, what would have happened here if I hadn't walked in? Would
     you and Robert go at here on the couch with your wedding picture
     sitting there?
E:  Stop it. stop it. Look, I didn't want you to get involved in this. I didn't
     want you to get hurt.
K:  Oh, come on Eden, spare me. You really don't care about any one
     else's feelings Eden, as long as you get what you want. You have
     distroyed Cruz, you've abandonded your children. Come on, save
     the apologies for somone else. Robert is going to learn what kind
     of woman you are and then he is going to walk out that door.
E:  I never wanted any of this to happen.
K:  Oh, you can't really expect me to buy that. You had everything,
     everything. Maybe that was it? Maybe life got a little dull for Eden.
     You were always the center of attention, always. Through your
     dreams, your devastations, everybody cooing over saint little Eden
     making sure that she pulls through. It must have been
     very anticlimactic when you finally did settle down with cruz? You
     have had the kind of life most women only dream about. Wasn't
     enough for Eden Capwell. You really managed to stir things up and
     you have stomped on a lot of people's feelings. You have your
     own mother convinced that you're a victum in all this, but we know
     better don't we Eden? We know that you could have been very
     happy here. It would have been easy, too easy. You don't even
    deserve man as wonderful as him. Your not gonna be happy till you
     have them both and jump from bed to bed. Oh, go ahead, hit me;
     make you feel better.
E:  (Screaming) No, your just jealous you - Let me tell you something. I
     am so glad that you've had this opportunity to let everything out
     that you had bottle in -
K:  Don't take the sanctimonious tone with me. The halo's gone Eden.
     The myth of Eden and Cruz is over. Finished. This is real life. It's
     down, it's dirty and the fairy tale is over.

 1990 Cruz and Eden Breakup

C:  I think maybe this whole arrangement needs to be rethought.
E:  What do you mean?
C:  I mean you as a single mother.
E:  I'm not a single mother. I'm a married mother whose husband has
     left her. Are you threatening me with something?
C: You are a married mother who a few months ago left her job
     saying she wanted to be home full time. I don't object to you
     working, I never have, but I do object to neither one of us being
     around for the kids.
E:  You're the only one whose never around for the kids.
C:  I'm sorry I missed bedtime, I wanted to be here.
E:  I put'em down a half hour ago.
C:  You know I can take what this does to us. I wasn't sure I could I at
     first but here we are, no open veins, no broken bones, but I don't
     know if I can take what this does to them.
E:  Then do something about it.
C:  Any suggestions?
E:  Come back!!!
C:  What reason do we have to think things would be any different?
E:  That's up to you.
C:  Since when?
E:  I'm here where I've always been, doing all the things I've always
     been doing.
C:  And what about Mr. Barr, where is he, what's he doing?
E:  I wouldn't know.
C:  You haven't seen him?
E:  I saw him this morning.
C:  Then I repeat, what exactly has changed?
E:  Maybe nothing but me. And suddenly I don't feel like I have to
     explain everything to anybody. I mean that's good, right? You and
     him, I mean you can just think whatever you want and I'll go about
     my business, but you know, you can see that I'm not running off
     with him, I'm not moving in with him, as a matter of fact he's not
     even in my plans.
C:  And I'm supposed to feel grateful for that. I'm supposed to come to
     my senses all of a sudden. You know what I can't figure out is
     why you want to trade in all this new found freedom for the same
     ol' ball and chain anyway.
E:  Are we going to argue?
C:  Forgive me for arguing, I guess I just want to feel something from
     you darlin' that I don't.

E:  What begging? Look I don't have anymore begging left in me.
C:  I don't think that's it. I think maybe it surprised you to find out that
     you kind of like things the way they stand.

E:  You know what surprises me? What surprises me is that you don't
     know me any better than you seem to tonight.
C:  I know you liked being married to me too. I know that. But after all
     the tears and the declarations of we can't live without each other, I
     think you're realizing you could live without me just fine. You have
     my kids, you have my house, you have my parents, you even have
     me, on and off, whenever I come to take the kids off your hands.
     And then of course you have him, Robert, when and if you want
     him. Maybe it's starting to seem like this is what they mean by
     having it all. Is it? I'm sorry. I didn't come here to give you a hard

E:  I know.
C:  I know this isn't easy for you either.
E:  No. I understand why you want to hurt me. You feel like I took
     something, I've stole something from you that you want back and
     you've come looking for it. Whether you know it or not, You're still a
     part of my life, as if it were a year ago, two years ago, three years
     ago. I don't know how to live my life any other way.
C:  So you think I've stolen something from you too.
E:  No you've changed me, that's different.
C:  I didn't set out to.
E:  But you did. I mean you're right, I'm selfish. I'm, selfish about
     different things now. But I was never one to make the right
     decisions, I mean thinking like that just didn't come natural to me.
     You were the very first person I ever met that was exactly like
     that, I mean it bowled me over. I was never like that, I mean people
     don't remember that, I wasn't always Eden Castillo. Doing the right
     thing now doesn't come easy either, without you there to guide me,
     to help me. I mean maybe I never really grew up, maybe I just
     expected too much of you, maybe I wanted you to make up for all
     the things I wasn't very proud of in myself. But yes I do feel more
     comfortable with all your things around me. You know your house,
     your parents and your kids. Yeah I do feel more comfortable. (Cruz
     wipes away a tear as she walks past him) You know you can do
     what you want. You can ask Rafael and Carmen to cut me off, you
     can file for divorce, if you feel its best, get custody of the children,
     and you know what, I wouldn't even fight you, because I admire
     you and the choices you make. (Eden starts to cry) But you know
     what, I'll tell you something, I really don't think it's over between us.
     Maybe I'm just hiding my head in the sand, I don't know. But you
     know what, it seems so damn unfair, it's like you changed the
     rules. You expect me to be good and decent and unselfish enough
     to deserve you, I never claimed to be any of those things. I do
     know I love you and I will for the rest of my life, and if I have to
     love you like this, I've come to the realization that I could probably
     stand it.

     (both are crying)

C:  (as he gently wipes her tears away) You know, oh God. If you
     would admire me less you might know me a little better. I never
     made it my mission in life to try to teach you anything.
E:  But you did.
Chip- (at the bottom of the stairs) Mommy I had a bad dream.
E:  Here's daddy, he can probably fix it.
C:  Well some things he can and some things he can't. But God knows
     he wants to.

1990 Eden says Goodbye to Robert Barr

R:  Come in. It's open.
E:  Am I disturbing you?
R:  You always disturb me, Eden. Don't you know that?
E:  I just didn't like the way we left things.
R:  How would you like to leave things?
E:  Well, you left and I didn't get to thank you for asking to drive me or
     let me explain.
R:  Explain? We had this for the last six months. Let's just make this
     short and sweet, alright?
E:  You sound angry.
R:  Angry? Why would I be angry? I mean, what am I to you? I am not
     your husband, I am not your lover. In fact, in public we act like we
     don't even know each other. I am your embarrassment, that's what
     I am. Isn't that right? Isn't that right? Look, I can live without anyone
     else's respect, but I will not do without yours.
E:  You have my respect. I'm afraid that's all I can give you.
R:  You can... You can give me a lot more than that, Eden, and you
     know it.
E:  You deserve more.
R:  Thank you, I think.
E:  From somebody who loves you. And I'm sorry, Robert, but that's
     not gonna be me.
R:  At least you are finally being direct for once.
E:  You're always demanding that I make some sort of decision. And
     tonight I realized that decision had been made for me a long time
     ago. And I don't think I can change it.
R:  Cruz. That's your decision.
E:  I'm sorry. I don't see how this is some sort of surprise for you. I
     mean you are the one that predicted it. You saw that it was so
     obvious. I don't know why I didn't see it. But the possibility in my
     mind that I may lose him for the rest of my life...
R:  Look, anyone can loose anything in any minute. Have you just
     figured that out? You can loose an eye, a leg, your looks, your
     children, you can loose me in the time it takes to say: I'm sorry, I
     don't mean to hurt you. And if this was the next sentence that
     came out of your mouth you can loose that too.
E:  Look, I was thinking of things in the wrong way. I admit that. I was
     trying to wave love against love and love was beside the point.
     Cruz isn't just a man in my life. He is the ground I stand on. You
     don't love me because you loved me. You love me because I love
     him. It was that basic.
R:  I loved you before you even knew he existed. Now he is the
     ground you stand on and what was I? What was I, Eden? You
     don't know?
E:  I don't wanna tell you. Hopefully my love for you was my last
     rebellion. Look, you are right. I never wanted to be tamed. I never
     wanted to need anybody. It wasn't natural for me. And in all my life
     all I seem to do is hurt the people who needed me most. I hurt you
     all those years ago, I hurt Cruz when I met him, I've hurt him now,
     more than I can ever know, because of you. And I am so sorry that
     it took me until now to know the difference.
R:  Are you sure of all this? You are not gonna change your mind
E:  All I know is that it was wasteful and it was stupid to keep alive
     some rebellion when there was nothing to rebel against.
R:  At least we found a way to classify me. I was a stupid waste of
     your precious time.
E:  No...
R:  No, you are right. I was more than that, at least at the end. I was a
     valuable assurance. Someone you could fall back on when Cruz
     wouldn't have you back. But now you see your chances with him
     and therefore you could afford it to cut me loose.
E:  Cruz may never come back to me.
R:  Then I guess you know what it's like to keep hanging on to hope.
E:  Maybe.
R : Well, whatever happens with him. Lets get one thing straight: You
     stay the hell out of my life. I never want to see your face again.
     You understand?
E:  I understand, Robert.

1990 Eden awakes from coma, and Cruz and Eden are discussing their lifelines.

C:  The important thing is, you came back.
E:  You think you're gonna get rid of me that easy? We have the same
     lifeline. Remember?
C:  You heard me.
E:  What are you talking about?
C:  You heard me, in the hospital, I was holding your hand, you were
     still in the coma, I was telling you I wasn't gonna lose you because
     I know you had told me that we had the same lifeline, the same
     path. You heard me.
E:  I, I must have.
C:  You must have heard me, I knew you were listening to me. The
     doctor didn't get it but I knew you were. This makes it just about the
     nicest Christmas I can ever imagine. (looking down at their hands)
     Which one is it you look at?
E:  My right one.
C:  The right one. It seems no matter what happens between us, what
     tries to keep us apart for how long or for what reason it can't work
     because we never really are lost to one another, it seems like the
     X marks the spot, you know you look down and it's like a map...
E:  I love you.
C:  I love you (he strokes her hair) and it's right here, and it's right here
     and here..
E:  I really love you, I really love you..
C:  I really love you too (they embrace). God, I really love you too.
     (hugging) Sweetie?
E : Yeah?
C:  Welcome home.
E:  Thanks (they kiss)

 Cruz and Eden second Wedding Anniversary 1990

E:  Yeah?
C:  (gazing at her for a moment, he then says) You are so incredibly
E:  It’s late…and in this light you see what you want to see.
C:  You’re right about that…at this moment I’m looking at absolutely
     nothing but what I want to see. (They lean in to kiss)
So how was
     you’re evening?…wait, wait, I don’t want to know.

E:  (laughs) why not?
C:  For the rest of the night, there is only this room and the two people
     in it. I don’t care about how exciting your evening was, or mine
     was, or what’s happening in Eastern Europe, or what’s happening
     next door.. ..or any of the brilliant things the children did today.
     Well, maybe a couple of the brilliant things the children did today
     would be alright but other than that, no talking or thinking about
     anything outside this firelight. Starting with this (pulls out present
     from behind him and hands it over to her) She takes out the card
     and starts to read it…
E:  For all we’ve shared, for all that’s meant, for all it’s promises, a
     reminder of another time and place, which will always be with
     us…love Cruz. (looks at him...they smile. She then goes for the
     present and excitingly starts to open it…)
E:  Hmm, wrapped it good this time…(he laughs. she looks at the
     present…) Is this what I think it is?
C:  A flower…yes.
E:  Is this where I think it came from?
C:  (smiles and nods) yup, its a Pebble Creek original
E:  Oh, its perfect
C:  I’m glad you liked it. You have no idea how hard it was to transport
     it here without it disintegrating
E:   If I remember correctly our trip back from PC was rather quick and
     painless…like we were there one minute and here the next…
C:  Ok, well yeah. Well it just fell out of my jacket when I got home. But
     I, I kept it…I pressed it, I…uh…cut the glass, I put this frame
     together.....such as it is. (they both laugh) Anyway, it’s the thought
     that counts.
E:  Most certainly is

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