Youth Minister to Speak at Home, Garden Show

Former Soap Star Smith Will Touch on Parents' Role in their Child's Faith

Marcy Smith, who walked away from a career in television soap operas to become director of children's ministries at a Cornelius church, will speak at Carolina Home and Garden Show in Hickory on Saturday.

Smith, who acted under the name of Marcy Walker, still gets recognized regularly as Liza Colby of "All My Children," where she began as a confused kid in 1981 and grew up to become a vixen by the time she left the show in 2004.

"Santa Barbara" loyalists still love her as good-girl Eden Capwell Castillo from the 1980s, even though the soap was canceled. To "Guiding Light" fans, she'll always be Tangie Hill, the woman with the mysterious past.

But after years of filling fans' afternoons with lust and intrigue, and getting the fame and other perks that go with it, Smith began yearning for more.

She became active at Hope Evangelical Free Church in Wilton, Conn., teaching children in Sunday school, helping with vacation Bible school, and starting to see another side to her life.
She left "All My Children" in 2004. Her character, Liza, snatched her daughter and ran away, never to be seen again except in flashbacks.

Having already risen to the job of director of children's ministry at her Connecticut church while continuing to act, she knew what she wanted to do full time.

Then she learned about an attractive job opening: A young, fast-growing congregation in north Mecklenburg County with a heart for drawing people back to church was seeking someone to work with its children.

Smith will be at the Carolina Home and Garden Show at 2 p.m. Saturday, at the Hickory Metro Convention Center. She will speak about the role parents play in the development of their child's faith. Admission to the show is $5, $4 for senior citizens.

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