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1985 scene at the study in the Capwell House Cruz seems to be jealous of Lionel
1986 The Proposal 1986, Cruz's proposal to Eden
1986 Cruz and Eden Conversation at the Orient Express
1986 Eden stops Cruz in the Capwell foyer to talk about their situation
1986 Cruz and Eden discuss Wedding

1986 Private Ceremony at Church
1987 Love means climbing in the Dumpster
1987 Reunion at the Hospital Room
1988 Hawaii Scenes

1988 Their first night in Hawaii
1988 Cruz and Eden Wedding Vows
1988 scene, Cruz and Eden have picnic as Cruz' agency 'Last Resort'
1988 Willoughby's Island Storyline

1988 Eden tells Cruz she's pregnant during the rape storyline

Santa Barbara

1985 scene at the study in the Capwell House
Cruz seems to be jealous of Lionel

E:  Nothing at all.
C:  Come again? In English?
E:  You are so cute when you’re jealous!
C:  This is not jealousy, I’m not jealous! This is rage, Eden, this is primal
     rage! You should begin to know the difference by now.
E:  Lionel Lockridge and I haven’t had an affair. Cross my heart and
     hope to die.
C:  I’m glad to hear it. I was beginning to have doubts about your taste.
E:  My taste? Well, I chose you, didn’t I?
C:  No, no, no, you didn’t. In the matter of fact, I chose you
E:  Oh, Ok
C:  And I’m beginning to realize that it was a very good choice indeed,
     because now that I got you, nobody else is gonna touch you.
E:  Fist jealousy, now possessiveness…
C:  Possessiveness, you are damn right possessiveness, Eden, the
     man who wouldn’t feel possessive of you, would be a fool.

1986 The Proposal 1986, Cruz's proposal to Eden

C:  Eden, I give you me. Everything I am and hope to be. (Change In Me
     begins) And if you would do me the honor of accepting. This guy..
     with all his faults and imperfections, You would be making him the
     happiest man on the face of the earth.
E:  Oh, Cruz!
C:  No, I'm not finished. Now we've been talking a lot today about
     negotiations and compromise, There's one thing I will never
     compromise and that is our love. No matter what happens... My
     heart will always be yours, Baby... To do with what you want...
     As long as I live.
E:  I love you!
C:  (deep breath) Then make me happy... Will you ...marry me?
E:  Yes, oh YES!

1986 Cruz and Eden Conversation at the Orient Express

Eden is married to Kirk. She's still convinced she pulled the plug on C.C.'s life support. Cruz comes to the Orient Express. They're dancing cheek to cheek to The Change In Me making small talk. Looking into each other's eyes:

C:  Eden, do you think about me?
E:  I think it's bound to be that way sometimes.
C:  I've been dreamin' about what it would be like to hold you again --
     (movement stops) even when I'm alone, I feel the place where
     your waist would be and your shoulder, how it fits under my arm
     at night.
E:  Cruz, this is very dangerous.
C:  Baby, I miss you.
E:  I'm sorry I hurt you.
C:  Would it do any harm if we just put this behind us for a while?
E:  I don't know.
C:  Do you want me to let you go?
E:  I don't want you to talk any more. (hug-dancing again-cheek to

The dancing ends-they begin discussing Cruz being taken off of C.C.'s case.

C:  Why are we talking about this?
E:  Because I don't want you to have to hide things. I don't want you
     lying for me. The man I loved would never do something like that.
C:  The man you loved.....still loves you. It's funny isn't it? You were
     always afraid I'd stop and now that you want me too, I can't.
E:  I'm sorry.
C:  Do you love him?
E:  I don't want you to be alone.
C:  You know, I just can't believe the that all the things you used to
     say to me meant so little, they could disappear overnight.
E:  I meant them...I did. But, things have changed and you know why.

1986 Eden stops Cruz in the Capwell foyer to talk about their situation. Cruz has married Santana, Eden is no longer with Kirk.

C:  What about us?
E:  I wanted to talk about where we stand with each other, what we
     mean to each other.
C:  I don't see what good this could do.
E:  Well, I'm tired of pretending. Aren't you? I mean every time we see
     each other there's so much going on below the surface, so much
     we don't say.
C: That's the way it has to be Eden. I thought you understood that.
E:  I just can't take this dishonesty another second - it's eating away
     at me.
C:  I'm married - I can't change that.
E:  Look at me - I just need to hear you say it. I need to hear it -- it's
     been so long since I've heard the truth. I just want to hear you say
C:  You KNOW how I feel.
E:  Can you stand there and tell me that you don't want to touch me?
C:  What do you THINK?
E:  I know one thing......every time we talk about how dangerous it is
     to be together, I feel like it would be worth it if I could just make
     love to you one more time. I dream about you at night----almost
     every night, I do....about you're hands on my body, your mouth on
     mine. Sometimes it's so real that I think it could almost be enough.
C:  I can't listen to this.
E:  Cruz, please, I just.......need much. Do you still love me?
C:  If I told you I did, what would it mean?
E:  Everything, it would mean everything to me. Are you in a hurry to
     be getting back?
C:  I don't understand why you're doing this but I can't give you what
     you want..........even if I do want the same thing.

1986 Cruz and Eden discuss Wedding
Cruz has just given Eden her engagement ring back and the discussion leads to weddings.

E:  What kind of Wedding do you want?
C:  Let's see, how bout a procession on horseback?
E:  Sounds nice
C:  Yeah? A river of champagne, A carpet of diamonds ascending to
     the altar...
E:  I want that!
C:  I thought you would. Consider it done.

1986 Private Ceremony at Church
In the church, Cruz and Eden kneel down on the steps at the foot of the altar.

C:  Because we've gone through many trials to get to this moment,
     fought many battles and endured a bit of pain, we claim the right to
     do this. Even when there was an easier way, we stood by each
     other and our beliefs. Over time, our respect for each other has
     grown, our love has continued to deepen. To the extent in which
     we have the power to control, we intend to stay together for the
     rest of our lives. We ask for your grace. Amen.

They then sit down on the steps, facing each other.

C:  Eden. 'smiles' Hi
E:  Hi
C:  I promise to always be where you are. I will comfort you, and take
     your comfort. I’ll protect you and be your companion. I will always
     honor you, and be honored so long as you choose to be with me.
E:  I wonder if you know how much you've changed me. Only you, in
     my whole life, have never given me reason to doubt you. You
     have kept every promise. You loved me no matter how unworthy
     of it I may have felt…or acted that way. I didn't think such a thing
     was possible. Before you, I didn't care about my life. I was angry
     and selfish, and I thought that all the good things like trust, and
     love, was some terrible lie that people made up so they would
     have something to look forward to, even though they didn't exist. I
     think I was hoping that someone would come along and show me
     that I was wrong. And then I met you. You seemed too good to be
     true. I put you through every test. I showed you the worst sides of
     me…but still, you were there. And you never ran. And when I did,
     you chased me down and you brought me back, and you showed
     me the good things. Until one day, I finally believed them. I promise
     that I will never lose faith in that again. I promise that I will
     remember the good things, because you showed them to me. And I
     promise to love you as long as I live. I want to have our children,
     and I want to try and make you happy. I hope I live a long life, so I
     can make you as happy as you've made me...

Cruz proceeds to put the ring on her finger, saying "I Cruz take you Eden". Eden puts the ring on his finger… "I take you Cruz". They both then respectively say "to be my wife"… "to be my husband".

E:  I love you
C:  I love you too

They kiss. They then stand up and hug; and walk out arm in arm.

1987 Love means climbing in the Dumpster

Cruz is searching for clues in a dumpster, Eden joins him..... She finds a clue and hands it to Cruz saying "Careful, there may be prints".

Cruz looks at her... "I Know!"

Then after they climb out of the smelly dumpster, Eden starts to spray on cologne, the quickly squirts it on Cruz, who shouts. "What the hell are you doing?"

She says, "Believe me, the guys at the lab will thank me"

"Oh, well let me thank you too...... now I smell like a French Bordello! Thanks!"

"Wait a second".....chasing him......."How do you know what a French Bordello smells like?"

Later Cruz and Eden are talking to Julia in the courthouse.

Julia: "Cruz, I don't mean to be rude, but maybe you ought to consider wearing another kind of cologne. This one doesn't seem to be working for you."

Eden cracks up laughing

Later, Cruz pours bourbon all over himself in front of Eden.... in an effort to cover the smell.

1987 Reunion at the Hospital Room

E:  You're not gonna tell me where he is?
C:  Well, if I tell you where he is, you'll make a bee line right for him.
E:  What makes you think I'd do something like that?
C:  Everything you've ever done since the day I met you.
E:  That's not a very nice thing to say.
C:  It's true!
E:  But it's not very nice.

More back and forth bickering

E:  So you've hidden him.
C:  Yeah!
E:  Where?
C:  None of your beeswax PAL!
E:  What are you telling me?
C:  What I'm telling you is.... (getting flustered)... don't put words in my
E:  I'm not trying to put words in your mouth, I'm trying to get words
     OUT of your mouth.

Soon after the reunion, they start to make love for the first time since her paralyses.. Eden stops and begins to apologize to Cruz.

C:  Please don't be sorry.... I want you to promise me something; that
     you'll never apologize again, especially not to me. Eden, I have
     never in my life known anyone as giving as you. You have nothing
     to be sorry for, ok? You gotta trust in your power. From the
     moment I met you, I've been under your spell and always will be.
E:  I love you, but it's so much more that that.
C:  I don't know how to express it ... at least not in words.
E:  Make love to me...

1988 Hawaii Scenes
Their first day in Hawaii, Cruz enters the hotel room loaded down with scuba gear, fishing equipment, etc.

C:  You know what's great about this island? You can rent almost
E:  Apparently, you did!
C:  Don't tell me we came all the way to Hawaii to stay in bed.
E:  Actually I can think of nothing better I like to do..come back here,
     Romeo (Eden's in bed waiting for Cruz to join her).

Cruz names some activities they could be doing in, tennis, scuba diving..Eden says no to all of them.

C: I rented a boat.
E: Cruz? I have no intentions of leaving this room.

(Cruz could never say no to Eden..he jumps on the bed, they wrestle under the covers, and both pop up)

C: "Are you sure this won't be hazardous to our health?"
E: Not a chance! (smiling, they embrace enthusiastically!)

1988 Their first night in Hawaii
Dressed to the nines, Eden and Cruz enter a restaurant and Cruz asks her to dance. Eden mentions the time she was in Utah and was unable to walk, and how she would dream of dancing with him.

C: This is the real world and you don't have to dream anymore. We're
     here, and we're together, and baby, we can dance till the cows
     come home.
E:  (smiling) The cows?
C:  Till they come home.

They dance... beautifully, with such joy

Eden brings a minister to their hotel room wants to get married. Cruz says.."I want to marry you Eden..but not now" and the minister leaves. Eden feels hurt and heads over to the bed..Cruz lies down next to her. She wants to get married because of Cruz's new dangerous assignment. She says.. "I dont want to miss anything. She wants to have a baby... 

E:  You have to get married and have a baby.
C:  You are always in a rush.

Eden gets more upset at Cruz.  

E:  Laugh at me! (then rolls over face down in the pillow) I'm waiting!

(Cruz rolls her back over)

C:  I know I can take your mind off of it if you give me a chance.
E:  You can try
C:  (grinning) It'll be cake. (He starts to tickle her but she tries to
     resist). Let me take this heavy ammunition (tickling her). There we
     go..we got a smile out of her.

Eden stops the resistance...and they kiss.

1988 Cruz and Eden Wedding Vows
Additional Character =
Minister (M)

M:  Cruz, Eden, you may now make your promise.
C:  Where to begin? My darling, Eden, my dear one and only true love.
     When I was a younger man I was scared to death of the idea of
     getting married. I want to thank you for changing my mind about it.
     Not only will I love, honor and cherish you, I promise to treat you as
     my equal…respect your vision of your own life, allow you to
     choose your own path, pursue your own goals. I will remember  
     always that you are an individual first and a part of me second.
     But I will never take this marriage lightly. I will always be faithful to
     you. I’m going to take real good care of that flame that brought us
     together, keep a wide open space for that passion so that it may
     burn through all the time that we travel together. I will respect your
     need for privacy. I will forgive and forget when the time arises.
     Keeping the past in the past, greeting each new day with
     thankfulness, hopeful and purposeful, that we may be worthy of a
     long and happy life together. And most urgently of all I promise to
     do my very best to bring us the blessing of children. These things
     and what ever else you may need that I can, in good faith provide,
     will be yours. This is my promise.

E:  Cruz ,you are the love of my life. My knight in shining armor. I will
     love, honor and cherish you as long as we live. I will always try to
     be the woman you have loved so earnestly. I will respect you until
     the end of time, and I will give you the freedom to be yourself.
     When we have problems we'll solve the problems together. I know
     the importance of communication and compromise, and I will
     always endeavor to solve all problems head on. We will be our
     own best friends and our own best council. I will share with you
     my fears and my hopes and dreams. I will keep nothing from you
     and expect the same. I will always appreciate you and I will
     always love you with all my heart. I will respect your decisions
     and support your feelings. My goal will always be to understand
     you, never to change you. When we are blessed with children, I
     will love them as much as you, but never more. This is my promise.
M:  May I have the rings please? Having considered alone and
     together this marriage I now ask you, Eden, do you take this man to
     be your lawfully wedded husband?
E:  I do.
M:  I ask you Cruz, do you take this woman to be your lawfully
     wedded wife?
C:  I do.
M:  Then Eden, as you place this ring on Cruz's finger, repeat after
     me. With this ring I thee wed and join my life to yours.
E:  With this ring I thee wed, and join my life to yours.
M:  Now Cruz, as you place this ring on Eden's finger, repeat after
     me. With this ring, I thee wed and join my life to yours.
C:  With this ring I thee wed, and join my life to yours.
M:  May these rings stand as a sign to you of your desire to live, to
     love, to create, and to build in your lives and in the lives of those
     who you touch that ideal perfection which is humanity. In the
     presence of God, and by the virtue of the authority vested in me, I
     now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.
C:  Thank you.

1988 scene, Cruz and Eden have picnic as Cruz' agency 'Last Resort'

C:  You still didn’t tell me you know…
E:  Tell you what?
C:  Why you’re so different today
E:  Yes, I already told you. I’m happy.
C:  I wanna know the real reason Eden!
E:  Ok. You…are the biggest reason
C:  I don’t believe you, but how could I not accept that. (both laugh)
     Did I ever tell you how I felt about picnics ?
E:  No as a matter of fact, you didn’t
C:  Well, I like'em a lot. I think they’re highly stimulating
E:  Seductive maybe?
C:  Is that what you had in mind?
E:  Just a side dish
C:  Well, I liked it a lot
E:  So, do you want me to make this a tradition? Every alternate Thursdays?
C:  The more often the better…here come over here, lie back here (holds her tight and they start to kiss).

Cain and Andrea are outside, banging on the door, impatiently turning the knob. Cruz and Eden start to get up and fix themselves up.

C:  "Coming!! Keep your shirt on!" (while putting his on)

1988 Willoughby's Island Storyline
This scene is when Cruz had amnesia on Willoughby's island and Eden comes to rescue him. He tells her he didn't think he was going to make it out until she showed up and she tells him she just thought of what he would do -- never give up -- so she didn't. They were hiding out in a cave.

C:  Have we done this kind of thing before?
E:  Last year, you were falsely accused of murder and you were
     hiding out in a sea grotto.... (unintelligible here, then) I would come
     to you and I would bring you food and clothes and you would build
     a big fire and we would hold each other and sit in front of it and it
     was just you and me and it was like the whole world didn't exist.
C:  Did I make love to you?
E:  Sometimes all night long..and sometimes we would just sit and talk.
     You know, this is really hard for me. I mean I love you and you're
     sitting there and your telling me that you can't remember me, and I
     want you to remember.
C:  So do I.. more than anything in the world.
E:  A long time ago, a long way back, we promised each other that
     we would always love each other and that the love that we had
     was very special and that it was almost endless with no beginning
     and no end.
C:  I DO have feelings.
E:  What feelings?
C:  I trust you and I know that we shared incredible things.
E:  What? What's wrong?
C:  I want to touch you.
E:  Why don't you?
C:  I don't know.
E:  It's alright.
C:  Is it? (they kiss then pause) I'm not done yet. I think this is gonna
     take a while.

1988 Eden tells Cruz she's pregnant during the rape storyline

E:  I really want to believe that everything is going to be exactly the
     way we wanted it to be.
C:  Oh, it will be, eventually. I would give anything in the world if I
     could change what happened, but you know I can't. I also, can't
     help but think about the other times when we thought there was
     no hope, when you couldn't were convinced that we
     would never be together again, but we got through that, it was
     tough, but we did and we will get through this.
E:  This is just something that I thought we should be really happy
C:  We will be happy
E:  No, you don't understand...I, I wanted it to be really perfect.
C:  Wanted what to perfect? (she stays quiet for a while, almost
     realizing that she's brought up the topic now) What? tell me...
E:  I'm pregnant

scene ends with shocked look on his face...
Next scene

E:  You're not saying anything
C:  (he starts to smile with joy, and goes to hold her) I don't know
     what to say (they embrace and while they do so, Eden is muttering
     "a baby, it's a baby", we see her worried face while they hug.)
     Oh, you know there may have been times when it seemed like God
     almost forgot
E:  I know, I know (she's now smiling with joy as well)
C:  I just don't believe it....I love you, nobody has ever been as
     honored as i am, to have you.
E:  (she's now feeling better, upon noticing that he's happy about the
     news, she smiles with delight and says..) "I haven't thought about
     anything, I haven’t thought about names, or baby furniture, or my
     job, or whether it was gonna be a boy or a girl..I haven't...thought
     about anything. (she starts to slow down and pause with that last
     sentence, upon realizing that his expression had changed and he
     was just silent I guess).  What? (looks of worry and sadness start
     to show again on her face...gosh, Marcy was brilliant during all of
     these scenes I remember, all the ups and downs, all the mixed
     emotions that she portrayed SO WELL!)
C:  Well, I just hope you've been doing what needs to be done
E:  Nothing needs to be done
C:  Well there's regular doctors appointments or something
E:  Oh, it's too early for that(he pauses for a while, in thought)
C:  How early is it, how long have you known?
E:  Not very long (her answers were kinda abrupt and were in a tone
     in which you could tell she's worried and sad about the
     conversation getting further, cause she knows what he's thinking)
C:  Why didn't you tell me ?
E:  Because, I wanted it to be perfect, I didn't want there to be any
     sadness, I didn't want anything to touch it.
C:  So you just found out for sure? (she now gets sort of restless
     answering the questions, more so, worried mainly)
E:  No I knew before, what does it matter
C:  It doesn't. I just...I mean, did the doctor give you a date?
E:  No I didn't see a doctor (she now is in a total state of worry and is
     so sad and disheartened that they are even discussing this)
C:  So gave yourself a test?
E:  No, I didn't have to, I just knew, I'm more sure than any tests could
C:  'nods a yes and looks worried'

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