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The Love Story of Santa Barbara's Cruz and Eden

Cruz and Eden enter a church. They take turns lighting candles which fill the room with warm light. Then, they turn to each other before the altar. Cruz takes Eden's hand and looks into her eyes.

CRUZ: "Because we've gone through so many trials to get to this moment, fought so many battles and endured so much pain, we claim the right to do this. Even when there was an easier way, we stood by each other and what we believed in. And every time, our respect for each other has grown...and the love has continued to deepen. If it be in our power to control, we intend to stay together for the rest of our lives. I'll promise that I'll always be where you comfort you, to take your comfort, to protect you and be your companion. I will always honor you, and be honored that you are with me."

Eden looks at Cruz, tears beginning to well in her eyes, as she speaks.

EDEN: "I wonder if you know how much you've changed my life. Only you, in all my life, have never given me reason to doubt you. You have kept every promise. You have loved me no matter how unworthy of it I may have felt - or acted. I didn't think such a thing was possible. Before you, I just didn't expect very much from my life. I was angry and selfish, and all the good things like trust, and love, seemed like a terrible lie that people made up so they would have something better to hope for, even though it didn't exist. I realize now that I was hoping, too, that something would happen to prove I was wrong. And then I met you. You seemed too good to be true. I put you through every test. I showed you the worst of me - but still, there you were. You didn't run. And when I did, you caught me and brought me back, and told me everything would be all right. One day, finally, I believed it. I promise that I will never lose that faith again. And I promise to also trust the things in me that you love, because you showed them to me. But most of all, I promise to love you as long as I live. I hope I live a long time, so I can make you as happy as you've made me..."

Those were the vows that Santa Barbara's star-crossed couple, Cruz Castillo and Eden Capwell, exchanged - although not legally - after waiting for what seemed like an eternity. They had been kept apart by many outside influences (C.C., Kirk, Gina and Santana) and still continue to have their problems (Cruz's ex-girlfriend, Victoria Lane). But not long ago, the chaos died down, and Cruz and Eden took advantage of it. After their long-awaited reunion, the couple arrived at a church and pledged their love for each other before God. They had grown enormously. Their commitment was never stronger. But why did it take so long for Cruz and Eden to get to this point? For starters, the two were never intended to get together.

"They (the writers) told me that Eden was supposed to be with some lifeguard named Warren Lockridge when I first came on the show," explains Marcy Walker, the actress who portrays Eden. "I actually did have a couple of scenes with him, but they didn't go anywhere. I had a couple of scenes with A (Martinez, who plays Cruz), too, and they were powerful because they kept talking about what the two characters had in the past - how they were linked." Since no history had been written for these characters, Walker and Martinez took the liberty of making one up themselves - without telling anyone - so they would have something to go on in the few scenes they had together. Marcy Walker believes that the show was hesitant, at first, to get Eden and Cruz ("a white-bread WASP and a Mexican-American") romantically involved because they weren't sure that the viewers would accept them. However, it soon became apparent that, not only did the actors work well together, but there was a certain chemistry between them, too. The characters' history was then written, as was a powerful story line, which has remained on the front burner for more than a year - a year filled with heartache and the desire to be together.

"I think we have more fun with the characters now than we used to," admits A Martinez. "There were so many times when they couldn't be be together and we spent so much time looking forward to the time when they would together again. We didn't get to embrace each other and we missed it." The writers allowed Eden and Cruz to look, but not touch, for the longest time. The sexual tension between them was undeniable.

"That's where the relationship started on the show - the two of them constantly fighting the love they felt for each other," explains Marcy Walker. "As far as Eden was concerned, it was a relationship she wasn't sure she wanted to have. She knew she cared for this man more than anybody she'd ever met (they had had a brief affair in Europe but it ended badly), but it was so against her grain to be with him. She'd always dated men that her father felt were appropriate for her. Cruz was so brazen and different that I think she had trouble accepting the fact that she really was in love with him."

Not upsetting Eden's daddy, C.C. Capwell, was one reason the couple stayed apart. But then, he had a change of heart and arranged a romantic rendezvous for them. This led to their first reconciliation and a wedding - which was interrupted by a blazing fire. Afterwards, a series of events continued to keep them apart. First, C.C. suffeed a massive stroke and went into a coma for many months. Eden took control of Capwell Enterprises and found herself working closely with Kirk Cranston, a man who became obsessed with Eden and vowed to marry her. Upset over her father's condition, Eden didn't realize that Kirk was alienating her from everyone she loved - especially Cruz - and that she was becoming totally dependent on him. Meanwhile, a vengeful Gina Capwell wanted C.C. to die so she, as his legal wife, would inherit his millions. She pulled the plug on the machine that was keeping him alive and made it appear as though Eden had done it. Kirk was right there to pick up the pieces.

Cranston convinced Eden that she tried to kill her father (to put him out of his misery) and promised to cover for her and support her. Eden was grateful. Knowing that Cruz could never live with her lie, she ended their relationship. Kirk took this opportunity to propose. Eden convinced herself that she and Kirk were compatible and married him. Cruz, needless to say, was devastated. Helping him pick up the pieces was lonely Santana Andrade who had always loved Cruz from afar. She believed that, in time, Cruz would learn to love her as much as she loved him. While she was waiting for this to happen, a recovered C.C. Capwell decided that Santana could regain custody of her son Brandon (C.C.'s grandson - the product of an affair Santana had with his son, Channing) if she were married. Cruz, believing there was no future with Eden (she was married to Kirk and pregnant) offered to marry Santana. She readily accepted.

Meanwhile, Kirk became more and more obsessed with Eden. When he realized that she would never love him the way she loved Cruz, he decided to kill her. And he tried to blackmail Gina into doing it since he knew that she was the one who attempted to kill C.C. (He kept that informatio from eden out of fear of losing her.) Fortunately, his scheme met with failure. Eden wound up in the hospital, unharmed, although she lost her baby. Gina was missing and presumed dead. Eventually, Gina resurfaced to tell the Capwells the truth about Kirk. In exchange for this, Gina was off the hook for trying to kill C.C. Kirk was sent to prison - but not before one last attempt on Eden's life. As usual, Cruz came to Eden's rescue.

With her horrible marriage to Kirk behind her, Eden couldn't stop thinking of Cruz and what might have been. Now, however, it was Cruz's turn to be unavailable. To Eden's dismay, Cruz intended to make his marriage work. Once again, Gina Capwell interfered. Wanting Santana to appear as an unfit mother so she would lose custody of Brandon (Gina had adopted the boy when C.C. originally forced Santana to give him up years ago), Gina began slipping her drugs. Santana was soon addicted. Eventually, she did indeed lose custody of Brandon and her marriage to Cruz soured.

Just when it seemed that Eden and Cruz were in the clear, actress Victoria Lane arrived in town. Eden was instantly jealous of her lover's ex. She and Cruz spent weeks arguing over Tori.

"With this story line, they're playing upon the fact that Eden has an insecurity: that Cruz is going to leave her," remarks Walker. "The audience is seeing a side to Eden that they never saw before. I feel like this beast is awakening in me and it's called Liza Colby!" the actress laughs, referring to the nasty character she played on All My Children a few years ago. "I have all these horrible scenes where I'm telling Victoria, "Hey, butt out of my life...get off my man!" According to A, however, Tori is not a threat to Eden. "Cruz doesn't feel that the relationship he had with Victoria is comparable to what he has with Eden. With Tori, that was something more immature. And, really, he definitely feels that the person he was when he was in that relationship is not the person he is now. Also, Cruz doesn't particularly want to be reminded of that old person."

Whether Tori breaks up Cruz and Eden's romance remains to be seen, though we doubt she will. It's a fact that the love Cruz and Eden share can endure just about anything. So, will the writers ever let them marry? And, if they do, will they remain popular with viewers? Both Marcy and A think so. "The characters don't have to die off just because they aren't single anymore. People have interesting, fulfilled lives and are married," insists Marcy. "I would love to see a story written along the line of the series Moonlighting. It would be hysterical and everybody loves to see us have fun. That's what it's all about." A agrees that Cruz and Eden could still be sent on escapades even if they were married. "We've made such suggestions but we're not holding our breath," he says. "Still, there is such an overwhelming hunger for these two to get together, I can't imagine they're going to deny that kind of thing forever."

SOD 1988: Marcy Walker Mother-To-Be

There's very good reason why Marcy has been looking so extra beautiful on Santa Barbara lately. Ever since she came back from a romantic trip to Europe this summer with the man in her life, cinematographer, Stephen Collins, Marcy has had a special glow about her. The reason - she's going to have a baby! Marcy and Stephen expect their blessed event around Valentine's Day. The happy couple plan to raise their child together, but so far have not announced wedding plans.

Marcy has been married twice before, but has no children from either marriage. The proud parents-to-be are taking their time before making any decision, but the one thing that's for sure is they are both delighted and happy and can't wait for the coming event. So far there are no plans for Marcy to be pregnant on the show, but don't be suruprised if "Eden" and "Cruz" also wind up waiting for a blessed event.

We heart that Marcy recently moved into a new house in Sherman Oaks from her condo out at the beach. Sure hope someone else did all the heavy work while Marcy rested. We also hope that Marcy doesn't have to work too hard on the show. Best of luck to Marcy and Stephen!

SOD, May 16th 1989:
How Soap Stars Raise Their Kids

Is it any different from the Rest of us?

New mom Marcy Walker (Eden, Santa Barbara) was thrilled by the warm reception she received when she turned up at the set with her then six-week-old son, Taylor.

By Mary Beth Sammons

Behind the scenes of many daytime dramas, a new generation is winning start treatment. Whether they're decked out in diapers and pastel-colored footed suits or Esprit and Weeboks, this pre-school set is made up for the sons and daughters of the shows' performers. A la Baby Boom, soap star parents aren't any different from other parents who subscribe to the "where Mommy and/or Daddy go, baby follows" lifestyle.

With assorted Disney toys and Duplo collections in tow, these tiny tykes are becoming permanent fixtures in the dressing rooms of their famous parents. Others bop - or are strolled in - to "do lunch" with Mommy or Daddy. And some are doing their infant/parent bonding right on camera.

At just four weeks old, Taylor Walker Collins made his debut at the SANTA BARBARA studio when his mom, Marcy Walker (Eden) surprised cast and crew with an impromptu visit, During our conversation, Walker temporarily surrenders her new charge to the doting arms of her co-workers, who take turns holding and cooing at tiny Taylor. "Of course I love him to death and think he's the cutest thing in the world, but it's really great to have everybody here meet him and to hear them say, 'Oh, he's so beautiful,' " says Walker. "I had to bring him in today because I was afraid if I brought him in Wednesday [her official day back at work], he'd be way too distracting. It's the first time everyone's got to meet him. It's neat," gushes the new mom.

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