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Marcy’s most Memoral Christmas

The Christmas that I remember most was when my family lived in Iran because my father was an aeronautical engineer. We lived in the city so it made buying gift's, especially American gifts, which were the things that my brothers and I wanted, very difficult. We went out and got a little tree - not a Christmas tree, more like a plant. There were no ornaments, so we took match boxes, wrapped them in aluminum foil and hung them on the tree with thread.

"My brothers and parents were really sick the first year, yet we all trimmed the tree together. I was the only one well enough to get up on Christmas morning to run out and see if Santa had come. My mom, because we didn't have stockings, had taken nylons and filled them with fruit, which was really hard to come by. I had a little record player, but I didn't have any records, and somehow on the black market my mother had gotten me one. It was 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John, my very first record. I remember sitting in the living room on Christmas morning, alone, opening my gifts with my parents and brothers sick in bed, and yelling to them in their rooms saying, 'Trevor, you got...'

It was a really wonderful thing because my parents tried so hard to make it a great Christmas for us. That really taught me a lesson. It's the smallest of things, the tiniest of gestures, the effort of trying to make somebody happy that is everything."

Marcy Walker: "I love 'playing' a baddie ... but wish people wouldn't hate me! I'm not like Liza at all!"

Bright and energetic, quick-witted and quick to laugh, the gal who plays Liza Colby on All My Children, would like folks to understand what she's really like.

"Sure, it's fun playing a baddie. I get to do all these deceitful things to people and no one ever sends me to my room! But the other side of it is that I never get to have friends, hold hands with a boy, fall in love ... and everyone hates me!

"You should read some of my fan mail! And then there was the time my mother was at my brother's basketball game. Some lady came up to her and said, 'Tell your daughter that my daughters hate her!' My mom was shocked. Then she stood up for me. 'My daughter is lucky to be in New York working at a job she loves.' It was great! My folks are becoming celebrities like me."

That is the good part of Marcy's work. She is becoming recognized for her expert talents as an actress. "My high school asked me to be in their homecoming parade. The school has over 2000 students and I'm the only one who's a soap opera star! It's so exciting!"


Being excited, enjoying life to its fullest pretty much describes Marcy's life.

Growing up in an unsettled family atmosphere, the blonde, blue-eyed girl developed an outgoing personality. "My dad is a space engineer, so we traveled all over. Changing schools so much wasn't so great for my education. In one school I'd be behind and get lost, in another school I'd be ahead and get bored. But I always got involved in the theater programs. That gave me instand friends ... like a little club. I always felt taken care of in the theater.

"I loved being in this little world where I could create anything I wanted. It was child-like but secure at the same time.

"So my big dreams was to be a working actress. I'm living that dream now."

As most young actresses, to make the dream come true it is necessary to either move to Hollywood or New York. Marcy chose the East coast, and her first days here were anything but a dream.


"They were a nightmare!" Marcy recalls. "In the first sic months I was mugged three times, my apartment was robbed, and I saw a man stabbed nearly to death. He turned the corner and fell onto me. Blood was all over. I went into schock. I couldn't believe one humand being could do this to another. It really upset me."

How Marcy survived these first traumatic months in the Big City was thourgh love. "I had all these people who really cared about me. And I moved into a girl's residence where I feld much safe.

"I guess if you want something badly enough - like I wanted to act - then you stick it out."

A naturally sunny disposition helps, too. "Well, I've always been a positive person. The only thing that gets me mad is when people think I'm irresponsible. Doing the show is my big chance and I'm trying very hard. But because I'm young, people don't take me seriously."


There is at least one person in Marcy's life who takes her as seriously as she wants. "His name is Marc Poppel. He's an actor. Our agent, J. Michael Bloom, thought we'd make a perfect couple. So they kept sending us to the same auditions. Finally, we met and just before Halloween. It's wonderful. He's wonderful! And he's a good friend.

"This is the first relationship I've had where I really want to be with the guy. You know I've had these other relationships where I'd get real bored with the guy but I'd keep going out with him 'cause he was the only one around. It's not like that with Marcy."

As for marriage, like most 20-year-old, Marcy is unsure. "I was brought up in a very conservative home. My morals do not allow me to live with somebody. Yet, I feel too young to be married. And there's all this pressure from society. I feel pulled. Living together is easier than marriage - less of a commitment. But if you're living together, sharing possessions, doing everything as if you were married - why not get married? It's very confusing."

Being young, healthy, attractive, successful and in love, perhaps Marcy is asking too much to have all the answers to life's many questions. But she does have on very important, answer. Marcy Walker knows how to be happy.

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