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- Marcy’s most Memoral Christmas
- Marcy Walker: "I love 'playing' a baddie ...
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AOL 1998 Chat

OnlineHost: Welcome! Today we're talking with Marcy Walker, ALL MY CHILDREN's Liza Colby. Liza has recently agreed to give Adam Chandler another chance, but David Hayward is determined to expose Adam's secret and get Liza for himself. Will he succeed? Welcome, Marcy!

Question: I love your hair short, but do you miss the Eden Capwell long locks?

Marcy Walker: I am in the process of growing it out as we speak. I keep jpoking with the hair people that I want my hair to be like Crystal Gayle's again. I really miss my long hair.

Question: Do you like working with Michael E. KNIGHT and is there any chance for Tad and Liza to get back together? I like Tad and Liza better than Tad and Dixie.

Marcy Walker: Michael and I have been friends for many years and we love working with each other. We always ask to work together more. I like it when the fans like Tad and Liza together. I think Tad and Liza will interact as friends but not be a couple. A lot of people like Tad and Dixie together and Adam with Liza. As long as Tad and Liza are friends, they will have scenes together.

Question: Which cast members are you closest to on the show? Are there any people that you socialize with outside of work?

Marcy Walker: I'm close with Jennifer BASSEY and Kelly RIPA and Amelia MARSHALL. Of course David CANARY and Michael KNIGHT. David CANARY and Jennifer BASSEY are the people I see the most outside of work. When you have children it's hard to have the time to go out a lot.

Question: What's your favorite meal?

Marcy Walker: Pizza. It's the four basic food groups!

Question: Marcy, I loved the shoes you wore at Super Soap Weekend! Where did you buy them?

Marcy Walker: Thank you. They give me about 4 extra inches. I bought them at Nine West here in NYC and they come in different colors too.

Question: Marcy, do you ever keep in touch with A. MARTINEZ?

Marcy Walker: We keep in touch. I haven't spoken to him recently, though. We talk and keep in touch through other mutual friends. I really care for him and don't want to ever lose contact with him.

Question: Do you ever visit the Adam/Liza or Marcy/David Web pages?? (There are a lot of them!!)

Marcy Walker: I've never visited there, but people have sent me print outs of the pages.

Question: Marcy, I think it's cute how Jennifer calls you her Sunbeam, do you know how she came up with that?

Marcy Walker: One day, she said "You are always full of light and make me smile. You're just my sunbeam." She just kept calling me that. I always try to let her know that I couldn't be her sunbeam if she weren't my sun. I lover her like a friend and a mother.

Question: Every time I see you at a fan event you really seem to be relaxed and enjoy your time with the fans, especially at Super Soap Weekend. Do you ever get sick of fans stopping you?

Marcy Walker: No never. I don't go to very many events so that might be why I enjoy it so much. I see it as a gift to me to be able to see and hear what people think. In a way, it's like applause. I really treasure the time with the fans, like at Super Soap.

Question: Will you ever attend an AMC Fan Club Luncheon! We have been there the last 2 years, and we would love to see you there! Patchy in PA

Marcy Walker: I'll be there next year, promise!

Question: Hi Marcy, this is Robert. I know you remember me from the many times we met and at the dog show. I just wanted to ask you what you felt was the best story that you have had since returning to AMC? What would be your dream storyline if you could have one?

Marcy Walker: Hi. It's a tie between the whole Tad/Dixie/Liza triangle when I first came back and then the trick wedding with Adam and their relationship. That was such fun! I think it would be cool if nobody knew who the father of Liza's baby is. It's not Jake, or Adam or anybody. We'd know everyone had a hand in tampering with it.

Question: Marcy, do you see any kind of storyline with Liza and Dixie happening in the future now that Cady McCLAIN is back?

Marcy Walker: I think Dixie's time will be more involved with Tad. We've had some scenes, though. I don't really know what will happen. Cady is great. One of the best actresses on the show. I'd love to have a storyline with her.

Question: Marcy, are you going to be making anymore made-for-tv movies soon?

Marcy Walker: I'm just getting back in the swing of things and am in the process of getting an agent in New York. I don't have anything planned at this point, but plan to get back into the groove soon. I went to the theater the other night and now I would love to do a play.

Question: Marcy, I've always wondered who and what ever happened to Liza's biological father? I don't believe they've ever mentioned his name.

Marcy Walker: I don't remember his name either, but I believe he died off camera back in 1984 or 1985. Wait -- It was Larry Colby!

Question: Hi Marcy, just love Liza and Adam, but are you married and do you have children?

Marcy Walker: I'm not married. I have one son from my previous marriage and he is nine years old.

Question: Marcy, besides David CANARY who would you like to see Liza have a romantic relationship with?

Marcy Walker: I think it would interesting to see Liza and David Hayward together. Vincent IRIZARRY is someone I have great respect for. He is great to act with. Just for kicks, I've always thought it would be interesting to see Liza and Jackson.

Question: Who was your inspiration to go into show business?

Marcy Walker: No one specific. It was something I always loved. I did a lot of plays in high school. I've always loved acting. I have always admired Ellen Burstyn and thought if I could ever be as good as that, then this is what I wanted to do. She inspired me to do my best.

Question: Hi Marcy this is Kelli. I'm about to become a mother and knowing you are a mother in real life, I was wondering if you had any tips for me :-)

Marcy Walker: The most important advice that I could give would be don't forget to breathe, try to be patient. When my so was born, I invented a "Mommy Time Out." And my son understood what I was doing! I would just take a few minutes to calm down.

Question: Marcy, I went all the way from Philly to Florida to see you at soap weekend and I have to say you are beautiful. Did you have a good time there?

Marcy Walker: I had a great time! I was so happy to be invited back. I hope all the fans had as good as time as I did!

Question: You act like a Capricorn. What is your birthday?

Marcy Walker: November 26. I'm a Sagitarius.

Question: Marcy, What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Marcy Walker: Since my son was just a baby, we have always made our own wrapping paper. I get a big bolt of white paper, tons of paint and we paint it. We cut it and wrap it. That's my favorite.

Question: Hi Marcy, do you still keep in touch with Amanda BEARSE? I would love if she came back to do some guest spots as Liza's old friend! Would she do it?

Marcy Walker: I've know that Amanda is directing a lot these days after starring on Married With Children. I think she might come back for a day or two. We haven't spoken in quite a while though. I'd love it if she came back.

Question: Does Michael ever have you laughing so hard that it's hard to get through a scene?

Marcy Walker: Yes. Michael KNIGHT is our class clown. Sometimes he makes these chicken noises before we start a scene and I'll be laughing too hard to do the scene.

ABCTim: We have time for one more...

Question: Hi Liza! Your character was pretty evil way back when (remember the Jesse "rape"?) Do you think the new and improved Liza will ever revert back?

Marcy Walker: Absolutely! She has it in her personality to be vindictive and to be threatened. I don't think that's gone, just sleeping right now. If Liza's buttons were pushed, she would defend herself and her child. Who knows what will happen once she finds out what Adam has done!

 ABCTim: ABCTim again. Marcy wants to thank you all for joining her this afternoon. And she wants to wish everyone a very happy holiday!

Cameron Clicks
From Soap Opera Weekly May 19, 1998; Adam Kelley

Last December, Marcy Walker (Liza) very thoughtfully gave ALL MY CHILDREN newcomer Cameron Mathison a Christmas present-- or so he thought.

"One day, Cameron came into the make-up room and pulled me aside," Walker chuckles, "and he said, 'Um, I just want to thank you.' But he was being kind of shy about it, so I said 'Okay... for what?'"

"For the gift," Mathison whispered.

"I didn't give you a gift," a confused Walker replied.

"The magazine."

"I didn't give you a magazine, Cameron."

"Really?" he said, pausing. "But I got a gift card and your name was on it."

"From what?" Walker laughed.

"From Playboy magazine. I got a subscription to Playboy from you."

Naturally, Walker was flummoxed. "Cameron," she stammered, "I hardly know you! I would never send you a subscription to Playboy! And then," Walker continues, "I got the bill two weeks later! And we just couldn't believe somebody was doing this to us."

To this day, the actors have no idea who the mysterious benefactor is-- and while Mathison concedes that the whole situation is "a little bizarre," he's not about to let it ruin his fun. With his shirtless wunderkind, Ryan, on the front-burner, married to the hilarious Gillian (Esta Terblanche) and sharing scenes with both Walker and Susan Lucci (Erica), he knows things really couldn't be any better. "I am," he says, "the luckiest guy on the planet."


There is, in fact, only one small problem: The phantom subscriber is still on the loose. Sighs Mathison: "We thought it was all over, bu then Marcy got a subscription to Playgirl, and I got Penthouse."

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