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Marcy on Eden and Cruz, Eden’s Rape and Unforgettable Scene

Different worlds, diverse temperments, disparate cultures: where opposites attract, Cruz and Eden explode. From their earliest encounters, this distinctive couple has had enough chemistry to fuel a jet, but being the independent, stubborn individuals that they are, it took containment over night in a locked office to make their romantic feelings burst forth. Such was the beginning of the long winding romance of Cruz Castillo and Eden Capwell. And before they would wed, there would be many obstacles strewn in their path: from loveless marriages to devastating injuries, Cruz and Eden's unconquerable love kept their hearts permanently intertwined. Through all the adversity, one thing has remained constant their unspoken, unbreakable and undeniable bond of love forever linking them in heart, mind, spirit and soul. The differences that make them so unique have melded together to make them compelling and engaging, whether facing adversity or triumph.

You work very closely with A Martinez (Cruz). You two must be very close off-screen?

Marcy: A is one of my best confidants. He's easy to talk to and he gives great advice. He's also a pretty smart guy! I can see A as the perfect man. He's a great father, he cares a great deal about his wife; he's sensitive and gentle. He has a lot of wonderful qualities. I've seen a lot more dimension in A over the years than in Cruz.

If Marcy Walker (Eden) were to give Cruz (A Martinez) a multiple personality like Eden/Lisa, what would his name be and what would he be like?

"I think he'd be some guy named Snake, and he'd be a greaseball- a mean, insensitive, woman-bashing kind of guy."

What's the most unusual thing Eden's had to do?

Marcy Walker says: "The most unusual thing is being Cruz's detective sidekick. She has no police background. How. all of a sudden, did she become a television reporter? She has absolutely no proir expierence."

Marcy Walker on playing Eden

"She's a strong person, but she's just a regular person. It can't be very challenging at times because it's not very easy to play someone who's very middle of the road because their opinions are so diversified!"

What about Cruz and Eden? How are things going for the newlyweds on Santa Barbara?

Marcy: Well, things were pretty tough there for a while. Poor Adriana was missing, so it made our first year of marriage a little tough. I expect great things, though, from Cruz and Eden in the future.

Eden's Rape

The brutal crime of rape is a staple on daytime television; countless women victimized. Out of all of the shows that have tackled this sensitive issue, the rape of Santa Barbara's Eden Castillo stands out, and remains one of the most daring storylines ever.

Unforgetable Scene

"We taped (Eden's "death") in Hawaii on the island of Kauai. They set up on a ridge, 75 feet above the water. They put this mountain-climbing rope harness around me so that if I fell, I would have something to catch me. It was hard because they kept doing close-ups of my hands slipping off the rocks and I was standing there. I had to crouch without actually falling off the rock."

Marcy on Cruz and Edenīs wedding scene 3/7/89:

"Besides the fact that the hoops inside my gown felt like steel-which made me feel more like a car than a bride-it was a little above 0 degree weather-wise, and A couldnīt see through my veil, which made me feel like Darth Vader!"

Getting Intimate with Santa Barbara's A Martinez and Marcy Walker

A Very Special Interview with a Very Special Couple!
by Rosemary Ross, Photography by Jonathan Exley
Soap Opera Update, 7/16/90

He's a ruggedly handsome, one-woman man. She's a strong-willed true-hearted beauty. Together, they have become daytime television's most romantic couple. They're hot. They always have been, in soapland, where yesterday's loving duo is today's court case, Santa Barbara's Eden and Cruz Castillo are not only survivors, they're role models.

During a normal weekday lunch hour, Marcy Walker and A Martinez would be running their lines, making sure every scene to be shot that day would be flawless. That's like hearing Michelle Pfeiffer say she needs beauty sleep. Today, this special daytime couple spent some time with Soap Opera Update.

What is it about Eden and Cruz that appeals to so many people?

A Martinez: I think people like to see a couple and a marriage that works. There are an awful lot of examples of relationships that are constantly in trouble and hold true to the adage that you need conflict all the time to keep the couple interesting. It seems like we are a departure from that rule, and people like that about us. It might explain why our having been broken up recently did not go over particularly well with a large segment of the audience.

Marcy Walker: I really agree a lot with A. People have a tremendous need to know that things can work in this day and age. They need to know that through the good times, the bad times, the times when you can really communicate or not, that you can still love each other and show it. You can still have fun and enjoy each other and respect each other. That's what these two people have represented -- something that works through anything. People want to have faith in that.

Looking at photos of you together, you kind of look like a Barbie doll and a GI Joe. (Marcy and A had a hard time containing the laughter.)

MW: We are very different. (Laughs) If you think back to five-and-a-half, six years ago when we first started on the show, they had no idea of putting the two of us together. It wasn't in their long-range plans.

How did it all come about then?

MW: We sort of did it without them thinking about it. Whenever we got a scene or something, we'd turn it into something a little special. They didn't really notice it right away.

AM: We worked really hard at trying to go beyond what was written on the page. That has always been our credo -- if it doesn't work, fix it. Don't just complain and do it anyway. We were given a lot of encouragement by (executive producer) Jill Phelps to take chances and try to make things better. We really did take some risks early on that paid off. We worked hard and got lucky at the same time.

What is your fondest memory of Santa Barbara?

AM: God, we've really had a lot of good times. We've had more fun than anybody I've ever heard of.

MW: I can remember the first time that I realized I was really happy. It was the day we had a new director come on the set. We had this scene to do that was really boring. I remember looking at it the night before, thinking, "This could be funny if it were like cat and mouse -- where she'd try to get away and he wouldn't let her." I told A in the morning and we said, "Yeah, yeah." We got the idea together and met the director. It was his first day. He was looking at us with this frightened blank face. He said, "Okay. You do it and we'll cover it." He shot it and it was a great scene. I remember thinking how unbelievably happy I was that not only did we come up with an idea that was different, but that they used it. They believed in us and it actually worked. 

What was the most difficult storyline for you two to pull off?

MW: Well giving birth in that cave wasn't too much fun.

AM: The most difficult storyline to make work was chasing that international assassin called "The Fox" into the bowels of Mexico. That was a sort of non-event. We never found a way to make that pay off.

MW: I think the hardest thing for me was the whole Robert Barr storyline. I read all my mail and there was such a tremendous outcry of people who were dangerously angry that the writers and me and A could have let this happen; could have let Eden actually admit that she loved somebody else. I didn't much agree with it either because it wasn't like they were making this guy up. A new love, yet an old love. It was just reincarnated into this guilt or something. The way it was interpreted, I think, made us all look a little stupid. I knew in my heart that it didn't feel right. Everyday it was like a stumbling block to still make everybody look respectful and legitimate and to not look like any of us were being duped. All three of us had to come out with our characteristic egos intact. It was really hard to act it on a daily basis and still make it look right.

AM: I think the work that Marcy did in that particular storyline, where she and Roscoe (Born) had to play themselves ten years younger, came off wonderfully. To me, that was among the more impressive pieces of character work that she has done since she's been here. It was right after she won the Emmy last year -- she embarked on this storyline where she had to play herself at two different ages where her personality was completely different. She was pulling it off with such grace. I remember having the thought that we were really watching work that was befitting a brand new Emmy-winning actress.

MW: Oh stop it, A. (She seems almost embarrassed by his praise.)

AM: Some people looked at the work from the previous year, which was obviously extremely compelling (the rape storyline), and I think, justifiably, that was award-winning stuff. But I wouldn't think that the work she did this year would have to take a back seat to it on any level.

Would you like to respond to that with some mutual admiration, Marcy?

AM: Now, now, now! (Laughs) It's getting a little weird in here!

MW: You know what's funny? When that whole storyline was going on, and Roscoe is so sweet and you know how I feel about A, here I was working with these two great guys. When I'd have scenes one-on-one with each of them, A would tell me, "Roscoe is doing such an incredible job. He's just doing wonderfully. I just love his story." Then I'd work with Roscoe, who'd say, "A is just great!" I said to Roscoe, "You want to be Cruz." And I'd say to A, "You want to be Robert."

AM: It was driving me crazy because I always wanted to root for Cruz and Eden, and I'd think, "These two (Eden and Robert) are so in love. And it's such a tragedy that he suffered all these years. He should at least have a chance to hold hands with her for a while."

MW: (Laughing) It was so funny. Each was rooting for the other.

AM: I hated it!

MW: Roscoe would say, "How could Robert ever think he could break up Cruz and Eden?" And A would be saying, "Oh, but Robert and Eden have this passion." Here I was, stuck in the middle of these two, laughing, "I don't believe this!"

Even though you are so highly identified with your characters, you both have been incredibly successful at branching out and doing things aside from Santa Barbara...

AM: Things have unfolded extremely gracefully for us. There has been a lot of good fortune there.

MW: I've looked at a lot of people who have been considered to be great couples, and if you kind of really watch them, and this is something that is special, each person is a very good actor, and whatever else it is that they bring to their better half is different. So it is what they create together that is what is the greatest. So I look at A and his work outside of here and I see a remarkable, wonderful actor. What he brings to Cruz and Eden is totally different and that stands on its own. 

Marcy, rumor has it that the pilot you did called Bar Girls is wonderful and that it will be picked up by CBS. Can you fill us in a little?

MW: It's a pilot that was created by Terry Louise Fisher, who co-created L.A.Law. We are attorneys. I'm kind of unorthodox and don't listen to anybody. If nobody listens to me, then I'll leave. I've only seen tiny bits of it when I went and did dubbing, but I've heard a lot of really great things about it.

Are you chewing your nails to see if it is picked up?

MW: No, not at all. It was a great experience going away and doing it. But I have always been real, real happy here. If it didn't sell, I'd still be happy and still be here on Santa Barbara for a while longer. New World approached me with a kind of safety net contract so that if things didn't work out over at CBS with Bargirls, I could continue to stay here. I was very interested in that because I didn't feel like I wanted to give this up in order to go out there and take a chance on something. My creative side was screaming to want to take a couple of risks, yet I didn't want to leave "my family" here. So what I've done is sign on for another year. If the thing at CBS goes, then I will leave. But if it doesn't, then I'll be here.

It sounds very exciting, but I bet it's also very scary.

MW: It's very exciting, but it could also be, potentially, kind of sad. (Marcy's voice became very soft and full of emotion.) I've worked with these people a very long time. It's like family. I've worked with them so many hours for so many days. I can't imagine what it would be like for them not to be there. It's strange, but you know you have to know when to start reaching out for different things.

AM: She's ripe.

MW: I want to know if I can work as well with anybody else as I have with A Martinez. (She smiles.)

AM: I want you to know, Rosemary, that we're making a big exception for you. Marcy promised she wouldn't talk about this in front of me. (A seemed obviously saddened at the thought of maybe losing his leading lady.)

MW: Every time someone says, "Hey Marcy, how's the pilot going?" A goes, "Don't talk about it in front of me."

AM: I say, "I'll leave the room and then you can talk about it."

Okay, suppose she does leave?

AM: Oh God. Yeah, you know. (His voice crackles a little.) I'm torn up. On the one hand, I think she's right -- she should jump out and take the world by storm. On the other hand, when she went off and did the pilot and then followed it up with a movie of the week she was gone seven weeks. Boy, I tell ya, this job isn't much fun when she isn't here. It's not even close. I'd miss her, (laughs) to say the least.

MW: It's really hard. There are a few people that I would miss really, really dearly. I was gone seven weeks and I was thinking about work. I'd think about A, and what he was doing, and I'd watch him a couple of days. It was weird and it was sad.

AM: We feel really grateful for getting the opportunity to get together and make whatever sparks we've made. If it hadn't happened, I really would have missed it. Maybe there is still more in the cards for us. If there isn't, we sure had a heck of a good time. It's been really gratifying for me -- having been in this game for a while -- to finally get hold of a character who people respond to so well. I know that my pal here is very much responsible for bringing this stuff out of me to let that's been good times.

(Talk about a dramatic pause!)

MW: Oh, I love you, A.

Fans Letters to SOU

Thank you so much for that fabulous interview with A Martinez and Marcy Walker. It is wonderful to see that the two actors who portray the most romantic couple in daytime television really care so much about each other. After reading their interview, it is apparent to me that the love between A and Marcy is just as strong as Cruz and Eden's. This is probably what makes them such a joy to watch. E.B., Melville, NY

A Martinez and Marcy Walker are rare indeed. It's obvious they share a mutual admiration and it comes through on screen, as they portray Cruz and Eden so beautifully. I will never tire of seeing and reading about them, and appreciate each and every article and picture you feature. Thank you again. A.L. Northridge, CA

I have just finished reading the July 16th issue of Soap Opera Update, and I had to write and thank you for the fantastic interview with SB's A Martinez and Marcy Walker. Rosemary Rossi brought out the real emotions and personalities of these two wonderful people, showing how their love for each other comes across the television screen through Cruz and Eden. They are special -- no other daytime couple can touch them. Congratulations to A for his Emmy, and to SB for their third consecutive Daytime Emmy. Anyone who enjoys a talented cast, fast pace, adventure, romance, and outrageous humor should give Santa Barbara a try. This is, without a doubt, the best show daytime has ever seen. M.M.B., Slippery Rock, PA

The stunning cover photograph of A Martinez and Marcy Walker was the best I have seen of this attractive duo. I really enjoyed the interview. Eden and Cruz are the most romantic couple on TV. It always amazes me how genuine their feelings are for each other, which is one of the reasons they are such a joy to watch. I hope NBC and Santa Barbara plan to hold on to this terrific twosome for many years to come. M.M., Virginia Beach, VA

Fortunately, A and Marcy each live with two other exceptional people who love them and understand that they love each other in a different way. Hooray for three marriages -- A's, Marcy's, and Cruz and Eden's! A.H., Tampa, FL

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