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The Juggler

Being a mom is the world's toughest job, but also the most rewarding. Here, Marcy Walker - AMC's unmotherly Liza - reveals how she balances the demands of career and maternity

All My Children's Liza Colby is anything but the motherly type. A sharp, manipulative businesswoman, Liza sets her sights on something - and usually gets it. But once her day's work is done, actress Marcy Walker leaves the studio and heads home to the role she loves best: being mom to her son, Taylor, 8.

"It's one of the most glorious jobs you could ever have. It's so incredibly fulfilling," the single mother says.

But balancing motherhood and career, especially for Walker, "takes a lot of courage and responsibility. As a working mother, generally as a working woman, you're a type-A personality, and when you're a type-A personality, you think there's only one answer to everything. Well, there isn't," she laughs. "It's a real life lesson, especially for someone who has always felt there's an answer and I'll find it and that will be it and then you move on to the next one. It's ever-evolving, ever-changing," Walker adds. "it's an incredible joy, but it is about sacrifice and it's about how we love to make that sacrifice, too, whatever that sacrifice may be."

Walker began her soap career nearly 20 years ago, playing then teenager Liza Colby, but it was as Eden Capwell on Santa Barbara that she came into her own as both an actress and a soap superstar. Divorced from cinematographer Stephen Collins, Taylor's dad, Walker moved from California to New York four years ago to join Guiding Light as Tangie Hill. She chose to settle in Connecticut rather than live in New York City, where GL tapes. Today, back on AMC, she still makes the same commute.

"Taylor was 4 when we moved back, and I didn't think he was ready to be nagged at to learn about some of the things that I felt he should learn about living in a big city, so that's why I moved to Connecticut," she explains. "I just felt, let me give him a little of what he's used to. I know he is in a wonderful school, in a great neighborhood and he has friends. It's how much joy that goes along with making those sacrifices that can make you a good parent."

Child care is one of the major challenges of being a single mom for Walker. "It's not appropriate to take him to work with me every day," she points out. "He loves it and has the time of his life, and, yes, it's a fun place, but amid that fun is a great amount of focus that's needed. Because I have to focus, I can't do my job the way I want to do my job if he's there."

Right now, the actress has a dear friend who comes to stay for a few days at a time when Walker needs her, but that is only a temporary solution. Unfortunately, Walker has had less-than-satisfactory experiences hiring live-in au pairs to be with Taylor. "I could write a sitcom based upon the stories and events I've gone through with regard to child care," she admits. "I share my stories with the people in the hair and makeup room, and they all walk around asking, "What happened this weekend?"

But her experiences have taught Walker some valuable lessons. "You can't pay anyone to love your child," she insists. "You can just hope that they will respect your rules. It is one of the hardest hurdles of being a working mother, and especially a working mother in this business, because the hours are not regimented. It's not nine to five."

On those weekdays when she's not working, Walker tries to get her everyday tasks done. "Taylor and I basically get up at the same time," she says. "If it's a school day, Taylor does what he calls his morning jobs. He makes his bed and brushes his teeth, combs his hair, gets dressed and cleans up his room. Then we have breakfast. I pack his backpack with his snack and lunch or money for lunch. Then he'll either take the bus to school or I'll drop him off.

"Then I quickly try to get everything done that has to be done for the week. I will do the banking, pick up dry cleaning, do the laundry, the grocery shopping, pay the bills, and I'm forever at the crafts store buying things for these little school projects he has to do. So when the weekend comes, our time together is not filled or splintered with things that have to get done. The word 'errand' throws this kid into a tailspin. He hates that word.

"After he gets home, he has a good friend who'll come over and play, or he does his homework and then plays. It depends on what our negotiations are. We have a lot of negotiating about whether he does his homework first or last." Walker's skill at the art of negotiating with an 8-year-old were really put to the test during this interview. While we were talking on the phone, Taylor was home, busy working on a school project. During our conversation, Taylor needed to ask his mother a question, and we could hear her gently and reasonably explaining why he should wait for her to help him. "He is making a book all about him," the proud mom explains. "He is doing the coloring part while I am talking to you. We've already negotiated that after I'm finished, we're going to go to the pottery place and paint some pottery. So this is how we do it. There's something for me and then there's something for him. It seems to work pretty well. It's what he calls, 'let's make a deal.'

"But that's part of it. It's a respect that goes with the give and take. They realize that you're thinking of them and that you are willing to compromise. For Taylor, who is an only child, learning that there's a give and take and that there is compromise in everything we do is something that he can't learn from a sibling. So hopefully, he can learn it from me."

Like most parents, Walker has many concerns about bringing up a child in today's society. "It is really difficult to think about sheltering him from life and all the things that are out there," she acknowledges. "All I can do is try to protect him as best as I can from things that I feel are really harmful, explain the things he has questions about, things he comes in contact with that he doesn't understand. Our lives are guided by our faith and being a family and that we'll always be there for each other, so I try not to worry about too much of that."

While she loves being a mom and is determined to make the best life possible for Taylor, Walker knows it isn't easy - even when you're a famous actress. "Being a parent is accepting that there is not one answer and not one way of doing it," she says. "My parents always used to say that cliched thing, 'No one ever wrote a book, and no one ever has.' Although there are a lot of books written, there is not the book. You just have to do it." SON 4/8/97

Liza's Manhunt

Will her quest to find a father for her baby lead her to true love?
Soaps In Depth, June 30, 1998: Author unknown

Liza Colby has done some downright crummy things in her time. But none of them really are good (or bad) enough reasons that the schemer shouldn't find true love. She's dished it out, sure, but she's taken it too: Remember when her teenage crush, Tad, took her mother to bed? Or the time that she walked down the aisle with Adam to make Tad jealous, and he didn't make a peep?

Alas. Now Liza has given up on romance. She has decided that there will be no hearts and flowers for her, no knight in shining armor (nor Adam in silk PJs, even). But there will be a baby in her life, dammit. In her fertile imagination, she's going to make a marvy mom. And since in her estimation, none of her future child's potential pops measure up, she's going to become pregnant without their help-- by heading down to the local fertility clinic to have herself inseminated by an anonymous donor. Little does she suspect, her egg may be better aquatinted with it's fertilizer than she could have dreamed!

Will Ryan Sow The Seed?

"Liza has found her heart's desire," sums up headwriter Megan McTavish. "The question is: Who will give it to her?"

"I think," McTavish adds, "that going back to the pregnancy that didn't succeed, Liza never knew that she wanted a baby until then. She is driven, ambitious-- a real career woman. Even when she and Adam first got married, that was a plot to get someone else. She's never been sure of her own heart-- or even that she had a heart!"

"Then," McTavish suggests, "that little light started with Liza, with a man whom she loved very deeply. It touched something in her that she didn't even know was there."

And the baby that Liza lost was the beautiful manifestation of her newfound openness-- or at least, the child would have been. "She felt such emptiness after she miscarried," McTavish notes. "She wanted that baby, and she has a genuine desire for this one."

Upon making her decision to become a mother, a giddy Liza asked Jake and fiancee Allie to act as godparents for the little one, and they happily accepted. However, Liza's maternal glow wore off in a hurry when she and her own mommie dearest, Marian, bumped into that cocky Ryan-- at the Pine Valley fertility clinic, of all places!

Ryan was about to become a sperm donor because, quite frankly, he was flat broke. The chance to make some fast money was just a little too irresistible to the local virility poster boy. Liza, of course, was there itching to sign up for insemination. But neither of them were about to reveal to each other their real motives for hanging around a fertility clinic, so, they fed each other elaborate lies. Afterward, Ryan proceeded to register at donor #517, and an unsuspecting Liza signed her egg over to-- you guessed it-- donor #517!

It's Now Or Never!

This week, Liza is thrilled to bits when she dials up the fertility clinic to inform the doctor that she's ovulating. In other words, her womb is good and ready for donor #517!

But before Liza can get within basting distance of the clinic, a scowling Tad storms into her office and announces that he's on the verge of tanning Ryan's tan hide. Dimitri bribed the money-grubbing jerk into sitting on the jury during Brooke's murder trial, Tad relates, and Ryan might have botched the whole thing!

Needless to say, Liza's not listening; instead, she's busy sharing the blissful news of her impending motherhood! After getting an earful, an overjoyed Tad quits his griping and decides to accompany his pal to the clinic.

But before the former lovers can get out the door, Jake drops by and agrees to go with Liza wile his big bro stays behind to interview Gillian for the coveted position of WRCW weather girl. While the mommy-to-be is en route to her destiny, #517 hurries over to make his donation. At the same time, an agitated Gillian flubs her lines at the audition-- and, in the process, manages to spill the beans regarding her better half spilling his sperm!

Then it's all up to a frantic Tad to make it to the fertility clinic and reveal the donor's identity to Liza before it's too late!

"Pick Me!"

"Thanks to Tad," reveals McTavish, "the day is saved!" He bursts in and manages to tell an anxious Liza the awful truth just before she's to undergo insemination: Ryan-- yes, Ryan, that bumptious, shallow, heartless swine of a man-- is donor #517!

Chaos ensues as Tad reads Ryan the riot act, and Jake comforts Liza. A disappointed Ryan beats a hasty retreat none the richer, while Jake stuns everyone by announcing that he will act as the sperm donor!

This generous offer certainly perks up Liza, but Tad is completely bewildered. He takes his brother aside and warns him not to do anything foolish. Does he know what he's getting himself into? What's more, how will his wife-to-be, Allie, feel about all of these shenanigans?

Jake assures Tad that Allie will understand; she's a doctor, for crying out loud! Little does Jake know, he may be expecting too much from his future misses.

The Gang's All Here!

To make matters worse, Adam enters looking for Marian, and tells her that Stuart is missing! When he sees Liza, he becomes concerned. Then Jake returns and informs Liza that he's all hers if she still wants him. A confused Adam demands to know what Jake means, but the mom-to-be is determined to keep mum about her plans. "When Adam finds out, his reaction is a big part of the story," teases McTavish. "All of the feelings that he and Liza had for the child that they lost, he still feels for her. He absolutely still loves her."

But don't take that to mean that Liza necessarily will allow him to step up to the plate and... you know. "He realizes that he blew it in the marriage," points out McTavish. "But he just keeps making bigger and more complex mistakes. No one can cause trouble like Adam Chandler. And [how he reacts to Liza's situation] will have a big effect on another couple in the canvas.

You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

Will Jake do the good deed-- and put his future with Allie at risk-- or will Tad step in and assume pollination duties for his old flame? and what about Ryan? He's still experiencing a serious cash flow dilemma, and could dive back into the sperm-donor pool. And of course, Adam could oblige his ex-wife, perhaps to right the wrongs that he has done in the past. And Dr. David Hayward showed a bit of interest in Liza before he cut out of town. Now that he's returning to Pine Valley, he could throw his hat (and then some) into the baby ring, too. "I would look for two more twists in the storyline," promises McTavish. "Who ultimately becomes the father of Liza's baby is the crux of it."

"That's where the emotional complications will occur later on," she adds. "There are a few more bumps in the road here."

Ripe with possibilities, the plot won't all be heavy drama, though, the wry scribe insists. "It will be a little outrageous. Some of it will be very poignant, and some will be very funny."

Only time will tell which fellow Liza will use as her breeding stud-- and whether they will share anything more than one magic moment under a clinician's watchful eye.

The Bad Seed

Should David Father Liza's Baby?

Pros: The fact that David is in the medical profession is a plus, as he would be more able to provide for her little tyke than, say, a pauper like Ryan. Plus, David is one smart cookie, what with blackmailing Allie and intentionally slipping Adam the incorrect medicine! And let's remember: David's craftiness certainly increases the odds of his offspring nabbing a high SAT score.

Cons: Okay, let's face it-- David is morally bankrupt, and that's kind of a major stumbling block. Sure, Liza hasn't always been Pollyanna personified, but even she hasn't sunk as low as this bad boy.

American Gigolo

Should Ryan Father Liza's Baby?

Pros: For starters, when it comes to looks, this guy's a catch with a capital "C." He's blessed with the chiseled body of a Greed god and the smile of a Boy Scout-- two attributes that would serve anyone well on the rocky road of life. Plus, he's witty, winsome and has a great sense of style-- a rare quality in any man!

Cons: To put it mildly, the stability factor is worrisome-- as in Junior would stay up nights, wringing his hands. Must the kid bear the onus of having a dad who literally charms the pants off every woman he meets?

Papa As A Rolling Stone

Should Tad Father Liza's Baby?

Pros: Where do we start? This potential donor is smart, he's funny, he's devilishly attractive, and he could offer the wee one a hefty trust fund. Tad has known Liza since they were lusty teens, and some would say that, in an odd way, they're soulmates. What's not to like?

Cons: Here's what's not to like: Tad has lamentable karma where the ladies are concerned. Come to think of it, most of his five (count 'em) marriages have ended in divorce precisely because of his shameless philandering. In other words, Tad The Cad's not a keeper, and "stability" never has been his middle name. In fact, he and Liza have always had a volatile relationship. Sure, they may be palling around now, but this friendship can turn on a dime! And don't forget that Tad also bedded Liza's mother, Marian! How weird will it be when the kid learns that Dad laid down with Mommy and Grandma? No... let's not go there.

The Devil's Own

Should Adam Father Liza's Baby?

Pros: Adam and Liza are a match made in the fiery confines of Hell. And what a red-hot couple they are! Not only could the curmudgeon provide his child with financial security, but, seeing as he is so taken with Liza, surely he would smother the babe with a whole lot of love and devotion.

Cons: Adam's paternal track record is less that stellar: He abandoned daughter Skye when she was just a tot; he wasn't even aware that Haley was his offspring until she tore through Pine Valley as a rebellious teenager; and he tried to dump Junior's mama in the loony bin! 'Nuff said.

Old Reliable

Should Jake Father Liza's Baby?

Pros: The M.D. racks up plenty of points! Not only does he have a great job, but this candidate is tall, dark, and unusually handsome, too. What's more, he's got the happy-go-lucky thing going for him, and therefore he can act as yin to Liza's stressed-out yang. It's not hard to picture this guy as the doting daddy! And, lest we forget, Jake and Liza once engaged in a steamy love affair, so at least their spawn would be secure in the knowledge that, way back when, Mommy and Daddy had that lovin' feeling. The fact that he hails from good stock (Pine Valley's moral barometers, Ruth and Joe) doesn't hurt, either.

Cons: Let's not beat around the bush-- Liza's a selfish gal. She knows what she wants, and heaven help anyone who tries to get in her way! So, if Jake were to play the proud papa, Liza might feel that he was invading her parental territory. All in all, things could get ugly if Jake were to plunge into his fatherly duties, and, knowing this sensitive man, he would take it all to heart.


We'd like few things better than to see Liza find the love for which she always has longed. But, taking into consideration her dismal track record with the unfairer sex, maybe her becoming a single parent is the smartest move she's made since-- Okay, scratch that. This may be the smartest move she's ever made, period! (Typer's note: I disagree. This is the smartest move she's made since seducing Tad! Ya HAD to love that!)

The One That Got Away: 1982

When preppy Liza was in high school, she yearned for clean-cut classmate Greg Nelson to sign her yearbook, "With love." But once the gorgeous, gently Jenny Gardner arrived from the wrong side of the tracks, the red-blooded blue-blood couldn't look away from her-- even long enough to notice that Liza had become a green-eyed monster. The odd senior out did everything that she could drive a wedge between the sweethearts-- including revealing that Jenny's father, Ray, raped Ruth Martin, and falsely accusing Jenny's best friend, Jesse, of the same crime. But her efforts were in vain: Eventually, Greg and Jenny became husband and wife. (Typer's note: And Jenny DIED!! HA HA HA...)

Like Mother, Like Daughter: 1983

Ladykiller Tad Martin set his sights on luring snooty Liza into his bed. Problem was, when Tad took a job as a shampoo boy at the Glamorama, he started making it with Liza's oversexed mother, Marian, too! Consequently, a shattered Liza went on a self-destructive rampage and eventually split town.

Seems Like Old Times: 1995

By this time, Tad and Liza may have been older, but they weren't necessarily wiser. Liza, now a successful businesswoman, blew back into town, and, much to Tad's chagrin, snatched up the position of station manager at the local TV channel, WRCW. Although they tried to keep their feelings at bay (let's not forget that Tad was hitched to Dixie at the time!), eventually, they stole a few kisses. Then, a disgusted Dixie walked out on Tad when Laurel Dillon was shot and killed on his talk show, THE CUTTING EDGE. She pointed the finger of blame at her husband and Liza for shamelessly going after high ratings at the expense of human life. As a result, a distraught Tad and Liza took solace in each other's arms and made love (Typer's note: WAHOO!). Eventually, Tad and Dixie reunited. However, Marian, who was teed off that Tad had taken advantage of her daughter once again, told Dixie the truth about her better half's one-night tryst. A defeated Dixie responded by leaving town-- and Tad!

Splendor In The Grass: 1996

When vacationing Liza came upon hearty Jake in a wooded country lane, little did she know that he was Tad's baby brother, Joey! She fell head over heels for the strapping guy, but tied the knot with Adam all the same. Still, Liza carried a torch for Jake even after she was married, and made plans to set sail on a romantic cruise with him. However, her undeniable attraction to Adam (and boy, did she ever try to deny it!) won out in the end, and Jake finally threw in the proverbial towel.

Let's Make A Deal: 1996

Adam still had it back for Brooke; Liza, for her part, seemed eternally smitten with Tad. The scheming duo's solution to their romantic woes? They pretend to be on the verge of marriage, in order to provoke envy in the hearts of their would-be paramours. However, Liza and Adam's plot backfired when Tad and Brooke neglected to show up for the ceremony. Then Liza surprised her groom when she actually said, "I do." She had her eye on a fat alimony check, and was determined to consummate the union. By and by, the unlikely pair started to fall in love! Unfortunately, Liza's miscarriage, Adam's lies and a whole bunch of misunderstandings dealt the final death blows to their marriage, and they went their separate ways.

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