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SB Eden '91 Going Away Party

Premier party maker, Mary Andersen, masterminded a surprise going away party for SB favorite Marcy Walker. "Marcy was totally surprised," says Mary, who was sad to see her good friend go, but is "thrilled about Palace Guard, it's a great new series." She's referring to Marcy's first prime time starring role. The extravaganza was catered by El Cholo, a popular LA eatery and peach margaritas were plentiful. The SB rehersal hall was decorated to the nines in black. All in attendance wore black for the sad occasion and there were several blasts from the past there to join in the festivities. Jane Rogers, Joe Bottoms, Kristen Meadows, and Todd Mckee. Lane Davies and Robin Wright wanted to attend, but were in Spain and Ireland respectively. Throughout the day, flowers and gifts arrived a the studio by the busload including beautiful embroidered pillows from Robin Mattson and a hip leather carrying case from TV mom Judith McConnell. The person Marcy missed the most was long-time co-star and friend A Martinez who was vacationing in Mexico. This prompted the best line of the year which came from Joe Bottoms, who played the evil Kirk Cranston. As they were walking out together, he turned and remarked "See I told you Eden would leave and go with Kirk".

Marcy Talking About A Martinez

How Marcy Walker really feels about her co-star

"When I met him, I thought, 'This is a great man,' and he thought the same about me. It was never a spoken thing, but that's how it's been ever since.

"People always ask me about A with the same tone that they say, 'What's his real name?' Like, C'mon! What do you really think?' I've known him for five-and-a-half years and my first impressions are the ones I still have today. He's a complex and incredibly brave actor with a gentle, poetic soul.

"I had to come back to work about three weeks after I had my baby. I hadn't lost all the weight yet and I was very insecure about my body. The writers had written a fantasy scene in which both A and I were supposed to be naked. We were wearing these body stockings and I barely fit into mine. I felt really bad and embarrassed because there were all these cameramen and staff people around. A had asked Bobby, our prop man, for a blanket and when I went to take off my bathrobe, he held it up in a way that prevented everyone from seeing me standing there in my body stocking. I remember thinking to myself, 'He's so incredibly thoughtful and caring.'

"About 99 percent of the stuff that's gone on between A and me has been all good. I've never had the chance to say that about anyone because I think as the years go by, and you get to know someone, facades drop and you see parts of a person that you'd prefer not to see. But I haven't seen anything in A that I haven't respected and loved.

"He has a kindness about him that never lets you forget how he's touched your life. I can't and don't want to imagine what

it would be like if he wasn't in mine. I'm so happy he's my friend." 

NLG is just the nicest person. She said that she and Marcy were very close while they were on SB. In her words "Marcy is just a sweetheart. The one thing I fondly remember about her is how affectionate she is; she would go around the set holding and hugging everyone, she is very warm".

Cruz and Eden's Family Ties

Santa Barbara stars A Martinez and Marcy Walker ignite the daytime screen with their passionate portrayal of super hot couple Cruz Castillo and Eden Capwell. But the torrid twosome play their favourite roles away from the camera -- as real life parents.

After a long day on the set there is nothing A and Marcy like to do better than go home to their families.

The actor, who was named after his grandfather, Adolpho, cherishes the time he can spend with his wife, Leslie, and two children, son, Dakota Lee (4), and daughter, Devon Makena (nearly 2).

Such a doting father is he that even his SB dressing room is adorned with photos of the children, and of course, Leslie. In fact, A credits his son and daughter for his happy marriage.

"The children have strengthened our bond and elevated that sense of fulfillment we discovered when we first joined forces," he said.

The couple met during a shoot at the American Film Institute in the late '70s but neither was single at the time. They met again in 1980 (A had just divorced his first wife) and since then they've never looked back.

If anything mars the enjoyment A gets from his SB role it is the time he has to spend away from the family.

"The hardest part in doing the show is the long hours. My children are young and I want to be there while they're growing up," he said.

His beautiful costar, Marcy, feels the same way. She doesn't want to miss out on anything her two-year-old son, Taylor, learns spending all her days away from SB with him.

"Having Taylor has changed me so much I've made a lot of sacrifices and I don't care. He is such a good kid. Having him is like living my second childhood. I feel very lucky," she said.

The stunning award-winning actress believes she has struck gold in her third husband, and the father of her son, Hollywood cameraman Stephen Collins.

After two failed marriages (her first husband was actor Stephen Ferri, who appeared with her on US soap All My Children, then she was married to Days of Our Lives' star, Billy Warlock), Marcy was in no hurry to commit herself to anyone.

Before she tied the knot a third time, the blonde beauty wanted to be sure Stephen was the right guy even though he was an excellent dad to Taylor, who was born 18 months before the couple married.

Marcy finally accepted Stephen's proposal when they were holidaying in Colorado in 1989. They exchanged vows in a simple ceremony in the log chalet with only a few friends and their baby son as witnesses.

The SB star and her family live in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles so she is close to her work. Away from the hype that surrounds a popular show like SB, Marcy is a real homebody, keeping her public and privates lives apart.

"A is a very dear friend and his wife and kids are wonderful. We've been to functions together but we don't go out to dinner or spend other time with them. We both like to keep our families and time away from SB to ourselves," Marcy said.

After being onscreen together for six years who could blame them for wanting some privacy.

Can Santa Barbara Survive Without Eden?

Marcy Walker Talks Openly About Her Future
Soap Opera Update - April 8, 1991
By Rosemary Rossi

Marcy Walker carries a very big stick. You know, just like those trapeze artists do. The wire is thin, the ground is a long way down, the crowd gasps. But thankfully that stick helps with the balance. And balance is one thing that Marcy certainly knows how to do.

1990. A big year for Marcy. Lots of changes. Things to adapt to. Perfecting motherhood. Excuse me, "adjusting" to motherhood. Contemplating the mortality of her role as Eden Castillo, princess of heroines on SANTA BARBARA. Exploring other acting ventures to the dismay of others. Yet all the while not missing a step on the balancing wire.

She's not the same Marcy Walker. Her vision is clearer, the focus is sharper. "I think that I've become more sure about what I want and what I need. I've gotten my finger closer to knowing what it is that I want for my future. Before, I had an idea of what I would like to do or what would make me happy, but it was very general. And now I seem to be able to zone in on exactly what it is that I need as a person to make me happy."

Balance. Having priorities. Knowing that there are certain things that you must do to create an even balance in your life. Her family is one of them. They've given her a sense of peace. Having son Taylor and husband Stephen. "We have a good-natured, really pleasant existence. Working, as an individual, also has been very beneficial to me. It's given me a lot of perspective."

But with the return of old friends comes new challenges. The one definite thing that Marcy can see right away is that now that the Dobsons are back, almost everybody on the show has a story. "They're all motivated -- the characters are motivated towards the end. Which is interesting because I haven't really felt that in a while. That's really positive."

No matter what the writers have to say about it, the future of Eden and Cruz depends on the future of Marcy Walker and A Martinez. And vice versa. A's contract is up in June; Marcy's in August. While both performers have sent out strong signals about leaving, no one will know for sure until the last minute.

Last year Marcy was in a CBS pilot called BAR GIRLS. She never expected that it would be picked up, though of course it would have been nice. But in terms of nighttime television and getting out there, the networks develop 52 or 55 hours of television and they only buy five. It's always a gamble. "You can take it under your wing and realize that yours may not be one of them. Who knows what it's going to look like? Who knows what it's going to be like? Indeed, my particular project was riddled with problems. It was unfortunate that it didn't turn out as well as it could have. Things happen."

Unfortunately lots of things happened. Before she left to do the pilot, a storyline centering on Eden and Cruz was developed. With her absence, there was a void. "Things" had to be changed. Word has it that this caused some major rifts. What the audience doesn't know is that this option to do outside projects was in her contract all along (as with A Martinez's). Producers knew it. Writers knew it. No ill-intention was meant on her part. Only her contractual right to stretch her wings every now and then.

"I'm trying to be as honest as I can with you about this whole 'deal' thing. I know it's a real tough thing. I think sometimes that if my pilot had gotten picked up last year, I wouldn't have gotten kicked in the teeth as much -- only because it would have been so quick. It would have been like ripping a band-aid off. But because that didn't happen, it all turned weird. It's like, 'You think you can leave! Look what you've done!' Hopefully this year when I go away to do a project, it won't be met with such trepidation as it was last year. What's funny is that the audience has been so supportive."

While Marcy's deal for outside projects is with CBS, A's got a development deal with NBC. "It's because of the opportunities that we've had here that we were granted these other opportunities. NBC, New World, CBS, everybody is very well aware that SANTA BARBARA is in the business of keeping people who give them a great deal on the air. So it was to their benefit to keep us here. I had a different situation than A in a way, because I had two networks that sort of allied together to keep me working for both of them for a year. That, to me, means there's interest. It's wonderful to be wanted. Yet at the same time there are a lot of biased people who are in the business of the soap opera media who feel, God forbid somebody should go off and do a movie of the week or a pilot, that they're being a traitor to their show. In terms of doing another project, it's like buying a new dress. It's not like you're going away for a year. I believe that you can keep everybody happy. They're businesspeople; they enter into these contracts very aware of what the windows are with opportunities."

Going away to do another project doesn't mean that Marcy Walker is not happy, because she's been very happy. She states and reinstates that she has been treated by the show of the past six years with generosity and that she has benefited greatly from the support of the audience. "The viewers have made me feel appreciated and that what I do is something special. It's merely me going off and seeing if I can could do other things, carving out a new pathway to see if perhaps, in time, I'll get to spend a little more time with my son. Prepare in the future in some way. This show has been a real spiritual experience. I got to meet people I feel I've known my whole life. I got to work with A, who is one of the greatest people I've known in my life. I think we've benefited, both of us, from getting to know each other as the years have gone by. I wouldn't trade it for anything."

But Marcy Walker doesn't just think about right now. She dreams much further down the line. She wants to do several things in her lifetime. Of course any actress would love to be in the position where she could go from project to project and do some interesting roles. But Marcy's dreams don't stop there. She thinks about having another baby someday when Taylor gets older. Maybe a beach in Tahiti without the pressures of returning phone calls or the stress of a Los Angeles freeway.

With so much happening to and around her right now, Marcy keeps that even head. The balance. "I'm as happy as a clam now. I don't expect anything more than what I have. If anything else comes, it'll be a nice treat."

Might I add that why is it that sometimes Marcy & A seemed to get kicked in the butt by this show? Like in this instance here and the way C&E ended? They both owe so much to SB - it put them on the map and made them huge stars. But the same can be said the other way around - C&E and Marcy and A made SB the wildly popular and successful show that it was. They definitely deserved to be treated better than they were at times.

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