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Marcy Walker Chooses Faith Over Soaps

Jamaica Gleaner News
published: Saturday | March 4, 2006

MARCY WALKER (ex-Liza, All My Children; ex-Eden, Santa Barbara; ex-Tangie, Guiding Light) faced a choice: Stay on soaps, where her characters schemed and bed-hopped their way around the morality gamut, or find a better place to put her gift for communicating with people.

Walker chose the path that she believes was waiting for her to take for a long time, and now she says she couldn't be happier.

Divorced three times (one of her exes is Days of Our Lives star Billy Warlock), she's been married since 1999 to Doug Smith and is known to her fellow parishioners in the Lake Forest Community Church in Cornelius, N.C., as Marcy Smith, the director of children's ministries.

Smith had grown up in a religious home and carried her faith into her adult life. For example, she taught Sunday school while working on the New York soaps, and also filled in at bible school. But it was the death of several colleagues over the past few years that made her question why she was working as a performer when she could be doing something she felt was more important with her gift for reaching people, and that was helping children understand God.

After leaving her role as Liza Colby on AMC in 2004, she and her husband moved to Huntersville, N.C., in 2005, where she began her new life. She says her agent still calls her, and she still takes a peek at the soap magazines in the supermarket. But she believes her path is set, and she intends to stay on it.

Meanwhile, Colby Chandler, Liza's daughter with Adam (David Canary), is coming back to Pine Valley as a teenager. Word is Liza may also return at some point, but Marcy Walker (Smith) is not expected to reprise the role.

The New York Times
May 13, 2001

Mr. Canary's television wife lives in town, too. Marcy Walker, who plays Liza Colby, a ruthless business woman, on "All My Children," said that right after she had moved to Wilton, a neighbor saw her installing a mailbox with Mr. Canary.

"She told me later that she watched the show and knew we were married on it, but to see us together in a domestic situation off camera seemed too strange,"she said with a laugh.

Ms. Walker, who received an Emmy before, was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress this year. She asked to be interviewed at the Wilton Starbucks where she sipped a giant coffee before her husband, who works in corporate finance, joined her for lunch at a nearby restaurant with their pastor. She is active in her church; one of her projects is establishing an Internet site for teenagers based on the Bible and spirituality.

Like Mr. Canary, she said Wilton is a great place to raise children. Her son Taylor, 12, attends public school and enjoys Tae Kwan Do. Her father was an aerospace engineer, and as a teenager she lived in such exotic locales as Iran during the reign of the Shah. Yet it is precisely the noncosmopolitan, yet
convenient atmosphere of Wilton that appeals to her.

"There's everything here I could possibly want or need in my daily life," she said, gesturing toward the town center with its shops, post office, library and restaurant.

"The city is where I work," she said. "When I'm finished for the day, I want to go home."

She's found her 'Guiding Light'
Former soap star will talk about faith at home and garden show
Record Staff Writer

Thursday, March 2, 2006

HICKORY - Marcy Walker Smith has an impressive acting resume - "All My Children," "Guiding Light," "Santa Barbara" and several made-for-TV movies.

But it’s her latest job that’s set the stage for her to be the featured guest at the 2006 Carolina Home and Garden Show.

Smith, 44, is director of children’s ministries at Lake Forest Community Church in Cornelius.

She bid the soap opera world goodbye in 2004 and moved to Huntersville last August with her husband Douglas and their 16-year-old son, Taylor.

It’s a far cry from portraying a soap opera character who was married and divorced multiple times, suffered a brain tumor that pushed her over the edge and had the same taste in men as her vixen mother.

Smith will be at the show at 2 p.m. March 11 to talk about her new career and share ways to inspire children as they grow in their faith.

"I would love to encourage kids/parents that none of us are perfect, (not even those really pretty people on the covers of magazines and in television shows) and that we could spend the rest of our lives just trying to ‘love our neighbor’ and not get it right," Smith said. "So, you start with what you have.

"Relationship. A little time. Read a book together. Laugh. Show your children what integrity is by keeping your promises as much as you can. Invest your best - your best laughter, smiles, advice, words, gestures. Parents really are a child’s first look at a loving heavenly father."

The Carolina Home and Garden Show is celebrating its 10th year. Hickory Mart Shows Executive Director Jamie Treadway said he wanted elements of faith and family weaved into this year’s event.

The Carolina Home and Garden Show runs from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. March 10, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. March 11 and noon to 6 p.m. March 12 at the Hickory Metro Convention Center.


• What: Marcy Walker Smith shares "A Complete Home: Faith and Your Family"
• When: 2 p.m. March 11
• Where: 2006 Carolina Home and Garden Show at the Hickory Metro Convention Center, 1960 Thirteenth Ave. Drive, SE
• Cost: Adults $5, seniors $4
• For more information: Call 324-8600.

lwilliamson@hickoryrecord.com | 322-4510 x5408 or 304-6915

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