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Walker, Pine Valley Ranger

All My Children's Marcy Walker Marvels At Liza's Terrific Trajectory-- And Her Own
By Adam Kelley
Soap Opera Digest: July 7, 1998

Not everybody gets a second chance to make a first impression, but Marcy Walker is one of the chosen few. "I was talking about this with Oprah Winfrey," she begins, recalling an interview from 1995, when Walker brought Liza Colby back to Pine Valley and ALL MY CHILDREN after an 11-year absence. "She asked me what it felt like to come back and play this character again. And I said it felt like the greatest blessing. Because I, Marcy, have come full circle. I played Liza when I was young and very immature; I didn't know how appreciative and respectful I should be. And then I got to come back so many years later and play Liza from a totally different standpoint, and it was just wonderful. I know a lot more now than I did then, believe me." Here, Walker shares just a bit of her newfound knowledge...


Purebred snob Liza Colby fell for Greg Nelson, but he only had eyes for poor little Jenny Gardner. Determined to win him for herself, Liza did everything she could to sabotage Greg and Jenny's relationship-- like, say, revealing that Jenny's biological father was convicted rapist Ray Gardner-- and that got Walker into a whole lot of trouble with the audience. "Fans got really angry at me for the things Liza did to Jenny," the actress says. "I used to get grabbed and pinched and yelled at. Plus, Liza was a bit of a bigot, which didn't earn her any points," Walker recalls, referring to her character's antagonistic relationship with Jenny's friend, Jesse Hubbard. Eventually, Liza falsely accused him of rape. "Suddenly, I felt like the most unpopular girl in high school. People were screaming at me on the streets, calling me a bitch all the time. And I tried to keep telling myself, 'That just means I'm doing a good job,' but still, it was hard not to take it personally."


Still smarting from Greg's rejection, Liza started dating Tad Martin (Michael E. Knight). Alas, she had no idea that the young shampoo boy was also sleeping with her mother, Marian, in his downtime. When she finally learned the truth, Liza confronted her mother in a mesmerizing showdown that's still discussed by AMC fans today. Paradoxically, Walker says that neither she nor Jennifer Bassey, who plays her mom, had any idea that those scenes would soon become legendary. "I really didn't think anything of it," she shrugs. "There are certain days where I remember how I was feeling and what it was like doing certain scenes, but I can't even recall working on that day. It was just another day." Not that every day wasn't great, back then. "I mean, how blessed can you be to be sandwiched between Jennifer and Michael?" Picking up the pieces, Liza briefly worked at the local TV station with Cliff, then left town; the character's final scenes were played not by Walker, but by Alice Haining (ex- Angel, AS THE WORLD TURNS).


After a hugely successful stint as SANTA BARBARA's Eden, and a more disappointing run on GUIDING LIGHT as Tangie, Walker became a (Pine) Valley girl once again. "I really didn't feel like I belonged on GUIDING LIGHT," she sighs. "I mean, I was lucky to be there and get to know the people and have the job, but I just didn't get a storyline. So when Felicia [Minei Behr, former AMC executive producer] asked me to come back, I was so excited. Not just because I was going to play Liza again, but because I felt kind of needed, too." As Adam's new station manager at WRCW, Liza quickly wormed her way back into Tad's life-- and, for one night, his bed.


Liza kept news of the one-night stand to herself, while Tad concentrated on getting his marriage to Dixie (Cady McClain) back on track. Sadly, the jig was up when Marian stole Tad's secretly taped confession and played it over the WRCW public address system. Realizing that Liza was still in love with Tad, Dixie retreated to Pigeon Hollow. After Tad rebounded with Gloria and Pierce caught Brooke's eye, Liza and Adam (Daivd Canary) got engaged in an ill-conceived attempt to make them jealous.

At the same time, Liza's mom, Marian (Jennifer Bassey) learned that dallying with Jonathan Kinder had left her penniless. Marian moved in with Liza, who promptly headed to a rustic countryside retreat for some peace and quiet. There, a hunky young stranger named Jake (Michael Lowry) fell from the sky-- literally-- and turned out to be Tad's brother, Joey Martin. When Tad arrived at the cabin, Jake took off for Pine Valley; Liza thought it was a golden opportunity to sink her hooks into Tad once again, but when he showed no interest, she went back to town too-- determined to be the next Mrs. Adam Chandler.


Brooke and Tad forever held their peace, and Liza didn't back out as planned, so she and furious Adam rang in the year as newlyweds. "In the beginning, I didn't know what to think of the storyline," muses Walker. "I always thought, 'Adam and Brooke, Adam and Brooke,' and for years, that's what the audience seemed to want. I thought we were doomed, that we were playing with fire and the fans would hate me even more. I was being a cynic, and I had no idea how the writers were going to make it work."

With Adam not having bothered to prepare a prenuptial agreement, he realized that Liza would be entitled to half his assets if he divorced her. Forced to accept her, Adam actually began to fall for his wife-- albeit grudgingly-- and even consummated the union, though divorce clouds continued to darken the couple's skies. Liza got pregnant ("The whole concept of Liza as a mother sounds crazy"), then lost the baby when she was tossed about during a near-crash on one of Adam's TransGlobal planes. The devastated parents-to-be turned to one another for support, but Liza backed away again upon learning of her husband's link to the airline.


After learning that Liza's miscarriage was caused by a medical condition and had nothing to do with the TransGlobal flight, it looked like the estranged couple might reconcile. "The relationship with Adam has really taught Liza a lot of important lessons," Walker notes. "She knows she's not alone in her feelings and loneliness. And she has realized that she really can love someone else, and be loved by him. He's made her see that she has more in her than she gave herself credit for; he's transformed her."

Unfortunatley, Adam hasn't changed as much. Jealousies flared when Liza started trying to help Jake and Allie extricate themselves from David Hayward's clutches; convinced that Liza and Jake were in love, Adam initiated divorce proceedings anew. In a misguided attempt to secure half of Adam's fortune for her daughter, Marian slipped into his bed and seduced him... or so she thought. As it turned out, Marian actually slept with Adam's twin, Stuart-- and since the pair have fallen for one another, the now-divorced Adam and Liza are suddenly at odds once again.

"I'm poking into my mother's business now," Walker smiles, in character. "It's funny-- the tables are turning and I'm becoming my mother. It's just a really clever way things have turned. And the words we've had to say lately have been so good, and written so generously, it's very evident that the writers like writing for the character. The like Liza. And they trust what I do. It all makes me very proud."

AOL 1995 Chat

OnlineHost : Welcome to the ABC Auditorium. This evening we're talking with Marcy Walker, who portrays Liza Colby on ALL MY CHILDREN, a role she originated on the show in 1982. Liza has returned to Pine Valley as station manager of WRCW where she will work closely with her former beau, Tad Martin. Before her return to ALL MY CHILDREN, Marcy starred on "Santa Barbara" as Eden Capwell Castillo, a role which earned her a Daytime Emmy Award for Best Actress. She also played Tangie Hill on "Guiding Light". Marcy's other work includes starring roles in several movies-of-the-week, including "The Return of Desperado", "Bar Girls", and "Midnight Child". Marcy can also be seen, along with GENERAL HOSPITAL's Genie FRANCIS and Leigh McCLOSKEY, in "Terror In the Shadows", which will air later this year.

Question: How does it feel to come back to NEW YORK.

Marcy Walker: I came back 2 years ago for the Guiding light. I was so thrilled to come back to the East Coast after being on the West Coast for 9 years.

Marcy Walker: I love the change of seasons and just being in NY in general.

Question: Why did you leave GL

Marcy Walker: I left Guiding Light because I really had nothing to do there. It wasn't the kind of experience I could myself into as anactress. I they were paying me a great deal but I wasn't really doing much. I had to leave for my own creative spirit.

Question: I love you and A MARTINEZ, you two have the best chemistry, will you ever do another project with him?

Marcy Walker: I would love to work with A anytime. Nobody has asked us to do anything together though. I guess it's just a matter of time.

Question: is liza going to break up tad and dixie

Marcy Walker: Probably ;-)

Question: I have seen just about everything thing you've been in, including Life in the Mississippi. What role you would like to do that you haven't done yet?

Marcy Walker: Anna Karenina. I don't see PBS coming to me anytime soon!

Question: Would you like to have more children?

Marcy Walker: I would love to have more children. Now that my brothers and I are older, I see the value of having siblings and I would really love to have my son experience that also.

Question: Marcy--It is so great to have you back! Can you tell me if Jennifer BASSEY (Marian) is going to go back on-contract as Liza's mom now, so that we will see more of Marian?

Marcy Walker: They are definitely going to show the relationship between Liza and Marian. You will lots of Marian, but I don't know anything about her contract.

Question: Liza this is Jane Haynes from Delaware. It's great to have you back. What can we expect with Liza and Tad

Marcy Walker: Expect lots of fireworks between the two!

Question: Which of your characters do you identify with the most?

Marcy Walker: I suppose I identify with each of them in a different way. The dark side of me is probably very Liza-like and the other side of me is probably like Eden. I can personally relate to each of the characters a lot. I have played both good and evil.

Question: Will Erica KANE be your adversary?

Marcy Walker: Would you like her to be?

Question: What is the best part of being a star?

Marcy Walker: Being an actor is a great way to make a living.

Question: Any chance that AMC will bring Amanda BEARSE back, even for a short time?

Marcy Walker: I think the show would love to bring her back if it were possible. She is directing now and has carved out quite a niche for herself in prime time.

Question: What are your thoughts about the way Santa Barbara ended?

Marcy Walker: I think that it was unfortunate that they decided to end the show because it made the dedicated audience we had suffer. I think it was political as to why it ended. Everyone felt a little gypped. I felt badly about the way it ended.

Question: Were you ever on line before Marcy?

Marcy Walker: Yes, I go online all the time. I love to see what you guys are saying.

Question: Are you glad to be back on AMC?

Marcy Walker: I'm ecstatic. I'm so happy they asked me to come back. It's a great show to work on and I had forgotten how wonderful it is. I feel blessed.

Question: Do you miss working with A MARTINEZ?

Marcy Walker: I miss working with A and miss seeing him. We had the kind of friendship that you hate to see end just because you are not working together any longer.

Question: Do you miss the GL cast? Who was your closest friend on the show?

Marcy Walker: I do miss the cast a lot. They are a great group of people and they are so talented. My closest friend really wasn't just one person, Liz KIEFER, Melissa HAYDEN and Rick HEARST were some of my closest buddies on the show.

Question: how do you stay in such good shape

Marcy Walker: I think I'm pretty lucky. I have young child to run after all day so that keeps me in good shape.

Question: It is sooo great to see the flashback scenes of you and Michael as Tad/Liza from the 80's!! Are there more of those scenes to come ?

Marcy Walker: Who knows. The one thing I noticed about the flashbacks was that my voice seemed about two octaves higher!

Question: What is the best part of being on All My Children?

Marcy Walker: The best part is working on a flagship show that has a group of people who are not only talented, they are the cream of the crop of professionals.

Question: Will you and Erica really get into it? You would be a great match for her.

Marcy Walker: When I saw that I had scenes with her I was thrilled. We hadn't had many scenes together when I was on the show before. I would love to have more scenes with Susan.

Question: When & why did Liza leave Pine Valley?

Marcy Walker: September 17, 1994 was my last day on Pine Valley. Liza left to go to college with her tail between her legs. She was in shame.

Question: How long have you signed to be with AMC?

Marcy Walker: I signed a two year deal.

Question: If you did not do a soap what would your dream be.

Marcy Walker: If I wasn't an actress I would love to be on the other side of the camera. I would like to explore directing, but feel that is something I can still do later on.

Question: Are you anything like liza in real life

Marcy Walker: I hope not. I can't say that I am anything like Liza, especially the way that Liza is now

Question: Is there anyone else in particular that you miss working with from Santa Barbara?

Marcy Walker: I really miss working with Jed ALLAN and Judith McCONNELL, they played my mother and father on the show.

Question: Do you have any pets?

Marcy Walker: Yes, I have a dog named Rosie and a hamster named Charlie.

Question: How does ABC handle working mothers? Are you able to bring your children with you to the soundstage?

Marcy Walker: It's only been five weeks since I've been back. I've seen other people's family members here so I think that ABC and AMC don't mind if your family comes to work once in awhile.

Question: Will Liza actually get Janet to be a guest on the "Cutting Edge"? I think that would be great!!

Marcy Walker: I know that Liza asks her, but I don't know the outcome.

Question: How old are your brothers ? Do you see them often ?

Marcy Walker: I see them a few times a year. We are all really busy. We are seven and eight years apart.

Question: Your recent TV movie was excellent. Was it fun working with Genie FRANCIS and Leigh McCLOSKEY?

Marcy Walker: It was great to work with Genie because I had heard so much about her but we had never worked together. I worked with Leigh on Santa Barbara. He played my evil rapist on SB so it was nice to get back at him. LOL!

Question: How did you feel to step back into the role of Liza on AMC after playing her before?

Marcy Walker: I was a little nervous about how it was that she changed. As you get older and the foundation of your youth is grounded in manipulation, I kept questioning myself as to what her intentions are now. I had to ask myself a lot of questions about Liza.


Marcy Walker: Jenny was killed on an exploding jet ski and Greg went to Hong Kong.

Question: Marcy, do you ever read the AOL AMC boards?

Marcy Walker: Oh yes I do! Watch what you say ;-)

Question: What is it like working with Susan LUCCI?

Marcy Walker: It's great working with Susan. You couldn't ask for anything better.

Question: What was it like working with Marj DUSAY on GL?

Marcy Walker: Marj is a crack-up. She has the greatest sense of humor and always keeps you laughing. That's what you want when you work such long days.

Question: I'm very glad your back on AMC....Who besides Tad would you like to get involved with on the show?

Marcy Walker: I did one scene the other week with Chris BRUNO (Michael) and it was great. I also think it would fun for Liza to take Erica's man away from her. I love working with Michael NADER (Dimitri).

Question: Did you and Dr Kinder, have a relationship? What are the plans for your interaction with the good Dr.?

Marcy Walker: Liza and Dr. Kinder do share a past, but I don't know what their future holds.

Marcy Walker: We have time for one more question...

Question: Marcy, do you get to choose your wardrobe. Liza's clothes are fabulous!

Marcy Walker: Is this Maggie from wardrobe? I get to help choose them, but I don't get to keep them, which is really the important issue ! 

OnlineHost: Thank you for joining us this evening. Don't forget to watch Marcy on ALL MY CHILDREN every Monday through Friday at 1:00 PM, ET, on the ABC Television Network.

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