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Interview from Soap Opera Update

When Marcy Walker and A Martinez reunited on stage at the seventh annual Soap Opera Update Awards this September, it seemed as if nothing had changed since they'd last played supercouple Eden and Cruz. But just the fact that the very private actress was there in the first place demonstrated that things have changed. "I hadn't been to a function in so long that people had stopped inviting me," says the soap veteran, now back as Liza on All My Children after an 11-year absence. "Now I'm feeling like I can go back out there."

And why shouldn't she feel that way? everything seems to be going rihgt for the actress. First, she recently starred in the well-recieved ABC movie, Sudden Terror, a part she landed without even having to audition. "I had auditioned for these producers for another project. And then they came to me all these years later," says Walker, "It was very flattering."

The other piece of good news: She's having a ball playing Liza, a character she originated 14 years ago who currently is facing the difficult quandary of having too many men in her life--Adam and Tad (and now Jake, too!). "Working with David Canary and Michael E. Knight is a dream come true...I feel very lucky." Walker wasn't feeling lucky a few years ago. After leaving Santa Barbara the year before it was canceled in 1993, the actress did an unfulfilling ght now he's just having fun banging on his drum set." SOU Dec. 10, 1996two-year stint as Tangie on Guiding Light where she felt more like a trophy than an actor. Certain performers, seh says, "can bring a show validity or interest in the press, but it doesn't serve the actor. They end up taking the job under the guise of being used as part of the repertoire and then they're not used. That show didn't need me. I knew I was being asked to join AMC because of what I do, and not because of who I am." Not many wuld argue that Walker's reputation precedes her. But there's one person who could care less that she was a part of one of the greatest soap couples of all time--her son. "Sometimes I do wonder if he knows what I do," says Walker of her seven year old son, Taylor. "Maybe when he's older he can actually benefit from it."

by Janet Giovanelli

Marcy Walker on Liza Colby

Liza Colby has spent most of her adult life looking for someone to love her for who she really is - even if she doesn't know who that is, says AMC's Marcy Walker of her alter ego. "She's your career-oriented, type-A woman, constantly going for the gold, not caring if you burn out to get it," Marcy declares. "But in the rat race she's created for herself, she's basically put herself aside. Liza longs to be loved - I think that's her constant drive," Marcy adds. "She thinks about Noah and Julia and Hayley and Mateo and how incredible it must be to be loved like that." Liza, who left Pine Valley in disgrace years ago, has made a triumphant return. "What she'd become while she was gone was very much about advancing herself. That was a way for her to become important and respected. She was also interested in squashing Tad like a bug," the actress adds. "She wanted to show him, 'You hurt me when I was 18, but you can't hurt me now, because I'm your boss. I'm smarter than you.'

But when she got back to Pine Valley, she saw that Tad had become all the things she never thought he'd be - successful, a loving husband and a good father." Marcy thinks Liza has always loved Tad - as much as she knows how to love - but never respected him until now. Returning to Pine Valley has also meant facing her greatest fear. "Liza's terrified that she's going to end up just like her mother Marian - an older woman desperately looking for somebody to tell her she's pretty and that he loves her," Marcy explains. "Although she loves her mother, she doesn't like or respect her." Liza's recent cancer scare "didn't transform her, but did make her reevaluate her priorities" Marcy adds. "She realized that Tad was her supportive friend. He was a lot of things her mother could never be - things her father always was."

The Beginning of an Actress

"I was 17 years old when I started the business. I had just graduated high school, which I think is really important to do...

"I got out of high school and I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I knew that I'd always loved acting, and I thought that I might want to become a teacher and teach drama. I had been so inspired by the teachers I had in high school. I went to five different high schools, so it wasn't any one person-- it was a collective experience. I was lucky. I came from a very lower middle class family. We didn't have the money to send me to college. I was living in southern Illinois at the time with my parents. I had just graduated high school and I had taken a job working at a mall in St. Louis. I thought, "Well, maybe I can get a work-study program at the local college, a community college, because I didn't have the money to go to college. But maybe I could work on campus and then I could go to school part-time and work part-time." And I put in a call to the theater dean because I figured, "Well, I'll have a meeting with him, and I'll see if he has any advice for me because this is what I really love, being in the theater, but I don't know what my next step is.

"In terms of my faith, the faith that I grew up with, I really feel that a higher power has guided me because it is luck and it is faith that got me at the right place at the right time. I was going to go to this meeting with the theater dean. I didn't have a car. My aunt was going to drive me. Her car broke down. I had to reschedule the meeting for the next week. so I went in that next week-- I borrowed a friend's car and I drove there-- and when I walked in the door I introduced myself, and he got a phone call. And that phone call was from an old student of his. He hadn't even really met me yet or talked to me or got into my discussion of what I thought life should be about or whatever. This person on the phone was an assistant to a casting director in New York. They were coming to southern Illinois to shoot a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie and they were going to do some local casting of extras. he asked, do they have some people who are involved in the college who would do these kinds of parts, and they would be here for two days in a couple of weeks, and by the way, do you know anybody who could play a 17-year-old Southern belle? And the dean said, "Well, I have somebody sitting in my office right now and she looks like she can play the part. I don't know if she can act and blah blah blah, and do you mind-- I'll give him your phone number." He gave him my phone number. They called me and I went in, I auditioned and I got the part.

"Here I am, 17 years old, living in southern Illinois. I don't have the money to go to college. I'm in the right place at the right time and I get this opportunity. Out of all the people they interviewed in L.A. and New York, I was given this opportunity. I can't say I did a great audition but in terms of who I was, in terms of being vulnerable and really green and totally lost in the world-- that's what they wanted and that's what they got. It was an opportunity for me at that time to go and do something I'd always wanted to do. Then I was given during that experience of doing this movie a great amount of advice from the casting director and the director. It launched me into knowing that I could do what I'd always loved doing."

Landing that defining role(s)

Moving to New York and living in a girls' residence, Marcy found herself an agent. She starred in over 40 national television commercials, and nine months later landed the role of Liza Colby on All My Children.

"I was just shy of 18 years old and I give my parents credit. They had no clue what I was getting myself into, but they trusted that I had good guidance."

Liza was"the one on the outside who created all the manipulations. And I remember [Kim Delaney and Larry Lau (Jenny and Greg)]doing photo session after photo session, interview after interview. They were just splashed everywhere and they used to really dig it-- and I remember feeling very envious because I wasn't a heroine, I wasn't someone everybody loved. Everybody hated me. They weren't asking for pictorals of fun little days in the park with me! And being young as I was, it hurt that no one liked me.... It really hurt that I did't feel adknowledged. Then I remember that third year when I got nominated for an Emmy, and none of them did... Ah, redemption is mine!... It was a big deal. Even I knew that. All those feelings of not belonging, all that envy didn't matter after I was nominated because what really mattered was what my peers had said about my work-- that it was excellent. Getting nominated told me that all the things I thought the business was about wasn't really what it was about. It was about the work. And I've always carried that with me."

When Marcy joined the cast of Santa Barbara, leaving All My Children in 1984, it was her turn to be the leading lady. As Eden Capwell, she was half of the ever popular and romantic couple Eden and Cruz.

"I know that we were the No. 1 focus all those years. People really loved that couple, we had volumes of good stories, we were the first two anyone wanted to photograph. I know all that to be true. But if you sifted it all down, the most precious part wasn't the recognition, the magazine covers, the Emmy, it was what I got to do every day with A [Martinez]. I could be in the No. 1 spot at AMC and it wouldn't be as magical and precious or as satisfying... I had that, and I had it where I was supposed to have it."

Venturing Beyond Daytime

After a successful stint on Santa Barbara, Marcy decided to make a career choice and leave the show to venture into her unknown-- prime time. Although the series she left Santa Barbara for wasn't a hit, Marcy continued to work on an innumerable amount of pilots and made-for-TV movies. CBS stored faith in her by giving her a development deal, yet the roles offered didn't appeal to her.

"...At the time of my development deal, I remember looking at the list of CBS projects that were available to me and there was only one-- Nick's Game, with Richard Grieco-- that had a strong woman. And I remember the people at CBS saying to me, "If you don't take this one, there's nothing else." And I remember thinking, "I really hate being in this position: Do the part of the chick lawyer who chases after the cool guy-- or be paid off and do nothing at all." Well, I don't want to be paid off, I want to do the work. And I had it much easier than actresses without development deals-- it put me in the game without having to do a Riverdance to be seen. But there's nothing about a development deal that says the material is actually going to be any good.

"The whole nighttime thing reminded me that I do not enjoy auditioning. I enjoy acting. I've never been a fan of dressing up in a big black suit in 98-degree L.A. weather, going into a room and trying to strut my stuff for a director or producer by reading a scene with somebody's assistant who could care less about how they read the material. The whole experience rubbed me the wrong way. It's all about the process, not the work-- it's about what you look like, it's about going to the right cocktail parties. I don't enjoy it.

An Unstable Return and Full Recovery

Looking to move back into daytime, Marcy was given the role of Tangie Hill on CBS's Guiding Light. Unfortunatley for her, this was not a triumphant return to the business she began in.

"GL was an odd situation in that I was playing a character that neither I nor they had a clue about. No one could explain her... there I am trying to figure out how Tangie fits in. And she never fit in. It feels like a missing page in a photo album. I know that time passed, but there's nothing to really show for it. When people ask, "What shows have you done?," I feel like not wanting to include GL as part of my acting repertoire because I really didn't do anything there. I got to meet some great people...but I never really felt like I belonged. I never really felt I fit in... I decided on something early on: I thought, "Now, I could get very angry about this and point the finger, or I can try to figure out why I'm really here." I mean, there had to be something bigger than my just being brought in to be a disaster. There had to be a bigger gift than this... I became a much better listener when I was there, which was something you hope for as an actor. And being there on such a back burner required me to invest more, pay more attention, find something that was worthy in every single day. I would listen to other people's [directorial] notes and see how they would apply them... I feel embarassed or humble by how I approached it, but it was good that I was able to do that. Because otherwise it could have been just torture."

During her time as Tangie, Marcy recieved the opportunity to be in an independent film called "Talking About Sex" with Kim Wayans and Jack Nichalson.

In 1995, she reprised the role that gave her a name in daytime. All My Children brought back the infamous Liza Colby, Marcy feels she has come home again.

"One of the most overused phrases in daytime is, 'We're like family,' but it's so true, because families bicker and fight, and have jealousy and envy, and support and love, and embrace and comfort, and you learn your lessons from your family. It's the greatest roots you can have."

Life at home

Marcy currently resides in a suburb of North Carolina with her son, Taylor and husband Doug.

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