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AMC Beauty falls for Younger Guy!

Soap stunner Marcy Walker is in love with a younger man - on ABC's All My Children, that is!.
And her older co-star, David Canary, 63, isn't happy about Marcy's new small-screen romance with Ryan, played by Cameron Mathison, 32.
"Marcy is delighted to have a younger love interest, but David is annoyed," an insider reveals. "He thinks it makes him look like an old fool!"
David's character, wealthy Adam Chandler, is a multiple Emmy winner and a bona fide daytime superstar. But when his TV wife Liza, played by Marcy, 40, fell into bed with the younger man, David blew his famous silver top."
"Marcy couldn't be happier because she felt she was being pigeonholed as Adam's wife," says the source. "When David confronted her, asking why she wanted to work with Cameron instead of him, she explained she wanted to work with both of them, but David wasn't buying it." Now, producers are working overtime to keep all the egos soothed. STAR Nov 20, 2001

A Mother's Nature

This year, the AMC studio has posed as part-time playpen to the newborn children of Finola Hughes (Anna) and Kelly Ripa (Hayley). As such, Marcy Walker (Liza) can't help but recall her own stint as a soap star and new mom in 1989, during her run as Santa Barbara's Eden. "I don't think I handled the separation anxiety very well," the actress and mother of 12-year-old son Taylor admits. "On the days that I didn't bring him [to the studio] with me, I remember feeling like somebody had ripped my heart out. It didn't feel right that what felt like more a part of me than me was not with me." Much more often than not, however, Walker happily had her child at her working mother side during his early years. "I was in the middle of a contract, so I didn't even think about not working," she says. "It wasn't a possible reality. I actually felt lucky at the time that I got a week off. So I took my week, then just kept on working!" SID 09/18/01

Real Life Duos and where they are now

THE COUPLE: MARCY WALKER AND BILLY WARLOCK. WHEN THEY MET: Walker was SB's Eden when she met Warlock, who was Frankie on Days, at a black-tie affair in 1986. They were introduced by a friend but Warlock didn't think she liked him. He told Digest that he felt, "rejected, dejected." The next morning, Warlock thought, "I can't believe I blew it with this person." Meanwhile, Walker had asked a mutual friend for Warlock's number. SPARKS FLEW: "I haven't seen anybody since I met Marcy," Warlcok confided to Digest. "The bottom line is, we're very much in love. And being in love is the ultimate high." WHAT HAPPENED NEXT: They married in 1986, but divorced "two weeks after our second anniversary - that was fun," Warlock recalled in 1997. WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Warlock is dating. Walker's wed to Doug Smith and has a son, Taylor, from another marriage. SOD 08/14/01

Stars Reveal Their Biggest Beauty Blunders

"I have two of them. One was incredible, teased in the front, I call it '80s FACTS OF LIFE hair. And shoulder pads. There'd be shoulder pads in the jacket and shoulder pads in the coat. Pretty soon, you'd look like Dick Butkus. I hope they never come back. However, it's a fight between me and Jennifer Bassey (Marian), who believes that shoulder pads are a little bit like the Shroud of Turin. She would sew shoulder pads into her nightgown. I think they were one of the biggest faux pas ever!" SOD 07/03/01

HIT...Liza's confession on AMC

Any All My Children fan worth their investment in SOS knows that Dixie never really got over Tad's long-ago fling with Liza. But who knew that Liza hadn't either? Now that Liza is stepmother to Dixie's son, running into each other is inevitable. So, recently, after a misunderstanding involving the troubled JR, Dixie confided in Liza about her recent relationship problems with Tad and David. Dixie asked Liza how Liza had managed to stop lovig Tad. News flash! She never did. Liza then explained that while she may be in love with her husband, Adam, she will always love Tad.
How refreshingly honest! How completely uncomfortable! Kudos to Cady McClain and Marcy Walker (Dixie and Liza) for infusing the scenes with just the right amount of awkwardness to remind viewers of their complicated history. The frankness continued in a subsequent scene between Liza and Tad, in which she admitted what she had told Dixie. Surprisingly, all three characters got it! Just because a romantic relationship ends, that doesn't mean the love does.


QUESTION: What food will you not touch with a 10-foot pole? "Eggplant. I have never had it prepared so that it tasted good. It just makes me sick to my stomach - to look at it, to taste it. It just looks so unappealing to me. Now people tell me that I haven't had it prepared properly, and that's why I don't like it. I give them the benefit of the doubt and say I probably haven't. However, any time I've ever had it, it doesn't matter where I've been - even in Italy - it was horrible. So I won't even go near it. I hate it! I would probably go near brussels sprouts before I would no near eggplant..and I'm not too big on brussels sprouts!" SID 05/15/01


When Mother's Day comes around, Marcy Walker - whose son, Taylor, now is 12 - is prompted to remember the woman whom she early on regarded as a role model: her grandmother, Lottie. "She was somebody that I look back on fondly, because she was really incredible," the actress shares, "A lot of the things I know to this day, she taught me - how to sew, crochet, feed squirrels, grow strawberries...little things like that." Yet the most valuable lesson Walker learned was to make time for what matters. "Part of what made my grandmother so wonderful was that, as a child, you never felt that there was an end to the time she would give you," she notes. "I thought if I could emulate her, and let Taylor feel that there was never really an end to the amount of time I had to listen to his stories and questions, that would be something special I could give him and our relationship." SID 05/15/01

Kicking The Habit

Pondering her past fashion fetishes, Marcy Walker (Liza) says that one of the hardest to quell was her affinity for, to paraphrase Ed Sullivan, a really big shoe. "I have kind of kicked the 'chunky shoe' habit," the actress admits. "That was hard for me to do. But I realized that I'm not 20 years old anymore, and for me to keep going out and buying these Frankenstein shoes...well, somebody is going to look at me at some point and go, 'Okay, honey, you're a little too old for those wild, chunky shoes.'" These days, Walker is working hard to keep the "All Black Wardrobe Monkey" off her back. "It's hard when there's cool stuff out there and you think, 'Well, I could wear that!'" she voices. "Well, you could, but you might not want to. You might look ridiculous." SOD 05/15/01

High and Lau

Marcy Walker (Liza) was delighted to hear that long-ago co-star Laurence Lau (ex-Greg, AMC) is back on ABC daytime, this time as One Life to Live's Sam. "That is really great. You know, months ago I said to somebody, 'Where is Larry Lau? He would be great to bring back, and I could work with him again. It would be so cool!' Somebody went, 'Yeah, I hear he's back in the business.' I'm not surprised. I'm thrilled for him." SOD 05/08/01

Which celebrity is most like a soap character, and why?

"At this moment, it would have to be Russell Crowe because it is very soap opera-like that someone would be wandering around at the Oscars, etcetera, etcetera with basically a bounty on his head! He's got the FBI following him and an anonymous kidnapping ring after him, and you go, 'Okay, this is bizarre.' And then he's at the mall or something buying clothes, and you're like, 'You've got this kidnapping ring after you, and you're out!'...He's not too scared. It's that whole Gladiator thing." SOD 05/01/01

BEAUTY SECRETS Personally Speaking

What is your favorite piece of clothing?

"I have a pair of Banana Republic pants I bought three years ago that I just know at some point I'm going to have to retire. It makes me crazy. They change the cuts and styles every year, at least in women's clothes, to a point where if something's really awesome, you're not going to find it next season. I have this Banana Republic pair of pants, and a Donna Karan skirt that could get me through just about anything." SID 05/01/01

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