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Introducing GL’s Marcy Walker

GL's Marcy Walker is rested and ready to jump into her latest daytime role, that of photographer and stylist Tangie Hill.

Since Marcy had to move from L.A. to New York for the part, she traveled cross-country with her 4 1/2-year-old son in a 24-foot Ryder truck! "It was a great experience," she reports. "We took five days and stayed in little hotels across the way."

Marcy also promoted GL along the way, too, and met lots of fans. "At every truck stop, there was always somebody who recognized me from Santa Barbara (where she spent seven years as Eden Capwell) or AMC (where she played Liza Colby for three years). I told them I was now going to be on Guiding Light. So all across the country, I've laid little seeds of when to watch. So demographically, we'll see just how good I was," she laughed.

Jill Farren Phelps, GL's executive producer, filled in Soap Opera Magazine on just who Tangie Hill is. "She's a photographer, a stylist in the nature of designing album covers. Just before she met Josh, she hooked up with an Eric Clapton-type English rock star. She's a 'groupie' in the most positive connotation of the word. She speaks many languages, has traveled around the country and kept company with many men, but she's not a loose woman. This is not a trampy character," Jill vehemently insists. "She and Josh (Robert Newman) met in Italy and saw each other about six or seven times. There's a great electric love story that's about to happen. It's a major flirtation that's fun to watch. She has lots of secrets that the audience will know long before anybody in Springfield. Josh's take on Tangie is she'd be a lot of fun - he could have a really good time with her. What knocks him for a loop is the moment he realizes he could fall in love with her."

So what made Marcy, who's had a successful run in movies and the nighttime CBS series Palace Guard since leaving Santa Barbara, pack up and head to the Big Apple? "In the past, I've had these tremendous creative and supportive relationships. I think you'd have to be a fool to turn down to work with Robert Newman. He's a grand talented man. Jill's not only a friend, but we, alot of the cast of Santa Barbara, worked as soul mates for so long. There was an unspoken communication that is so essential in what we do. Sometimes it's a mood you're trying to create. It's not about the line of dialogue. It's about what it's infused with. I know that I have that with quite a few people and I've heard the rest of the cast is just as genuine. When I asked around I heard it's the best-written show in daytime. So how could you chose not to be there? I'm also looking forward to the fact that it's somebody new and different. Tangie is strong and independent, which I think all women like to play." SOM 8/23/94

Kiss and Tell

When is a kiss not just a kiss? When it's with your ex-lover and your wife finds out.

"It all starts when Adam brings Liza to Charlie and Cecily's wedding," begings ALL MY CHILDREN Head Writer Lorraine Broderick. "He does this to get a rise out of Brooke -- but Brooke isn't even there! Her son is sick." Even though Adam's plan has backfired, it has given Liza the chance to attend one of the swakienst Pine Valley events of the year.

"Charlie and Cecily are so happy," continues the scribe, "but their poor friends are in such angst." Hayley and Mateo are yearning for each other across the room, and the matron of honor, Dixie, is finding out the most devastating news she could possibly find out while Tad is beaming at her across the aisle as best man."

During the week of January 8, little Adam Jr. will spy Tad (Michael E. Knight) kissing Liza (Marcy Walker) in Dixie's (Cady McClain) house. He doesn't want to tell his mom, but the truth comes out when Adam invites Junior to sit with him and Liza at the wedding. Junior says no. Dixie asks why. Junior spills the beans. "The devastation isn't just what has happened between Tad and Liza -- which Tad hasn't even told her about -- but also that her son saw it," explains Broderick. "Dixie is really charged up. Yet, they are are this incredible public occasion with all their best friends. Dixie has to sit on this powerful derkeg of emtion waiting for the right moment to nail Tad."

"It's a huge betrayal," affirms Cady McClain. "Liza is his past. She was there before Dixie. [Dixie thinks], 'Maybe he's still in love with Liza and I just came along as an afterthought.' There are a lot of layers to this." McClain admires the way her character has been playing it cool around Liza -- until now. "Dixie's whole thing with Liza has been, 'I know that you slept with my husband. I am really quite aware of that. And I don't have a problem with that.' No matter how she really feels, she is trying to be adult about it."

Marcy Walker says Liza is trying to be adult, too. She just has a different way of going about it. "Liza has matured; she is older," theorizes the actress. "She has gone through her experiences just like Tad has. He was her first love. He was the first man she ever slept with. Part of her has never gotten over that. But she is also falling in love with this person she is starting to see. She is realizing that he has become a lot of things she never knew him to be: Devoted, loyal, trustworthy and respectable."

Liza had a serious ax to grind with Tad when she first returned. "He ruined her life," Broderick reminds us. "She left town with her head hanging in shame because everyone in town knew he had been sleeping with her and with her mother -- for money. I don't she ever thught she would come back to Pine Valley. The only reason she did was because she was offered this powerhouse job that lets her show the entire town how far she has come. She's Tad's boss!"

Walker agrees: "Coming back as a success was her revenge. At first, she didn't have any designs on Tad, except to take his job. But that wasn't as satisfying as she thought it would be, because he was so willing to play second fiddle." The new Tad is so happy in his personal life that he really didn't care. "He's got his family, his wife," chuckles Walker, in character. "Isn't that wonderful."

As soon as Liza realized that Tad had changed, she wanted to know why. "Liza underestimated Dixie," says Walker. "When she first saw her, she thought, 'This little hick from the sticks? This brood mare with two kids and no job? A college student? This will be a piece of cake.' It was eye-opening for Liza to see what a rival Dixie is. How deep the Tad/Dixie love is, and how smart and feisty Dixie is. She is not someone who will throw in the towel on the marriage and let Liza walk away with her husband."

No, she's not. But Tad and Liza aren't the only ones sharing a clandestine kiss. "Jason kisses me, and Tad finds out about it," reveals McClain, in character. "He goes ballistic. And I say, "The kid has a crush on me. It's flattering. He pays attention to me. You pay no attention to me. You are married to your job." During the argument, things escalate to the point where Dixie starts questioning whether or not Tad has ever fantasized about another woman. "He totally sinks his battleship," laughs McClain. "[Tad says], 'I've never been interested in another woman! Never!' So when [the kiss] comes out, I am just going to blast him."

Off-screen, the actors (who've all won Emmys) seem to get along famously. "It's so much fun to work with Marcy," smiles McClain. "She gets all the subtle innuendo." McClain confides that when she first started on AMC seven years ago, her hope was to someday share scenes with Marcy Walker and Michael E. Knight. "These are the people I wanted to work with," she nods. "These are the heavy-hitters." Despite her dream co-stars and a hot story, the buzz remains that McClain won't renew her contract in April, and that this storyline will help propel Dixie out of town. "People are probably saying, 'Why are you even thinking of leaving?' But it's like anything you do for a long time. You get tired. I had just turned 19 when I got this job." Will she leave? "We'll just have to see," McClain says.

In the meantime, Tad's little dalliance with Liza may eventually mean kissing his marriage goodbye. "Tad has been tortured because he is intensely attracted to Liza," explains Broderick. "She feeds his ego and makes him feel like the cat's meow. Dixie doesn't approve of his job, so he's been more and more drawn in by Liza." Being a part of this wedding forces Tad to examine his feelings. "With Charlie and Cecily getting married, he is reminded of his own wedding vows and how much he loves Dixie," confirms Broderick. "He's in this incredibly romantic and loving mood. He doesn't have a clue that Dixie know and is about ready to kill him."

"If Junior hadn't seen [the kiss], then we could have dealt with it between ourselves, says McClain. "But Tad has destroyed the trust of his own child toward him, so he's screwed." McClain laughs, then continues, "he's going to have to eat dirt. We're going to make him suffer. This is going to be fun."

By Carolyn Hinsey

Back to the Future

After detours to Santa Barbara and Springfield, AMC's Marcy Walker rediscovers her roots in Pine Valley

JUST THE FACTS: Birthday: November 26 * Favorite Recent Movie: Babe * Favorite TV Show: Party of Five * Keeping in Touch: "I'm pretty bad about communication. I have never been a huge letter-writer or phone-call person." * On Schmoozing: "I've never been a good kiss-ass. I've never been real good politically. I say what I mean and I say what I feel and sometimes, I hurt people and sometimes, I hurt myself." * Her Perfect Night: "Home, playing with Taylor, redoing my address book."


"I feel rewarded," declares All My Children's Marcy Walker about her triumphant return to Pine Valley. "I feel like somebody has given me wings. I am allowed to go and just have fun again." Sadly, "fun" eluded Walker during her less-than-spectacular pit stop at Guiding Light from 1993-95. The talented actress, who garnered an Emmy in 1987 as Santa Barbara's Eden Capwell and tried her hand at prime-time, headed to Springfield to create the role of Tangie Hill at the invitation of former GL executive producer and friend Jill Farren Phelps. While Tangie was getting a lukewarm reception from the audience, Walker got a bird's-eye view of the back-burner. "I was stuck afloat," she recalls. "I spent two years learning how to be a good listener and how to be a good friend. They have a lot of really good people over there and good actors. I didn't get to my craft, but I learned what not to do and what not to feel."

Walker readily admits that Guiding Light was not her first choice of East Coast soaps. She wanted to return to AMC, but the show wasn't able to immediately write her in. "When I knew I wanted to come back,it was like, 'Okay, let's do it'," she recalls. But Walker realized it wasn't possible. "All My Children is a very well-run show," she points out. "They're not going to be ready for people (to return) tomorrow. They actually do plan stories a year in advance." So the actress bided her time in Springfield, trying to make the most of her situation. "I'm happy that I saw the lesson in it instead of hating the experience and blaming people," she says. "I got to walk away feeling that it was a good two years rather than a lost two years. It wasn't a great experience for me and Jill, per se, but I'm glad that I had it." Still, Walker breathed a huge sigh of relief when former AMC Executive Producer Felicia Minei Behr called to ask her to come back. "She gave me my ticket," smiles the actress,with tears in her eyes.

Walker returned with a bang, recreating the role she originated in 1981 and left in '84. Twelve years and four Soap Opera Digest Awards later, Walker admits she's more secure this time around. "I joined the show when I had just turned 18," she recalls. "I was a real young 18. I didn't know what I was doing. I was very naive, scared to death and flying by the seat of my pants." Nowadays, the older, wiser Walker is enjoying Liza's foray into the adult world of Pine Valley, shaking things up at WRCW and causing trouble for Tad and Dixie. She doesn't long for her days in the teen scene. "Michael (Knight, Tad) said he feels that as soon as he walks in the room and sees the young sect, which he once used to be in. They look at him like he used to look at David Canary (Adam)," she laughs. "He feels like he's this old sod, and I don't necessarily feel that way."

Perhaps that's because Walker has learned not to dwell on the past. And the forthright actress admits it hasn't been an easy lesson. "I used to beat up on myself because I felt that I made wrong decisions," she admits. "Even wrong decisions are important. I do look back and think. I don't know that I would do anything differently, because I don't know if I would be in such a great place right now if I hadn't made my mistakes, going the roads that I've gone."

One of the roads Walker is enjoying immensely is mothering her 7-year-old son, Taylor. (His father was Walker's third hubby, cinematographer Stephen Collins.) "I wouldn't trade motherhood for anything," she gushes. "It's really hard. It requires a lot more than I knew I had in me. Taylor's a great kid; he's taught me a lot and shared a lot with me. I get to see him do things that make me absolutely howl with laughter. He's like this little Jackie Mason around the house, because he actually has this dry sense of humor. He just does things that are really precious, that every kid does, but to their parents, it's special."

The other man in Walker's life is her beau of two-and-a-half years, Robert Primrose, a boom operator whom she befriended at GL. She credits co-stars Liza Keifer (Blake) and Melissa Hayden (Bridget) with helping the two see each other as more than just work buddies. Though Walker has been married three times and has talked about her diffictulties in relationships (she once said that she looked for men who had a "quirky something"), she isn't gun-shy about tying the knot again. "Honestly, you know in life that there could and will be someone for you because there's lots of love out there," she believes. "Yet, there are experiences where you feel blessed. You think you've felt all this before and you've said that you felt it before and then when you really have it, it just blows everything else out of the water. Robert's a wonderful person. I think he's probably the first person that I ever met who has an unshakable sense of faith. He's taught me a lot. I think we make a good team; he's just great."

A lot of things are great in Walker's life these days. Living in her Connecticut farmhouse with Robert and Taylor, and commuting to work amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City is enough for now. And she plans to stay put. "Hey, as long as I'm a part of this group and they want me to be here and I can still contibute in a way that makes me feel that other people are proud to have me here, I'd stay," she affirms. "I love this medium. I've been in it alot of years. I've left and I've done other things but nothing has given me the joy that this has. I want to be here." SOD 4/9/96

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