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Marcy Walker: "I'm Really Blessed…"

Marcy Walker's life has changed a great deal since her son Taylor's birth 13 years ago. Back then, she was Eden Capwell on Santa Barbara, a California-based soap. Nowadays, she's Liza Chandler on the New York-based All My Children. But through all the geographical and career changes, one thing has remained constant -- her close bond with her son. Of course, these days, with Taylor hitting adolescence, parenting is a somewhat different ballgame, so to speak. "You remember when you were 13 years old?" the actress asks. "At that age, a boy needs a different kind of mother than when he was five or six years old. And one of the things I admire so much about our relationship -- I consider it a real blessing -- is the fact that we are able to have an honest, trusting relationship. Growing up, me as his mother, trusting that he could come to me with anything… a story or a question, I'm really very, very happy, and to overuse a word, really blessed to have a relationship with him."

Meet Liza Colby Chandler

Actor History

Marcy Walker
(1981 to 1984; 1995 to September 28th, 2004; December 15th, 2004; January 11th, 2005)

Other Names
Ramona Beasley (first alias in 2004)
Linda Crane (second alias in 2004; now living as)

Owns am 800-watt radio station in unknown location
Former partner in FUSION cosmetics
Former Co-CEO of Chandler Enterprises
Former owner and Station Manager of WRCW, Located at 2 WRCW Square in Pine Valley
Owner and Station Manager of WRCW, Located at 2 WRCW Square in Pine Valley

Resides At
Currently unknown
Formerly Grandview Avenue, Portland (State Unknown)
Formerly 250 Lafayette Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana, 42345
Formerly an unknown location named after a moose
Formerly The Gate House at the Chandler Mansion
Formerly 1421 Plumtree Road #15E, a loft apartment.
Formerly at Chandler Mansion

Marital Status
Single/Divorced (Adam Chandler)

 Past Marriages
Adam Chandler
Adam Chandler
Adam Chandler (Divorced/Married March 2001)

Larry Colby (father; deceased)
Marian Colby (mother)
Mia Saunders (maternal half-sister)
William (maternal half-nephew; given up for adoption)

Unnamed Child (miscarriage; with Adam)
Colby Marian Chandler (daughter; with Adam)
Unnamed Child (miscarriage; with Ryan)

Flings & Affairs
Tad Martin
Jonathan Kinder
Jake Martin
Ryan Lavery [Aug 13th, 2001]

Crimes Committed
Fixed the Miss Junior Pine Valley contest so that she would win.
Accused Jesse Hubbard of rape, but later revealed that she had lied.
In elementary school, she stole the winner's medal from the spelling bee champion.
Adultery; Slept with Tad Martin while he was married to Dixie. [1996]
Kept Adam locked up in his "safe room."
Allowed Stuart to impersonate Adam and give away his money.
Lied in order to have Adam locked away in Oakhaven.
Adultery; Slept with Ryan while married to Adam [2001]
Arrested for slapping a police officer. [Mar 2001]
Adultery; Slept with Ryan Lavery while married to Adam [2001]
Stole millions from Chandler Enterprises [2002]
Shoved Mia Saunders out a window of the Chandler Mansion [Nov 21, 2002]

Maladies and Hospitalizations
Raped by a trucker [1983]
Had surgery to remove a tumor from her brain. [Mar/Apr 2002]

Final Words
Tad: Be good.
Liza: Yeah. And if I can't be good, I'll be careful.
(At the same time.)
Tad: Huh. Who are you kidding?
Liza: Who am I kidding? (Laughs.)

Brief Character History
Liza and her mother, Marian, came to Pine Valley in 1982. She first became obsessed with Greg Nelson, and tried to ruin his relationship with Jenny Gardner. She later had an affair with Tad Martin, but ended it when she discovered that he was bedding her mother at the same time! Liza left Pine Valley to move on to bigger and better things, and returned in 1995 as WRCW's newest station manager, getting the job that Tad wanted. While consoling Tad about Laurel's death, the two gave into passion, a mistake that cost Tad his marriage to Dixie. In 1996, Liza grappled with the fear of cancer. The lump that the gynecologist discovered turned out to be a benign polyp, but the experience caused her to re-evaluate her life.

At the end of 1996, Adam and Liza developed a scheme to make the objects of their desires (Tad and Brooke) jealous. In the scheme, the two would get married and hope that either Tad or Brooke would stop the wedding. Part of the scheme saw Liza receiving ownership of half of WRCW. When she found out that Adam didn't own WRCW and that she was going to get nothing, she decided to forgo the plans to leave Adam at the altar and go through with the wedding. Liza struggled daily to consummate her marriage to Adam so she'd have claims to his fortune. So when Liza and Adam finally did end up in bed, it was stunning that Liza agreed to divorce Adam without getting any cash. Why? Because she fell in love with him!

Dimitri Marick managed to turn a loan to Stuart Chandler into a way to steal ownership of WRCW. He allowed Stuart to use WRCW as collateral for the loan then turned around and demanded to have Stuart repay the loan on the spot. Because Stuart didn't have the cash to pay back Dimitri, Dimitri and his bigwig lawyer coaxed Stuart into signing over ownership of WRCW to Dimitri. Liza, however, used some legal wrangling to wrestle control of the station away from Dimitri.

Liza, then-owner of WRCW and new mother to Colby, was once again married to Adam Chandler. Liza carried on for the better part of a year thinking that Jake was the father of her child. Adam watched quietly from the background, but his unusual behavior never set off any warning signals. He vehemently objected to allowing Colby's stem cells to be used in an experimental procedure to help Dimitri Marick. He claimed that he didn't want all of her cells to be used---but the truth was that the DNA testing would also show that Jake could not possibly be Colby's father. To prevent this from being found out, Adam slipped into the hospital lab and switched Colby's stem cells with another child. Liza learned of Adam's deed when David Hayward's name popped up in Dimitri's medical file as having authorized the transfer of the stem cells. In actuality, Jake had ordered the procedure. Liza confronted Adam about the swap, but Adam mistakenly believed that she was referring to the big swap--- the sperm swap at the fertility clinic. Adam blurted out that he'd done what he'd done out of love and that Liza should be happy that they finally had a child together.

Liza is now trying to cope with the fact that Adam misled her for months. She filed for divorce from Adam. Shortly thereafter, though, she stopped divorce proceedings and tried to make her marriage work for Colby's sake.

Liza created a bit of a stir of her own. After learning that Adam had cheated on her by sleeping with a judge to get charges against David Hayward dropped, Liza found comfort in the arms of Ryan Lavery, who was grieving the loss of his wife, Gillian. The two ended up making love - and Liza became pregnant. Liza never got to carry the baby to term. During a scuffled with Adam, Liza fell backwards from the landing of the steps at Chandler Mansion. She lost the baby, but Ryan demanded tests to determine if he'd been the father. Tests proved that Ryan had, in fact, fathered the child and he was furious with Adam for taking a child from him.

Liza had planned to get rid of Adam once and for all by divorcing him. She had secret meetings with an attorney, but Liza later decided to back off of those plans because Adam showed true signs of change, signs that were picked up by some of his biggest critics.

In early 2002, Liza showed signs of unhinging. She became overly suspicious of everyone around her. She accused JR of returning to drug use and dismissed a top advisor at Chandler Enterprises. At one point she showed up at the hospital and demanded a drug test because she believed that JR had laced her tea with drugs.

Liza continued her bizarre behavior and remained suspicious that Adam was attempting to Gaslight her. The situation came to a head when Liza took Colby to the park and had a temporary loss of memory. When she snapped out of it Colby was missing and Liza became frantic. Colby was found safe and Liza was forced to seek medical attention. When it was discovered that Liza had to have surgery for a brain tumor, Liza made Mia promise to look after Colby if she did not survive the surgery for removing the tumor. Liza also confessed to Mia that she had been embezzling funds from Chandler Enterprises. Liza underwent surgery and her brain tumor was successfully removed, but she had amnesia. Liza slowly began to remember her life after Mia showed her a picture of Colby. When Liza overheard Adam trying to have her declared incompetent (to protect her from embezzlement charges) she suspected that he was trying to take Colby from her. Adam tried to make Liza believe that the brain tumor had returned. David demanded that Liza keep her end of a business deal. Liza and Adam continued their plotting, game playing and deception toward one another. Liza knew Adam was having an affair and she became certain the "other woman" was Mia. At the Venetian Ball, Colby went to retrieve a ribbon from Mia's purse and returned with the pregnancy test Mia had bought. Liza refused to listed to Mia's explanation. Liza believed Mia was carrying Adam's child and was jealous. Liza followed Mia to the attic and when she heard Mia speaking lovingly to someone on the phone she became enraged. She reached towards Mia and Mia fell backwards through the attic window. Liza rushed back downstairs to the party and as Dr. Frank Hubbard helped Mia, Liza overheard Brooke talking with Adam about their affair. Liza was filled with guilt but didn't tell anyone but her mother that she was responsible for Mia's fall. Her guilt increased when Mia asked Liza to care for her son if she didn't live. Tad became suspicious of the circumstances of the accident and Liza finally admitted her involvement, but insisted she had tripped on her dress causing Mia to fall. Tad convinced Liza to tell police the truth about the accident. Jake and Mia overheard Tad and Liza's conversation and Liza was soon arrested for attempted murder. Adam visited Liza in jail. Liza admitted to Adam that she had been jealous of Mia and that she was in love with Adam. Adam confessed his love to Liza and the couple decided to work to save their marriage. They agreed to go to marriage counseling. Three different marriage counselors listened to Adam and Liza and told them they are beyond help. All three therapists walked out on the couple. The fourth therapist, Lysistrata Schwartz, told the couple they need independence before they can be a couple and insisted that Liza and Colby move out that night. Liza and Colby decided to move to the Gatehouse. With help from Colby, Liza and Mia met and Mia forgave Liza. Mia dropped the case against Liza.

By the end of 2002, Liza teamed up with Greenlee, Kendall, Simone and Mia to form a cosmetics company called Fusion.

After Dixie died, Liza hoped that Tad might rekindle his former interest in her, but was dismayed to see him fall for her Fusion coworker Simone Torres, and later "white trash" named Krystal, who was the mother of JR Chandler's new bride, Babe. In plotting to get Babe and Krystal out of town (and Tad's life), Liza revealed to Adam and JR that Babe was still legally married to another man. This led to an ugly and sinister plan by JR to get rid of Babe and keep custody of their child. When Liza found out how far the plan was going, and all the lives which had been thrown in disarray, Adam forced her to stay quiet by threatening to steal custody of Colby and never let Liza see her again.

In September 2004, Adam vanished for a few weeks. Liza used that time to realize that she had no real future in Pine Valley, and that she could not allow Adam to ruin Colby the way she felt he had ruined JR. With Tad's help, Liza obtained a new identity as Ramona Beasley (with Tad's birthday as hew new birthday, to remind her of their bond), and planned to run off with Colby. As she began to waver, Adam called her up, demanding he see Colby in the morning, or else. After he hung up, Liza said he'd made the hardest decision of her life into "a carnival", and she no longer had any doubts about her decision. She said a tearful goodbye to Marian and Stuart, and a final talk with Tad about the adventures they'd shared and how much she had wanted to be the one for him. After a poignant farewell to the man she had always loved, Liza hurried out of town with daughter Colby and a new life in tow.

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