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Liza's History

SOD Article

Almost 15 years ago, Marcy Walker came to torment Pine Valley's teen set as Liza Colby. Now, she's all grown up.......and, well, things haven't changed much. Here, Walker takes a trip down memory lane.

1) "I was 17 or 18 when I first started," remembers Walker. "Liza was one of those upper-echelon, poor, little rich girls---the ones who were going to go to cotillion and all that. She figured that she and Greg---who was her junior-high school and high school sweetheart---would eventually get married. It started getting nasty when he fell in love with Jenny. Liza went through a bout of drinking and hung out with some bad characters. Some guy attacked her in an alley and beat her up, and she wound up in the hospital.

2) "I left the show in 1984 and returned in 1995," recalls Walker. "Evidently, Liza was going to college and working in journalism and television. WRCW was looking for a station manager, so she not only came back to her roots in Pine Valley, but also to settle an old score and take a job away from Tad [Michael E. Knight]. She wanted to validate it in her head that not only could she get this important job away from him, but that she could also get him to be the man she always knew he was---a ruthless, lying piece of dirt! I think the audience really enjoyed them together."

3) "There was a lot of positive response to [Liza and Jake] (ick!)", says Walker. "Liza met Jake [Michael Lowry] when he fell out of a tree! He was stringing Christmas lights on a tree around the holidays and he fell out when Liza was walking through the woods. I don't know if they did a 180 because they had another story they wanted to tell with him or if I was one of those characters that just brings on another character. But in the future, who knows? There could be a big triangle between me and Tad and Jake.

4) "This was when Adam [David Canary] and Liza entered into a pact to get married. He wanted to make Brooke jealous, and Liza wanted to make Tad jealous. I think the audience didn't know quite who to vote for because I got alot of really positive about Liza and Tad and Liza and Adam. I've been truly blessed by getting to work with such great actors.

Have Suitcase, Will Travel

After a lifetime of moving-both personally and professionally-All My Children's Marcy Walker has realized there really is no place like home.

Marcy Walker was barely out of high school when she earned a permanent place in Pine Valley history as AMC's preeminent teenage bitch, Liza Colby. As the angst-driven Liza, Walker had the devious pleasure of trampling nearly every female obstacle in her path: She once tortured good girl Jenny Gardner at the prom by purposefully revealing that Jenny's father did prison time for raping Ruth Martin! Eventually, Liza's undoing proved to be her own mother, Marian, who carried on a secret affair with Liza's boyfriend Tad.

In 1984, when Walker left AMC to create the role of Eden on the new NBC soap Santa Barbara, Pine Valley was a decidedly quieter place. After eight years as the perennial heroine-and part of one of Daytime's most popular couples-Walker left SB shortly before it's cancellation and later joined GL as Tangie, Josh's never-fully-defined love interest.

Two years ago Walker chose to recreate Liza, the role that had launched her career. Within months, Liza was back to her own tricks. Her calculated antics tore to shreds Tad Martin's marriage to Dixie, and left Dixie ready for the funny farm.

Ah, there's no place like home.

"It has had a huge impact on me, a lot bigger than I thought," says Walker on returning to the character that instantly made her one of daytime's brightest stars. "I was so young that I think I was very unconscious, playing this character, not only as a person but as a performer: very young, very one-dimensional, at least that's what I thought," she admits with a laugh. "Although we did a retrospective and I looked at some of my work and I thought, "Not so bad for 18."

Not bad indeed. Nearly 18 years later Walker and co-star David Canary (Adam) are the show's hottest love birds. "Their relationship is like a Chinese finger puzzle," Walker maintains. "The harder they pull to get out, the harder they remain stuck together." Liza has so many trappings, so many faults and so many pockets of loveliness and discouragement and frustration. She's somebody who will one minute break down in tears and the next minute grab you by the balls.

"All that makes for a very interesting character-you can really write her in almost any scenario and you could have her do just about anything, because she would. And the dialogue is just wonderful."

For Walker, the trip back to AMC has been a homecoming on the personal front as well. With an 8-year-old son, Taylor, from her previous marriage to cinematographer Stephen Collins, and a three-year marriage to current husband and former GL sound man Robert Primrose, Walker is looking to stay put on the East Coast.

She recently moved out of her rural Connecticut home to a suburb of New York City. "We were living so far away in Redding, Connecticut," explains Walker, who moved back East to play Tangie on GL. "I really wanted to stay in Redding because they had wonderful schools and we had a lot of land, but I just couldn't keep doing to commute. I wasn't sure how Taylor was going to take the move, but he has just flourished. There are kids right across teh street. I think this was possibly the greatest thing I could have done for him."

Growing up, Walker traveled the world with her family, following her father's defense-industry job. "My father was an electronic engineer for McDonnell Douglas. We lived all over the place," Walker explains.

One memorable relocation took the family to Iran for two years. In retrospect, Walker refers to that adventure as an education, but she laughingly adds it will never be high on her list of fun times. "We had to be very careful," Walker recalls. "It was not a fun experience. For some people it was great. Justin Deas (Buzz, GL; ex-Keith Santa Barbara) was there, but he was there when it was great to be an American in Iran," she says. "We had to bribe our way out of the country because people were being killed. It gives you perspective. One of my greatest lessons as an adolescent was learning to be grateful for what you have, things like Ziploc bags and aluminum foil, jeans, freedom, things you don't think twice about."

After also living in various locales across the country, Walker's family finally settled in St. Louis after Walker attended high school in northern California and Illinois. "We lived like traveling gypsies. I think it's what got that spirit in me," she reflects. "When I moved away from home, I was just shy of my 18th birthday. I lived in New York for three and a half years when I did AMC and it was the longest I've lived anywhere. I remember once in an interview a god-awful long time ago, the person asked me where I was from. I said New York, because it was the longest I'd ever lived anywhere."

Upon seeing the interview, Walker says her mother promptly reminded her that her roots are in Kentucky, where she was born. "We moved around so much, I felt like I couldn't say, 'Well, I'm from teh world,' and yet both are true," she explains. "I'm definitely from Kentucky. I was born there, all my relatives live there. Yet, because we moved all over the place, I have the vagabond things that happens in your spirit where you think. 'Oh, let's move." It's not stressful to me, it's enlightening."

Thanks to her parents' love of adventure, Walker actively pursued the traveling lifestyle for years before giving birth to Taylor. Walker's parents now live in Arizona. "When we moved around so much, they fell in love with teh desert, but my father was then stationed in St. Louis." After Walker's two younger brothers graduated High School in t St. Louis, her mother finally took a stand. "She just said, 'That's it, we're moving to where we're happy," Walker says. "It was a wonderful lesson to look at my parents and see them change and totally recreate their life."

Now that she has an 8-year-old son, Walker realizes constant upheaval has it's drawbacks. For Taylor, she wants a different kind of upbringing, one where everybody knows his name.

"As the years have gone on, I think I'm slowing down and finding that kind of thing palatable, because of Taylor. It's wonderful to feel that sense of adventure, but there's nothing like a great hug, there's nothing like being comforted, like having a sense of belonging. That's four star."

"Adventure is exciting, it climactic, it's instantaneous, but it's not everlasting," she adds. "You don't feel it after it's happened except for the initial rush. There's something to be said for that, but I want Taylor to have both. I want him to know how valid being comforted and being part of a community is."

Like any mom, Walker admits her offspring has been the reason behind most of her deep contemplations of late. "I think at teh beginning I wasn't really willing to see what that change was. I really thought there wouldn't be any change except physically," she says. "But it is the misconceptions I've had that have been teh greatest source of inspiration. Life does change when you have a kid. When they're born and you have that special connection, it's about love. But now, it's also about commitment and about responsibility and that I set a good example for him. I had to learn so many things about myself that I had to put into practice, or that I had to change, and that doesn't happen overnight. You only hope to God that you're doing it quick enough so that when they're old enough to really absorb these lessons you've gotten through with all your own junk."

Walker's own lessons began when she left college before enrolling to pursue an acting career in New York. "I was just shy of 18 years old and I give my parents credit. They had no clue what I was getting myself into, but they trusted that I was smart enough and that I was smart enough and that I had good guidance," she says.

A few months later she landed the role of Liza, the turbulent teen who would go to any length to get her man. As Liza, Walker received two Daytime Emmy nominations as best supporting actress. In 1989, she won an Emmy for Outstanding Actress as Santa Barbara's Eden, the rich man's daughter who fell for tough cop and all around sensitive guy Cruz Castillo, played by A Martinez.

After a couple of highly publicized marriages and divorces, including one to current GH (A.J.) and former Days (ex-Frankie) star Billy Warlock, Walker quietly wed Primrose three years ago. They met on the set of GL when he was a sound engineer, and now are a one network household. He works on the ABC sitcom Spin City. "I think the people who needed to know knew, but we didn't want to make a big splash about it."

When AMC's then executive producer Felicia Minei Behr (currently ATWT executive producer) asked Walker to revive the role of Liza, Walker jumped at the chance.

In the two years since she's returned, Walker says AMC has more than lived up to it's promise to keep Liza stirring up the mix. "I was only on a few months when Francesca (James, AMC's current executive producer) came on and there was no lapse at all in the caring and the gift to this character, which has been really wonderful," she says. "This character is so well defined that through both producers I have been given a plathora of brilliant scenes."

But Walker's co-workers say the credit goes to the actress, who has an innate ability to bring just about any character or situation to life. "Marcy could read the phone book and make it interesting," says AMC associate head writer Fred Johnson. "She's just a wonderful actress and a wonderful person. And it has been a delight to be able to return the characters like Liza and Tad, who shared a tempestuous relationship as teens, and now to show their close friendship as adults."

Jennifer Bassey, who has played Liza's man chasing mother since 1983, says the secret to their volatile onscreen chemistry works because they're just like mother and daughter in real life. "For example, this past, she sent me 13 presents-one more beautiful than the next. I call Marcy my sunbeam," Bassey says. "She's a gift to work with and she's never had a formal acting lesson in her life. She's a natural."

For Walker, her return as Liza has been a homecoming. "One of the most overused phrases in daytime is 'We're like family,' but it's so true," she insists. "Because families bicker and fight, and have jealousy and envy, and support and love, and embrace and comfort, and you learn your lessons from your family. It's the greatest roots you can have.

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