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Look Who's In Love...

VISITING HOURS: Liza Colby has to resort to dirty tricks to get a man, but All My Children's Marcy Walker is nothing like her character. Marcy's been going with actor Mark Poppel for over a year and the romance is getting stronger. Mark recently underwent surgery on his knee, so he had to spend lots of time hobbling around on crutches. "I think I spent all my free time visiting him in the hospital," explains Marcy. Daytime TV 10/82

FIRST IMPRESSIONS...Meeting your boyfriend's parent can be pretty nervewracking. Before Marcy Walker (Liza) married fellow All My Children castmate Stephen Ferris (Duke), they went up to Boston to visit his folks. "They had seen the show, but had never seen me as Liza," remembers Marcy. "When they finally did see me on the show, it happened to be a love scene between Tad and me. Later on, Stephen's mother said to him, 'Marcy's very experienced on the show, isn't she?'" Laughs Marcy, "So much for first impressions!." Daytime TV 12/83

Clean up your act!

On All My Children, Kim Delaney (Jenny) and Michael Knight (Tad) are sister and brother, and off-screen it sounds like they're starting to live their roles a bit. Kim and castmate Marcy Walker (Liza) keep bugging Michael to spruce up his wardrobe. "They're always telling me to clean up my act and buy some new clothes," laughs Michael, who admits he has a fondness for pants that are too short and tacky white socks.

Video Vixen

It was a special treat for Marcy Walker when her parents drove to New York from their home in Illinois for a week's vacation. It was their first time visiting Marcy since she landed the coveted role of nasty Liza Colby on All My Children. Before their intended visit, Marcy decorated her Manhattan apartment and dipped well into her savings to buy some new wall-to-wall carpeting. Her biggest surprise came when her two younger brothers (who both resemble Marcy) showed up, as well. We had the whole clan out to our New Jersey home for a lasagna dinner and lots of chit-chat. A chagrined Marcy was beaten by both brothers in the video game, Donkey-Kong. Later, she posed for some funny family portraits with the two victors.
Marcy joined castmate Peter Bergman (Cliff) at the Westland Mall outside of Detroit where fans flocked to meet and greet the pair...

Moving Madness

All My Children's Marcy Walker (Liza), found that the rent for her apartment went up so many hundreds of dollars that she would have been literally working for the landlord, so she and her roommate have each taken smaller and separate apartments. Marcy's only complaint, "I just put in new wall to wall carpeting and I had to leave it!"

Liza Drops a Bomb

On a sunny Friday afternoon at Darien Lake Park right outside Buffalo, New York, Michael Knight (Tad) dropped the bomb to the thousands of fans of All My Children who had come to our festival. One of the fans happened to ask Larry Lau (Greg), who was our other star on the bill, if Marcy Walker (Liza) was as mean and conniving offscreen as on. Larry replied that she's really a sweet and lovely girl who's very close to her friends and family. The same gal then asked Michael if he really dated her off-screen and that's when the bomb blew...Michael responded that he and Marcy had, in fact, dated when he first came on the show, but then she started dating Steve Ferrara, who played one of Jesse Hubbard's band, and on the 14th of June she and Steve were married. I nearly fainted! I knew that Marcy was head over heels in love with Steve, but she gave no hints about marriage. It seems that no one in the cast was wise to her impending walk down the aisle. It wasn't until two weeks after the event that someone realized she was wearing a gold wedding band. Ironically enough, when I arrived home from this festival, there was the cream-colored wedding announcement in the mail: Miss Marcy Walker and Mr. Stephen Ferrara announce their marriage on Tuesday, the fourteenth of June, 1983, Marble Collegiate Church, New York City.

Sounding Board
Sounding Board

I think Santa Barbara did a great service to the public with its portrayal of Eden's rape, showing that it can happen to anyone. Rape is not a crime of passion, it is an act of violence against women. Marcy Walker turned in a stellar performance as the victim of this horrible crime. Her scenes with A Martinez (Cruz) were nothing short of brilliant, and his outrage and desire for revenge were natural and played to perfection. Marcy ran the gamut of emotions: terror, outrage, anger and hysteria. Most importantly, show showed that rape does not have to be the end of a woman's life, that she can go on with the love and support of her family. She showed that a victim can still have fight left in her after this ordeal. Marcy Walker has turned in a performance that Emmys were made for.  B.S., Levittown, NY

I can't tell you how appalled I am by Eden's rape on Santa Barbara. Haven't she and Cruz been through enough already? The show was getting on the right track with its stories about Cruz and Eden's attempts to have a baby, and Eden's pursuit of a career in journalism, and smartly moving away from constantly putting the two in life-threatening situations and every other imaginable form of misery. I don't see why the producers felt it was necessary to have another rape storyline on the show, anyway, since they already had the story in which Hayley was brutally raped and Tori and Jane were terrorized by the Pillowcase Rapist. SB just took everything that well-deserved Emmy for Best Daytime Drama stood for and threw it out the window. Shame on them. R.N., Los Angeles, CA

SOD 11/29/88

Soap Violence

We hear a lot about how much violence there is in prime-time television and in movies, and now we're beginning to hear the same about daytime drama. Are the soaps getting too violent?

In view of the rape storyline on Santa Barbara - which has drawn its fair share of criticism because of its graphic brutality - I thought I'd begin by going to the source. SB's head writers, Anne Howard Bailey and Chuck Pratt, Jr., told me how the now-famous scene came about. "We began by doing research," said Pratt. "I read a book that made me feel ashamed to be a man, so we used that emotion in Cruz's (A Martinez) reaction to the rape of his wife. We decided not to handle the rape delicately. Why do it at all if you don't make a statement; if you don't tell it realistically? We didn't want to make it appear a sexual act, but as what it really was - an act of violence."

"Rape is one of the most horrible crimes, perhaps the most horrible next to murder," added Bailey. "It is a murder, of a woman's privacy and her soul. We wanted to shock people into realizing how violent an act it is, to shock them into reporting a rape if it happens to them, or reporting someone who has committed rape. To have shown the rape as realistically as we could was being responsible, not irresponsible. We would have been irresponsible if we had treated it lightly."

Marcy Walker, who as Eden, was the subject of the rape, heard from a lot of worried fans who were concerned about the fact that she's pregnant and extra vulnerable. But Walker came through it like a trooper. She even had more than one worried parent. Judith McConnell (Sophia), who plays her mom on the show, had her own thoughts about the ordeal. "Mothers suffer terribly for their children. I felt helpless watching Marcy doing the scene and I thought about how we must be there for our daughters, to surround them with love. I think a rape is devastating for both parents. It makes you realize you can't protect your children like you once could. In general, I think there is too much violence in film and on TV and, as a consequence, I will not watch it. I wasn't offended by the rape scene. I feel it was an effective educational tool and very good for our society to see. The rape and its aftermath showed that a woman doesn't need to be afraid to speak up when a violent act is committed against her. I feel the viewers learned something. I feel we all did."

SOD 11/29/88

What was the Best Present you ever gave at christmas?

"Participating in the Holiday Project, which is a non-profit organization that, each year, visits various people who can't get home for Christmas. That year, I went to a ward for terminally ill children. I've never seen more brave, kind people in my life. We sang and played and told Chrismtas stories. Seeing them feel good made my day. When I think about it, it was more of a gift to me."

Guiding Light

"In October 1993, amid a great deal of hoopala, Guiding Light announced that it had signed the venerable All My Children and Santa Barbara actress to play a new character-- free spirit Tangie Hill. But for the next two years, the show did little with Walker. Romances between Tangie and an assortment of single guys-- Josh, Alan, Alan-Michael, Cutter-- never took off.

By the time Michael Laibson was hired as exectuive producer in spring 1995, the actress' contract, not to mention her patience, was about to run out.

'I told him that I couldn't continue being paid for doing nothing,' Walker recalls. And he said, 'I agree,'' The two parted ways soon after."

SOU, Nov 26, 1996

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