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- Marcy’s most Memoral Christmas
- Marcy Walker: "I love 'playing' a baddie ...
  but wish people wouldn't hate me! I'm not
  like Liza at all!"

- The Best Days of her Life ... are now!
- "Healthstyles of the fit and famous"
- Marcy on Eden and Cruz, Eden’s Rape
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Beat The Clock

Time Is Of The Essence For AMC's Marcy Walker

Juggling a family and career doesn't come easy. Despite her glamorous profession, All My Children's working mom, Marcy Walker (Liza), admits that sometimes her laundry piles up, too.

DIGEST: You remarried last December. How are you adjusting to the new family?

MARCY WALKER: Everything's great. [Son] Taylor's had an incredible summer. He's in the sixth grade this fall.

DIGEST: Are all his friends impressed that his mom's on TV?

WALKER: If they were impressed, I wouldn't know. But I don't think that they are. I think maybe in the beginning it's kind of cool. But at the same time, I think there's also a stigma. Maybe you get examined a little bit more; your kid gets examined a little bit more. And if there's any hint of any kind of negative feeling from anyone, it could reflect on your kid, so you just hope it almost doesn't matter at all. It's just a job that I have, and I can create relationships with his friends by just being me.

DIGEST: Around town, does everyone see you as a regular neighbor?

WALKER: Yeah, pretty much. I live in the same town as David [Canary, Adam/Stuart]. It's not like it's a big celebrity town. They just see you as a normal person going about your normal everyday life.

DIGEST: Do you go to PTA meetings and soccer games?

WALKER: I like to be involved. Yesterday, I was a chaperone for our youth group at church - we all went to Great Adventure. But usually, on a consistent basis, I never know if I can commit to being actively involved in, let's say, the PTA, to a point where I could really make a difference. And so I tend not to get involved in things wholeheartedly. I'm more of a peripheral activist rather than somebody who's actively involved I can always do phone calls and things that require sitting down and doing paperwork. I can find time, even at work, to do stuff like that. But if it requires showing up every Tuesday at 5:30, I have to say no. I couldn't do it, and then I'd be a disappointment.

DIGEST: Plus, you need time for your family.

WALKER: I was talking to somebody recently and they were saying, "Yeah, everybody's so angry in their cars. And then you go into the drug store or the Dunkin' Donuts to get something and people are angry in line." And I thought to myself, "Well, that's because we're trying to cram too much into a day." If you try to stuff your day so that every moment is a productive moment, by the end of the day, not only are you exhausted but the end of your day suddenly becomes 9 o'clock at night. There are a lot of people who don't get out of work until 7, and when they get home, it's almost 8. It's become very typical.

DIGEST: Are you comfortable with the balance that you've struck between work and home life, or do you ever feel like the scale's tipping?

WALKER: Every once in a while, it will tip because we'll go through really heavy periods of work. When that happens, when you're loaded up with work, a couple of months go by, and you start to go, "Not only have I had no quality time for myself, but I've had nothing extracurricular, and I haven't been able to take care of myself as well because I'm not eating as well." So all of a sudden, you do feel out of balance. I can't call in sick. I can't go, "You know what? I need a week off." That's not how our business is set up.

DIGEST: What do you do to recharge your battery?

WALKER: That's a hard one because realistically the only thing to do is stop. Some Saturdays, I just don't do the millions of errands I know need to be done. I won't even make a list of things to do because I know I'm not getting to it. It's taken me all these years, but I'm kind of getting to the point where I realize I have to really plan ahead. If you plan ahead when you know certain times of the year are going to be really busy and you go, "I'm gong to ask for a week during this," you have something to look forward to. Going through two hard months isn't going to feel as hard because you've taken care of yourself by procuring a week in the middle of all this busyness. I've taken a cue from David and Michael [E. Knight, Tad] and people who take vacations and plan ahead. I say, "Gosh, how come they're rested?" Because they've learned how to take care of themselves and their families. I wasn't one of those people. I would always have vacation left at the end of the year because I'd never taken it. The occasional day off or three-day weekend, I thought it was enough for me. Well, it's not anymore. You realize that if you don't actually actively get away, you're working just as hard at home; there's still stuff to do: laundry, dry cleaning, errands, groceries. You're still running, running, running just as much. You have to actually get away, go away.

DIGEST: I hope you have a good vacation planned.

WALKER: We already know what we're going to do next summer. We're going to do the Disney cruise! SOD 10/17/00

Walker on the Wild Side

The past year has been quiet for Marcy Walker, at least when compared to the previous 12 months, during which All My Children's Liza saw her world turned upside-down by the revelation of Colby's paternity, and in real life the actress wed Doug Smith. Now, though, Pine Valley life is about to get interesting again for Walker, seeing as her archrival - Adam's presumed-dead wife, Arlene - has resurfaced. Will Liza ever be able to become Mrs. Chandler again?

"We keep making plans to get married, but it always falls through!" says Walker. "And now we're going through this Arlene thing. It would be interesting to know what [the viewers] wanted."

Assured that many fans indeed want Liza to reclaim her standing as Adam's wife, Walker then agrees with the "soul-mates" label often assigned the pair. "A part of me, though, says, 'What are they going to do?' I know [the producers] don't want to make it an 'Okay, they're married, fine,' situation - that gets boring. They'd have to come up with something tremendous to continue creating story for [Liza and Adam]."

Time For A House Call?

In any case, a passion-driven beauty like Liza cannot be kept at bay for too long. After all, this is the vixen who in 1981 pursued Greg Nelson with ardor, only to take on Tad one blink of an eye later. So, who can give Liza the attention she deserves? Ex-beau Jake, perhaps? "It's totally a possibility," Walker suggests. "When I heard they were looking for somebody new to play him [following Michael Lowry's exit], I thought, 'Oh, I hope they get somebody that Liza still would want to have a relationship with.' Then, when they brought in J. Eddie Peck, I said, 'Well, this very much looks like someone she could've been attracted to.'

"But would they ever spin Jake off into my direction?" she continued. "They have him so helplessly in love with Gillian. So maybe not."

Same Tad, Next Year?

Walker then touches upon the inescapable prospect of another round for Liza and Tad, a duo, she says, that still have lots of potential. "I really don't think [they are played out]," asserts the actress. "I said to Michael [E. Knight, Tad], 'Wouldn't it be nice if they got to a point where they would once in a while have dinner, share their troubles, then sort of fell into a relationship?' Neither of them would speak of it; it would just happen, once every few months, when times got tough, and they accepted it."

Alas, Walker concedes, Tad's current situation doesn't jibe with her dream scheme. "This 'thing' with Dixie and David doesn't fit with my thoughts," she sighs. "Tad and Liza couldn't be anything but friends at this point."

Next Stop: Port Charles?

Perhaps Walker's next onscreen affair lies beyond AMC's Pennsylvania burg - say, a few hundred miles north, in General Hospital's Port Charles, NY? For it is there that her former Santa Barbara leading man, A Martinez (who played Cruz to her Eden), now resides.

"I've seen him a couple of times [on GH]!" she announces, "and he was 'doing his thing'. It was so cool...but it made me sad, too."

Enough to hop on ABC's crossover bandwagon and temporarily move Liza to GH, where former SB boss Jill Farren Phelps now reigns? "I see these other actors bouncing from show to show," Walker muses. "Maybe they'll have me out there for a while to have a relationship [with Roy, Martinez's character]. It kind of would be neat, don't you think?" SID 03/01

Character Profile – Liza Colby

From high school student to high powered TV executive, Liza Colby has certainly changed since she first arrived on All My Children twenty years ago. But deep inside she's still the same insecure girl she always was.

Marcy Walker: She is selectively ruthless and she's painfully vulnerable. When she first appeared in Pine Valley in 1981, Liza Colby had it, looks, and Marian, the mother from hell.

Marcy Walker: It was always competition with her mother. Anybody she ever brought into the house, her mother would flirt with.

Liza tried and failed to win Greg away from his true love, Jenny.

So, she set her sights on classmate, Tad "The Cad" Martin.

Marcy Walker: He was a little more multi-dimensional than Greg at the time. Um, because Tad had a bad side to him. But his bad side took over in terms that he was also willing to be talked into bed by her mom. That was her mother taking the blue ribbon out of her hand and saying, "You're not number one."

Alone and defeated, Liza left Pine Valley in 1985.

Ten years later she returned to town with a exact revenge to Tad. First she set out to ruin his career.

Marcy Walker: Liza's scorecard runs real deep and no matter how many decades go by, she still has to tally. Getting the station manager job over Tad was simply conquering the past.

Next, with scorecard in hand, she was intent on sabatoging the one thing Tad cherished most...his marriage.

Marcy Walker: Dixie was somebody that Liza always sort of wished that people would see her as. What I use as impetus to go in and have a reason to destroy it was that she really wanted to be that. So she kind of went in to destroy it just to prove that he wasn't worthy.

Mission accomplished! So Liza moved on.

Marcy Walker: (laughing) And then, there was Adam!

Adam Chandler is wealthy, powerful, complex.

Marcy Walker: I found a really great partner on the darkside with Adam. They kind of realized that they were two of a kind.

David Canary: They both are willing to go to almost any lengths to help what they believe in survive.

Even though they divorced when Liza sought to have a child on her own, Adam secretly plotted and switched his sperm with the donors.

Marcy Walker: It pretty much broke her in two that he switched the sperm and he was truly the father of her child.

David Canary: It seemed at the time almost an innocent way at saying I love you.

Marcy Walker: It almost gave her this kind of reason to just sort of give up and realize that she just was going to continue to always have to be in love with him.

While Adam and Liza's relationship survived not only the sperm switch but two divorces and three marriages, Marcy and David find comfort in working together.

Marcy Walker: David is an island. You can go there anytime you want with him. It doesn't matter what the work is, he's available. He's accessible.

David Canary: I learn from her everytime I work with her.

If Liza's future is anything like her past, look out Pine Valley!

Marcy Walker: I imagine her just like her mother, manipulative and flirting with younger men...competing with her own daughter. I think that history for Liza will repeat itself.

Soapcenter 08/01

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